5 Ousted Trends Making a Comeback

Fashion repeats itself at a faster pace than ever before. While previously it took some 30 to 40 years for trends to make a comeback, they now seem to circulate in less than 20 years. Sometimes it does not seem long enough to let us get us over the trauma of something unflattering and tasteless that still haunts us through old photos; however, on the plus side, when our favourite trends suddenly come back in fashion ‒ especially if we have tendency to hold on to clothes that we loved the first time round ‒ it is like meeting an old friend after a long time.

Talent management and modeling agencies are watching five trends that are making a comeback. Whether they should be buried six feet under or be celebrated is a personal opinion, but if you haven’t tried the 2015 version of these 90s and 00s favourites, then it is time to rummage through your closet and see whether the original still lurks somewhere.


It is time to play cowboys and Indians, channel a 1920s flapper or perhaps imagine that you are on stage with your 1980s hair metal band. Fringes are everywhere, from leather jackets to skirts to handbags to shoes. There is something eternally appealing about a fringe ‒ perhaps it is the way in which it sways and swishes as you move, making it eye catching and seductive. This is a surprisingly wearable trend as long as you don’t go overboard. Never wear fringe on fringe, but a simple white shirt, jeans and a cross body bag with a fringe looks great.

Boot cut jeans

Can we finally wave goodbye to skinny jeans, please? For something so unflattering for anybody not blessed with long, skinny-but-shapely legs, skinny jeans have held their ground for a very long time; however, now the early 00s’ staple boot cut jeans are here again and they are so flattering that it is a mystery how they ever went out of style. The slightly flared jeans will instantly slim your thighs and give you endless legs. Boot cuts make hourglass figures look even curvier, give much-needed curves to apple shapes and balance out the bottom-heavy pears. What’s not to like? Boot cut jeans, we welcome you back with open arms. Please never go away again.


If you haven’t heard yet, Crocs are back with a vengeance. Prince George was recently photographed wearing the foam clogs, as seen on the Talent Management blog, and they sold out almost overnight. Maybe not stylish and elegant, but without a doubt they are comfortable and practical.


As seen in the Come on Eileen video in 1982 and worn by every movie farmer ever, for some reason overalls make a regular comeback. If boot cut jeans are universally flattering, overalls are pretty much the opposite, adding pounds to your body. Wear your overalls belted and team them with heels to look comfortable and cute in a slightly hobo way. Approach this trend with caution if you are older than five.

Bum bags

Alongside Crocs these are practical but not hugely attractive. Seen on every self-respecting fashion blogger, model, pop star or fashionista this summer, bum bags are handy for music festivals, keeping your hands free and your valuables close.