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Social Media Marketing Trends on the Rise for 2017

Marketing is a crucial area for any business, no matter the size. And digital marketing and SEO are becoming bigger marketing strategies than ever for one simple reason: companies are seeing fantastic results. In fact, companies spent on average about 25% of their total marketing budgets on digital marketing in 2014, but that figure is projected to increase to 75% within the next five years.

One aspect of digital marketing that is growing more than ever is social media marketing. If your brand wants to stay on top of the latest social media trends, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the top social media trends your business should follow in order to build your brand and get more customers in your door!

Live video
Ever since Facebook launched its Live Video feature, businesses have been using it to show the daily going-ons of their company to their client base. This is a great way to interact with users and to show them behind-the-scenes videos from your business. For example, you might show shoppers a killer sale you have going on or how you decorate baked goods and pastries. If you’re in B2B or manufacturing, you might post a video showing a brand new product on the production line.

Put mobile first
Thanks to an entire generation of young people raised on the internet, we now live in a culture that wants instant gratification. Because the majority of the nation’s population has a smartphone, more companies are choosing to optimize their websites to be visible on small, portable devices. As mobile advertising continues to rise, your savvy social media marketing agency will develop campaigns with the mobile user in mind. After all, if the majority of your client base cannot access your website on their mobile devices, chances are they will find another company to purchase from!

The growth of the chat
There have been plenty of chatting features popping up on social media, and this makes it easier than ever to be in instant contact with customers. Gone are the days when customers had to wait on the phone for hours just to speak with a member of your company, and in are the days where you can simply answer a quick question or inquiry with the touch of a button. Visit:

Fun games and applications
Social media marketing is about much more than just having your information accessible to potential clients or throwing out a hashtag once in a while. It’s about sharing your company’s expertise and goods, and one of the best ways to do so is by interacting with fun apps and games. Take advantage of things like Snapchat, Instagram’s stories, or similar micro-experiences. By encouraging your followers to interact and engage, you will be sure to make an impact.

Keep your eyes out for our next post sharing even more social media marketing trends on the rise in 2017.

BannerBit Full Review

bannerbit review | bannerbit scam | review

Every now and then a investment system comes out that truly has the power to change people’s lives.

BannerBit Software has many special features, a superb computer algorithm and it seems to actually work.

Such systems do not just appear randomly. Instead, they are the product of many years of hard work, experience and extensive development.

BannerBit is advertising marketplace that provides marketers with a fun, exciting and potentially lucrative way to participate in the online advertising ecosystem.

Working with leading publishers and performance-based marketers, BannerBit has created a way for banner ownership to be traded between BannerBit users in real-time through an intuitive user interface.

Once a marketer purchases a banner placement, he or she will generate revenue from each and every click that the banner receives.

The marketer can then put the banner placement up for sale, setting a reserve price and a countdown timer. Once the countdown timer runs out, the banner will be awarded to the highest bidder, who can then go on to earn revenue for every click the banner generates.

BannerBit also provides ‘short-selling’ functionality that enables marketers to profit from declining banner prices.

BannerBit given grounds for success to many members of the online investment community.

Using The System

All you have to do in order to get free access to this system is to create and account, place initial deposit and start making money on autopilot mode.

In addition, we were able to come across information that the BannerBit technology is the main reason why this investment solution is preferred over other profit increasing systems.

No Download Required

BannerBit system does not require any downloading or installing process. Furthermore, it is responsive to almost every operating system, such as: Windows, MAC, iOS and Android. You will only have to create your account in order to start.

Get Started In 3 Steps

Starting with the BannerBit software is actually a 3-step procedure that takes just a few minutes. You only have to fill in the provided form on website, select a recommended banner and place your deposit.
The needed amount is only $250. However, you should be aware of the fact that the more funds you decide to invest, the more profits you are likely to win.


Our investigation brought us incredibly high results as we managed to verify its winning rate of 92%. And this is amazing and really unmet achievement.
Therefore, we are happy to announce that the BannerBit is one of the best systems released on the market.


Flipping banners with BannerBit software is 100% free and online investors won’t be required to pay anything in order to take advantage of this unique platform.
You can be sure that there are no hidden taxes, delayed payments or some additional costs.

Is BannerBit a Scam?

According to the results we managed to accumulate during our thorough investigation, we have to say that there the BannerBit software being a scam is just not an option.
All the users are satisfied with the results they get on regular basis. In addition, almost all the other reviews on the system and its performance are positive.
You should stop hesitating anymore and join this exceptional income-generating system.


Our investigation has shown that there have been no reported problems with the withdrawal procedure. It does take between 3 and 5 business days, but the monetary amounts get transferred to one’s bank account safe and sound.


The truth is that I was really skeptical the first time I heard of the BannerBit. Still, I decided to watch the whole promo video at the landing page of the system.
I finally made up my mind and created account in the software by depositing just $250. The first results came so fast that I couldn’t believe it.
I managed to earn over $3,000 for less than 24 hours. I was really shocked!
I really recommend this amazing system, it just really works!
David, 41


Our final verdict is going to be 100% positive as we confirm that this system is highly reliable and trustworthy.
To sum it up, we consider our BannerBit review finished as the system is really proven to be legit, reliable and trustworthy. You can safely proceed to invest with it.

bannerbit review | bannerbit scam | review USA Fax Delivery Services

Even to this day, fax is still the most preferred method when it comes to electronic data transmission. Businesses, especially, find it the most reliable method of sending important documents, legal documents, etc. With that, many delivery services still offer fax delivery all over the country, providing businesses with safe, quick and reliable way for communication, copying, printing and many more options.

USA Fax Number

Fax delivery service is one of the dedicated services that provides their esteemed customers from all over the country. By installing dedicated telephone line with free fax number Pro-Box provided for every shipping address, businesses can save on time and money. Using a free USA fax number, you can easily manage and view your faxes online. You can manage and view your faxes using Pro-Box’s online mail app.

Easily Manage Fax Messages

With the use of this app, you can choose which fax messages you want destroyed, removed or sent directly to you by fax. At the same time, you can also manipulate your fax messages so you choose to send your faxes to yourself via email or you can it to other recipients. Pro-Box USA Fax Number provides a number of benefits that make transmission of important documents easier, faster and more reliable to any business out there.

Easy Performance of Company Activities

Making use of Pro-Box’s (  Fax Delivery Services, companies can take advantage of performing their activities efficiently and with ease. When they use Pro-Box’s Fax Delivery Services, the benefits they can have include:

  • Free US fax number with their US shipping address
  • View and print fax messages using online mail app
  • Receive their fax messages using their own fax number
  • Save, delete or forward their fax messages using online mail app

These they can all take advantage with free connection. When they rent a mailbox with Pro-Box, it includes a free USA fax number. With the fax number, every fax that is sent to their company will be directed to the fax number. By subscribing to Pro-Box’s online mail app, the fax messages in your US Fax Number will also be reflected online.

As you can see, this makes it so that you can easily manage your fax messages wherever you are. Using this service to your business, you can rest assured that your entire faxes are completely protected and stored confidentially within your desired period of time. This is a very useful service that many businesses all over the country have already tried.


Having Pro-Box US fax number along with US shipping address is one way that businesses are able to secure a virtual presence in the country. It’s not only businesses, but also online buyers, travelers, expats and immigrants have used their services. Here’s some of what Pro-Box’s clients have been saying about having USA Fax Number:

Using Pro-Box USA Fax Number allowed us to finally let go of analog phone line. With that, we’ve also eliminated our monthly phone charges and all others that are causing us extra finances. Now that we have US fax number with US shipping address and also using their online mail app, we’ve had it really easy without the extra costs for phone line, external modem and the modem maintenance. Really thanks to Pro-Box. – Ronda W.

The fact that I can manipulate which fax message I want to save, delete or forward has saved me a lot on paper and therefore in costs. Using Pro-Box fax delivery services, I only print which faxes I need to print. Additionally, I don’t lose fax messages anymore since I can just save them on the online mail app. – Jensen C.

Does Your Attic Lack Insulation

Insulation plays a major role in your homeÕs levels of functionality and comfort. Proper insulation is the only way to attain stable air temperatures while external temperatures shift. Without the proper insulation, your home can feel consistently too hot or too cold, and will be forced to use much more energy while heating or cooling the property.

One area of the home that is commonly lacking insulation is the attic space. A non-insulated attic can actually account for nearly half of your homeÕs heat loss. Canadian attic spaces need adequate insulation.

Loose-fill insulation, insulation batts and spray foam insulation are all common attic insulation choices. Radiant barriers and rigid foam boards can also be used in speciality situations. Have a professional inspect your attic and install any new insulation to make sure your getting the most from the project

Recommended R-Values
R-value is defined, as the amount of airflow resistance a room should have in order to attain consistent temperatures. Different insulation types can offer different R-value per inch of thickness. Canadian homes should carry relatively high R-values due to cold air temperatures, with the attic spaces leading the pack. Some recommended R-values for different areas in the home are:
* Floors- R25 or higher
* Interior Walls Ð R15 or higher
* Exterior Walls _R25 or higher
* Attics Ð R40 or higher
The exact requirements can vary based on your properties location, local weather patterns, wind levels and more. An adequate R-value is a key to any successful attic insulation.

Insulation R-Values
Attics require rather high property R-values to make sure they remain as a benefit to your home and to your finances. Selecting the right insulation type of combination is key to getting the most from the attic insulation project. These are 3 common types of insulation and their relative R-values:
* Loose Fill, Blown In Ð Loose fill insulation is made of either cellulose, fibreglass or stone wool and can offer an R-value of 2.2-4.2 per inch of thickness. The insulation is installed efficiently by breaking down large pads on insulation in a machine and blowing them into the attic space through a large hose up to the desired depth. Loose fill insulation covers the base of your attic and the space will need about 13 inches of the material to reach desires R-values.
* Batt & Blanket Ð Insulation batts are available in a number of designated thicknesses and made of cotton, stone wool or fibreglass. The batts are cut to size and placed snugly between the joists on the attic ceiling. Insulated batts offer an R-value of 2.9-4.2 per inch of thickness meaning you would need about 12 inches thick batts to achieve an R-value of R40. Thinner batts can also be used in cooperation with other insulators to achieve the desired level of airflow resistance.
* Spray Foam Ð Spray foam is the most powerful style of insulation. The material can offer n R-value above 6 per inch and can create watertight seals in your attic space. Spray foam can be effectively used with batts or loose fill to seal hard to reach crevasses. When used as the sole insulator, spray foam requires effective attic ventilation to not trap unwanted moisture in the air.

Benefits Of Attic Insulation
Attic insulation can offer several individual benefits and advantages. Two major advantages to a well-insulated attic space are:
* Moisture Protection Ð Attics can take on moisture from rising air and roof leaks. The moisture can damage building materials grow mold. Insulation helps keep moisture out and can help identify leaks before they worsen.
* Energy Savings – Insulation keeps heat or cool air in. This means you will need less energy to heat or cool your home in the respective seasons. A well-insulated attic can lower your energy cost by upwards of 15%, allowing the projects to pay for themselves in the months and years to come.

How to organize a destination Anniversary party

destination Anniversary party

Anniversaries are special occasions in the life of any couple. The special date marks the journey which the couple has led with love and affection with lots of memories. This definitely calls for a celebration. Every couple’s idea of celebration is different. While few couples like to spend their anniversary alone, the others like to share their happiness with loved ones and friends. There are various destinations where a beautiful arrangement can be made to spend quality time. In many areas, such arrangements are also readily available, and hence one just needs to enjoy some golden moments with friends and families.

These days the concept of destination wedding and birthdays is very common. If you wish to set a new trend, destination anniversary celebration is a great idea. What better than ringing in your anniversary amidst the surreal beauty of distant splendid location! It is quite obvious that the destination anniversary celebration will be an intimate gathering with a just handful of close people. Neemrana is one of the best places for celebration owing to its picturesque beauty and natural surroundings. Now, one can send a cake to Neemrana on the same day of booking with online cake shop. Hence to enjoy the anniversary here is easier than ever before.

If you are looking for a destination celebration on your anniversary, here are few tips for you:

  • Choose a destination

The destination celebration obviously calls for a location where you can organize the party. If you are planning a small trip, choose a nearby location to avoid inconvenience. Make sure to choose a place with amazing natural surroundings for a tranquil and memorable experience.

  • Arrange for the accommodation

Since the arrangements are taken care of by you, the accommodation facilities are to be arranged by the host. Depending on the location and your budget you can choose a hotel or guest house. Ensure all the food arrangements are made in advance so that the guests are treated well.

  • Arrange for the tickets

It is obvious that the trip is organized by you and you will be taking the guests along with you. It is quintessential to book the tickets in advance.

You can choose airways, railways or roadways depending on the distance and your budget.

  • Drop reminders

Do not forget to drop reminders to your guests before the day of leaving so that they can do the packing accordingly. Also, confirm the climate condition of the new place and ask the guests to pack as per the climate.

  • Decide the Menu

If you have booked a hotel for the celebration, talk with the catering staff and get the menu of your choice along with cakes, beverages, and drinks if you prefer. You can also order a cake in Neemrana from online shops which deliver on the same day across any location.

  • Entertainment quotient

Arrange for the entertainment options such as music and dance for a happening party. You can also plan a karaoke session after the party.

How to Unlock the Top Data Scientist Job


How to Unlock the Top Data Scientist Job

The universe of big data is continually changing at such a great speed that for outsiders it’s hard to see how they can discover their mark. Data science has a wide range of parts which require distinctive expertise sets. Despite the fact that it’s foreseen that the correct parts and prerequisites will move essentially throughout the following couple of years. It ought to be nothing unexpected that data scientists are the most pined for experts in the field of Big Data Analytics. The sky is as far as possible! The request of a talented big data expert is expanding massively in Start-ups and in other enormous organizations as well. Without any indications of backing off, there’s an opposition among all the entrenched worldwide organizations to contract the best data scientists.

Presently how about we see what are the most critical abilities and apparatuses expected to leave on your information researcher vocation?

  • You must develop an area of technical analytic expertise. Because data science needs a solid foundation in statistics. After that you have built up this expertise, you can think about learning machine learning, natural language processing & advanced statistics which will be handy. Consider taking data science certifications & programs so that you can have deep knowledge.
  • As a data science professional, you must strive for an affinity for coding. This is a vital skill here for a data professional. After getting the first entry-level data scientist job, a lot of your work will be taking massive amount of data & put it in a form so that it can be processed & analyzed. Learning R or Python will be helpful in managing multiple data science apps.
  • Learn the art of storytelling. Because it’s a crucial skill for data scientist. First, start with learning the basic statistics. Then learn how to explain your analysis in such a way that everyone can understand. Try creating stories with the huge dataset. Explain your amazing results eloquently. Visualization techniques can help you a lot!
  • As a data science professional, you must have a strong portfolio. This is also a great way to learn the skills which can be presented at the time of interview. The best organizations want a great data professional to present the fact that he or she can work with complex data problem & do the analysis & findings.
  • Try participating in data science competitions. Have an open mindset to learn data & algorithms constantly.

The huge chunks of big data are full of endless possibilities. It is here to stay for a really long time.