Astound the audience by singing through your diaphragm

hit high notes

If you are serious about a singing career then you must master your diaphragm and the muscles that surround it to reach your true singing potential.  Your whole body must be considered as a source of power if you want a great singing voice. So stop relying on your vocal cords only and start the practice to use your diaphragm to have a sweeter and open tone.

Therefore, here is how you will learn how to hit high notes by using the diaphragm

Threefold procedure

In order to start singing through your diaphragm you first have to make sure that you excel this threefold procedure:

  1. You must learn to control the muscles that are around your diaphragm, they have been weakening because of lack of use but the time has come to get a hold of them again.
  2. Now strengthen these muscles and learn to aid the muscle in such a way that diaphragm will start to fuel your voice.
  3. After that, you have to strengthen and isolate the diaphragm. Take a deep breath through the diaphragm and while exhaling count as much as you can this will help, you get as much power through your diaphragm as you can.

Sing correctly

Keep in mind that before you start singing you must do the warm up exercises and then follow the given instructions:


For proper singing through the diaphragm your posture should be excellent, this includes a straight back and shoulders rolled backward and make sure that they are kept still.


If you want to learn how to hit high notes, you must keep in mind that your throat should be open in a relaxed way as this will allow air to properly flow through the diaphragm

Parts of voice:

To help with the notes placements you must separate your voice in two parts the high notes and the low notes and then with breath exercise learn to distinguish them.

Pronounce consonants:

Consonants are the hardest part to pronounce while singing because they often become inaudible. Practice them by singing them with a single note; this will help you to sing every word clearly with complete breath support from the diaphragm.

The Results

When you learn how to hit high notes through your diaphragm, you will get the following amazing results:

  • It will become easier for you to access the upper range
  • You will get a healthier mean of voice production and thus the occurrence of hoarseness and vocal damage will reduce
  • Your singing will feel natural and easier and the vocal cords will become more responsive.
  • You will get the restoration of your true ring and overtones of the voice
  • Vibrato will result as your breathing while singing improves
  • It will be possible for you to maintain the richness and fullness of the belted tones.

So now, start the practice if you want to become of the legendary singers and learn how to hit high notes with this simple guideline.