7 Tips to Stay Healthy Before Your Chennai Wedding


The festive season in India is in full swing and the wedding season is just around the corner. With pleasant weather and a wide choice of vegetables, this season is the much preferred time to carry our lavish celebration like weddings. However, the sudden decrease in temperature may bring along a slew of ailments, which can ruin one’s enthusiasm surrounding a wedding. This holds especially true for the bride and the groom. After all, who wants to look pale and sick on their wedding photography?

In a hot and humid city like Chennai, the decrease in temperature becomes even more drastic with the onset of the rainy season, which starts almost the same time as the wedding season. Common ailments like flu, digestive disorders, and fungal infections become prevalent. Hence, Chennai brides and grooms need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and adopt a few precautions to ward off any health issue. We are sure, you wouldn’t like to perform all those rituals with a sick body. So, read on:

Keep it simple: Couples, especially brides, often stress themselves too much with wedding preparation, resulting in poor sleep and ill health. Don’t do this. You need not arrange for that individually wrapped wedding favors or those mindless photo-booths.  Rather concentrate on only those few things, which matter to you the most. You will save yourself a great deal of anxiety, some precious time and a good amount of cash too. Relax. It’s your wedding, not a chore.

Sleep well: When you relax, you get good sleep. So, maintain a regular sleep routine with at least eight hours of ZZZs. It will reinforce your immune system and make you look and feel good from within. Great wedding photo-shoot  anyone?

Eat healthy: We know, we have been saying this since time immemorial, but we can’t help it! You are what you eat. Hence, curb the urge of gorging on KFC chicken wings and grill a turkey at home. Your gut will be safe. Apart from proteins, aim for whole grains, nuts, lentils, dairy and a lot of colorful veggies.

Swap beverages with water: Most of the beverages you consume, account for empty calories. Restrict alcohol consumption for some time and also limit your caffeine intake. Decaffeinated green tea with a dash of lemon and honey can elevate your immunity by several notches. Drink two to three liters of water to keep yourself hydrated and flush toxins away.

Exercise and meditate: Nothing can boost your germ-fighting capacity more than a good exercise. A mixture of cardio, strength training, and meditation is essential for great health and fitness. If gymming is not your thing, opt for something you would enjoy like Zumba, kickboxing or Tai-chi. The final word is to move your body as much as possible.

Maintain a proper hygiene: A study has established that washing hands five times a day with soap and water can cut the risk of illnesses by 45%. Avoid touching your eyes, face and nose every now and then. Never ever touch a pimple. During rains, add a few drops of antibacterial lotion to your bathing water. Keep your nails short and clean them along with your fingers regularly to keep fungal infection at bay.

Take supplements: Even after maintaining a healthy diet, most people lack vital nutrients for proper functioning of the body. Consult a doctor and start taking biotin, multivitamins, zinc and iron supplements. You may also consider taking pro-biotic drinks for a healthy digestive system.

Now that we have shared some really helpful tips with you, we hope that you will consider following all those religiously. We guarantee that you will be in the pink of your health and will be able to do full justice to the efforts of your favorite Chennai wedding photographers.