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How to Use Steam in Upholstery Cleaning?

It is easy to clean upholstery using steam. All one needs is clean water, which is heated to provide steam. The steam can then be sprayed using a nozzle, the steam in a fine spray will make it easy to remove the dirt and grime that might have stuck on your upholstery; they (dirt and grime) have adhesive qualities. The heat of the steam melts the dirt and grime adhesives and the dampness created by steam dilutes the adhesives, thus the dirt and grime can simply be wiped off using a clean dry piece of cloth. Here are the steps you need to follow in cleaning your upholstery:


Prepare your furniture- Use your vacuum cleaner to clean your upholstery of any dust that might have settled on them. First you need to purge your furniture of any caked-on small dust particles preferably using your vacuum cleaner’s furniture attachment; you need to be very patient and careful while doing this so as to remove most of the dust on the furniture. After vacuum cleaning, spray the upholstery with a good furniture cleaner. Spray more furniture cleaner solution on areas where there are stains, after which you allow the solutions to act on the stains for a couple of minutes. Then start wiping the furniture with a clean dry cloth.


Start the steam cleaning process- after removing most of the dust and stains that were on your upholstery, you should then steam cleaning them (upholstery). Mix the steam cleaner and water as appropriate, then pour the solution into the steam cleaner. Then fix the steam cleaner’s upholstery attachment and adjust the cleaner’s strength to the most appropriate setting- do this while consulting the user manual from your steam cleaner’s manufacturer, it will inform you on how to go about it. Ensure the attachment has been fixed well and that you have added the right amount of water and steam cleaning solution, then turn your cleaner on and begin cleaning. Apply your steamed water and cleaning solution onto your furniture in long and even strokes using the cleaner’s upholstery attachment. You should preferably perform this step on your furniture on an area-to-area basis so as to ensure you don’t miss out any area- do it procedurally. For cushions, you better remove them from the rest of the upholstery and steam clean both their front and back sides, but in case you can’t detach them from the rest of the upholstery, clean them as you did with the rest.

Do some finishing touches- After steam cleaning your upholstery well, you need to allow your furniture to dry before you can use them. If you are in a hurry to use them, you can dry them using a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to dry them up faster. To dry them using a vacuum cleaner, you run the upholstery attachment or vac-esque on the wet upholstery in long even strokes. While doing this, you should check for tough stains that might have remained on the furniture.