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Tips to Make Your Home Look Bigger with Better Furnishing

Decorating your small apartment is essential to amplify aesthetics and functionality. While making an apartment or a home more functional and comfortable you can also make an attempt to make it look bigger than the actual.


According to experts from leading home staging services a few furnishing tricks can definitely spruce up your place and make it look bigger and splendid. It will help you add a couple of square feet to your apartment, at least visually, if not in real terms!

Remove Clutter

One of the top home decorating ideas is handling clutter, which is the worst barrier in making an apartment look bigger. The more the unwanted stuff piles up in your apartment and the diverse it becomes the room will look smaller. So De-cluttering the surfaces in your apartment will make it nice and clean. The onus is on you to create a harmonious space with little details and make it look bigger than stuffing lots of things together. For a bigger home, dumping all the clutter and needless junk has to be priority number one.

Use Bright Colors

Try brighter colors that reflect more light to make the space seem bigger unlike dark colors that make a room look smaller because of the absorption of the light. To make the space larger, you must paint the wall in the back of the room with the same color as the floor to enhance the perspective of depth and spaciousness.


For example, if you have a green front outside your window, paint that green color on the wall so that the visual boundary between your room and the outside world is erased and will make the room bigger.

Combine Colors

Combining colors is the most effective way to make a space apparently small a little bigger. Using light, pastel colors on the walls will give an effect of spaciousness.


Position the indoor lights strategically to make the home a look bigger. Think of a hallway with lights along the way it will definitely look longer and the entire space will look bigger. Use peripheral lamps than a central indoor light to make your space seem segmented and bigger too.

Arrange Furniture

Do not place furniture in the middle of the room in a way that it blocks the pathway. The visible portions of small space will make the whole space smaller. Try to arrange the furniture closer to the walls and leave the center of a room empty to make it look bigger. You can push a twin bed against the wall and put pillows against the wall to use as a couch during the day. Remove all headboards and footboards. Having a loft bed will open up the room and give the needed space.


Curtains and Blinds

Make sure that drapes and curtains not sweeping the floor as this will make the space look congested. Also avoid drapes and curtains in colors that are in contrast with your walls. That will create disharmonious space and make it look smaller. You can prolong the floor with vertical paths of carpet. A few more steps are

Add a valance curtain to get an open view of the outdoors
Use mini blinds to balance the intensity of light
Use mirrors

Get a large mirror and hang it on the opposite side of a window. This will make the light brighter and the room will seem bigger. Mirrors create an illusion of depth when they are behind something. So put a mirror behind the fish tank or somewhere else to reflect a focal point of the room and make it great.