All the secrets to lose weight cycling

Lose weight cycling is a pleasant and fun activity. To lose weight cycling you need to use bicycle to get to work, or to make all the necessary commissions of the day by this mean. Using your bike every day, you can burn a lot of calories, so it is no longer necessary to go to the gym. The time spent to move around by bicycle can lead to weight loss saving several hours of gym.

If you don’t have a bicycle or if you live in another city for work, you can also rent a bike online saving time and a lot of money and getting best results! Bicycle are very expensive and with bike sharing online you can have your daily training also for 1 $ per hour!

Lose weight cycling: the difference between gym and bike

To understand how to use your bike to lose weight, we explain some examples below.

A 58 kg-weight person is able to burn about 230 calories per hour pedaling slowly; with an average effort you can burn 470 calories and as a professional you can burn 708 calories per hour.

A 80 kg-weight person consumes 330 calories every hour if he rides with medium intensity he would consume around 650 calories, and as an agonist 981 calories per hour.

A 90 kg-person consumes approximately, with a relaxed cycling, 372 calories per hour; pedaling with more energy burns about 740 and as an agonist comes to 1120 calories per hour.

Lose weight riding bicycle is possible

Given the metabolism of each person, it will be easy to calculate how much time do you need to lose weight and how much time you’ll save in a gym. Here are some examples.

Cycling about 5 km every day with your bike can burn 1400 calories a week; with few kilometers every day you can lose weight as much as attend a gym for three and a half hours! Using your bike every day for about 10 Km (pedaling at medium speed takes about half an hour) can burn 2800 calories a week, the equivalent of about 7 hours of gym! Riding every day for about 15 Km, you will burn 4205 calories a week, the equivalent of about 10 hours at the gym!

As we see before, lose weight cycling is cheaper than the gym. You can use the bicycle as a mean of transport, even for minimum distances, consuming more calories than a meal and saving the time invested in the gym. The important thing is to ride every day.