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Best Exercises for Different Three Types of Arthritis

Treating arthritis involves not only taking up the correct prescriptions vitamins and supplements. If left untreated, arthritis will lead to terrible pain, soreness, and stiffness. According to Medical News Today, arthritis is the leading cause of disability among individuals aged fifty-five years old and above.

Rehabilitation through exercise is a widely known method of easing the pain caused by arthritis. Different types of exercises are required for different kinds of arthritis. A regular physical therapy session allows for the fortification of the muscles around the afflicted areas, thus improving the general flexibility, durability, balance, and range of motion of these muscles. Here are some exercises that are recommended for people suffering from arthritis.

For shoulder arthritis – Pendulum Swing

This exercise requires the person to have a tight grip on the edge of a chair while sitting down. The arm with arthritis should be relaxed while the other arm not affected with the condition should keep a firm hold on the chair. Make a circular motion – clockwise and counterclockwise, aided by the momentum generated by a pendulum swinging of the hips and legs.                 Start with smaller circles until you feel comfortable enough to create larger ones. Gauge your movement – if it hurts, take the exercise slowly and gently.

Do this exercise regularly. If you find that the pain worsens after a few weeks, consult an orthopaedics expert. It might be time to have an X-ray taken if the exercise does not help.


For knee arthritis –  Forward Bends

Starting with a standing position, slightly bend your knees with your feet a few centimeters apart. After securing your comfortable pose, bend forward and reach your toes. If it feels like your back is already aching, do not pressure yourself. Go only as far as your body will allow. Hold your stretch for a few seconds before standing back upright. Repeat this forward bend a couple of rounds, making sure you hold your stretch and let your hands hang loose.

CNN Health compiled seven more exercises that are especially beneficial to people with knee arthritis. Most of them are stretching workouts, stressing the importance of keeping those knee muscles from getting stiff.

For hand arthritis – Finger Walking

First, place your hand on top of a flat surface facing down. Spread your fingers apart. Place your index finger toward your thumb making sure that your thumb stays in place. Do the same with your middle finger this time. Try and do it with both your ring finger and pinky. Repeat the process with your other hand without moving your thumb or your wrist.

This exercise stimulates the hand muscles that will get hard if the hand arthritis isn’t addressed properly. Make sure to first consult your specialist regarding the severity of the arthritis before doing any of these exercises. As with most types of arthritis, stretching and holding exercises are best. Have a go at different variations of hand stretches such as ‘the OK sign’ and the clenched fist.