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Hello, I want to share my knowledge about blogs especially about music blogs, they can be very entertaining. But first thing first let’s get from the bottom to get to the top of the making your music blog.



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Creating blog

First choose your name for your music blog, let’s say that you already had experience with creating blogs. This will make things easier, because I assume you know how to come up with your name for the blog, or domain name. I assume you already name the checklist about the domain name, I mean, it is need to be creative, interesting, easy to remember and unique and when it comes about music blogs and if you are dedicated to specific music type, then I suggest that the name is somehow connected to the music genre you are into. And also a good advice is to make your design somehow remind of the mood of the genre, let say for rock and roll you can make design with guitars, for rap you can make a design with graffiti arts and gramophones, you get my idea. Next …

Creating content

Well, there is two choices and one mix from the two of them, little confusing, do not worry everything will be clear in just a few lines below. Well, first choice is to make your music blog about news connected to the genre or more specific to the artist that perform. This should be more about their private live and things that are around them, girls, boys, rumors and staff like that.

Second, you can make your music blog to be about top songs, top albums, top music videos connected to your selected genre, so it will be more a blog where you will make charts of top songs, top albums, and you will and create posts with the latest songs of the genre. And the third, it could be most interesting and tempted to create is mix from the two above. So you can make it, let say you write about specific performer and then you add their latest song, album or simply your favorite song from them. And as plus you can make top charts creating your own, or take from legitimate source that works with staffs like that, I mean their work is to collect votes, opinions and make a valid, legitimate chart.