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What to look for in a math tutor

math tutor

There are almost as many reasons to get a tutor as there are math students. If your child has been ill or for any other reason is falling behind or your child’s teacher suggests hiring a tutor because of observed weaknesses, gaps in knowledge, or learned mistakes, DO NOT HESITATE! Ask the math department chairperson for suggestions, check with the counseling department, and/or have your child ask at school. If one person seems to stand out above the others, interview this person right away. If you have several candidates, try to interview them all within a short period of time. While getting started with a tutor quickly is important, do not skip the interview. You are looking for the best math tutoring nyc program.

  1. During the interview, the tutor should be able to make eye contact with you (display confidence), show an enthusiasm for mathematics, create a positive rapport with both you and your child quickly, and express a willingness to work with the school teacher and you. If you get ANY negative feelings, trust them and end the interview.
  1. It is not necessary for the ideal tutor to have a teaching degree, but the tutor must come with good recommendations. If your aren’t sure about a tutor’s past success, get references and talk to both the parents and children about their tutor experiences.math tutor
  1. Ask if the math tutor nyc understands the term “task analysis.” This is the ability to look at a task or skill and break it apart into all of the smaller skills that must be in place before the new skill can be learned. The tutor must be able to assess those skills and then start working at the appropriate level.
  1. Your child’s tutor must be able to explain a given math concept several different ways. This is sometimes called multi-directional explanation. If your child does not understand a skill or process as first explained, there is no point in repeating the same explanation.
  1. A math tutor nyc should own a graphing calculator, should be able to help your child with its use when appropriate, and should help your child learn mental short cuts to avoid calculator dependence.
  1. Good math tutors know the value of manipulatives, have their own sets, and bring them to sessions when appropriate. The tutor should also use white boards during tutor sessions. All students love writing on them–especially in bright colors. Students stay focused and are more willing to write out work they would never do on paper.
  1. A good math tutor allows–even encourages–parents to sit in on tutor sessions and take notes. This allows the parent to be more helpful at home.math tutor
  1. Very few tutors encourage students to have a journal at home, but having the student immediately write out what was discussed in that session as well as questions that still exists can help the learning process. (Only the student and the tutor should be allowed to read this journal.)
  1. A tutor should be good at assessment of the students needs and should place priority on repairing gaps in knowledge — not in doing homework. Students tend to fall into a pattern of wanting the tutor to help them with that days homework. This is a waste of your money.
  1. An effective tutor is aware of the difficulty in fixing practiced mistakes and works to assure that no mistakes get practiced in sessions. In addition, if a learned mistake is discovered, the tutor will make every effort to repair it. This may require help from the parents.

The chances of finding a person possessing all of these characteristics is slim, but look for as many as can be found in a single person. The cost of a tutor becomes minimal when you see your child being successful.

Tips and Tricks for better grades in Class 12 English

Working for a education company, Zigya, I am often asked on advice for students who are in that final stage of school, where they are planning to launch themselves into the big bad world. The advice is most certainly on getting better grades since everyone knows that English is a deterministic subject for getting better grades in the boards, which could act as the differentiator between getting admission into a good college and a not-so-good one. Whenever I am faced with a question like this, I step back and think. I think since I’m aware that each person’s score is dependent on a lot of factors – starting from the amount s/he studies to their surroundings and their family background. However, over the period of years, I have arrived at the following 10 tips that may help students in ameliorating their scores. So whether you are a student in the middle school or in the senior school, these tips would be applicable to you. These tips are universal.

1. Be particular on attendance – This might be an obvious one, but with increasing competitiveness and co-curricular activities, sometimes students are required to miss out on the academics. Now, since people attach more importance to a science class or a economics class and would obviously not be willing to forego their PE class, guess which subject faces the axe? Yes, you’re right. It is English. But if you desire good grades, there are reasons why you should make it a point to attend all your English classes:
Assimilate more – Even if your teacher reads from the textbooks, sitting in the classroom and listening to the lectures/discussions will help you assimilate the various nuances within a story.

Participation – When you’re in a class, you automatically are a part of any discussion that may originate in the classroom. Each discussion in the class is important since it would, under all practical circumstances be related to the field of study. These class discussions not only broaden your outlook but also polish your public speaking skills.

Sit in the front — Since the teacher is mostly positioned at the head end of the class, a closer proximity by sitting in the front is always beneficial.

2. Align with style of teaching – Every teacher has a different personality and system for teaching his/her subjects, so it would be a good idea to learn as early as possible the teaching style of your English teacher and align with that. Some of the ways to identify the areas where alignment may be required,

Understand the syllabus – Go through the syllabus of the English for Class 12. You may like to grab hold of CBSE class 12 English study material during the first few weeks of beginning your class. This will explain to you the horizontal spread of the syllabus so that you don’t ‘take it as it comes’.

Understand teacher’s mannerisms – Rather than viewing your English teacher as some figurehead at the forefront of the class, who decides your fate during the examinations in some abstract way, get to know your teacher as a person.

Communicate with your teacher – Visit him or her during office hours, or stay after class. Read ahead so you can collate your doubts and get them clarified. Remember, a teacher is a human being and will be happy if s/he sees you taking interest in the subject that s/he teaches.

3. Get Organized – Class 12 is a high-pressure zone. Not only are you (or should be) conscious about your scores, you will never cease to be reminded of the ‘crucial’ stage of life that you’re in in any of your family gatherings or people who may be visiting you. With your regular subjects, a series of class tests, mock tests and pre-boards, not to mention projects and extra curricular activities that you need to do, it is quite easy to get overwhelmed with due dates, team meetings, and other demands on your time. Here are some tips for getting organized:

Use a planner – Electronic or traditional is a personal choice. But having this is mandatory in today’s world. Use it to jot down the dates, set reminders etc and never slip on a due date.

Filing your work – Keep all your work in a organized fashion that facilitates retrieval when you need it. Although teenagers are not best known for this, but this practice saves a lot of man-hours and frustration at losing work. You’ll need these for studying for your test and the board exams. It is important therefore that you file loose papers in neatly labeled files, keep box files, cupboards, drawers with your stuff neatly labeled.

4. Optimal time utilization – It is imperative to manage your time well. In this era of technology proliferation, students have a harrowing time in switching between different platforms and applications. Sometimes, they are so deeply ensconced in the virtual world that managing time becomes a challenge. As a result, the academics suffer. Some tips for using time wisely:
Deal with the toughest – When you attempt the toughest task first, you are sure to have enough time to complete it, so it will not be stressful.

Take regular breaks – After you complete a major task, incentivize yourself by taking a break. Use your free time for chatting, watching TV or playing a game. After your break, you’d be mentally more refreshed to tackle the next bit of work.

Break it Down – Always break down a hard task into easy-to-accomplish smaller parts. If you are supposed to work on a project that is very tasking, deal with smaller portions at a time. If you’re doing it jointly with others, assign deadlines to each part.

Know when to say No – Avenues to expend energy in the school are numerous and before you know it, you’d be asked to participate in all sorts of activities. If you start accepting all the offers, very soon oyull realize that you’re getting overwhelmed. So, learn when to decline. Saying no sometimes is a very difficult thing to do, but necessary.

5. Take Notes – Class notes is a precious commodity at the time of the examinations, when time is at a premium. The notes that you take in class during the year are very helpful when you are browsing through the content before the exams. Learn to highlight the important tips as the teacher keeps mentioning them in the class.
Listen – When the class is in session, do not do activity that may potentially distract you. Listen attentively and actively, and ask for clarification when you need it.

Quality of notes – Write in such a way that you’re able to decipher it at a later date. A structured manner of writing is very helpful when you’re reading it before the exams.
Following the above guidelines would help you study in a manner that your grades improve significantly. Every student should learn and master English in Class 12. And if you master the subject, good grades are inevitable.

Homeschooling Guidance and Support

QWiz App

Mentoring and organizations are a fantastic way to meet other home schoolers in your area. They give mother and father a probability to make inquiries and get answers from reliable sources. These categories have a variety of different kids who are different ages. Therefore, the mother and father of such youngsters are able to coach new mothers or dads in their next step if they need any help. Will and Sue happily recommended the guides they and their kids had had throughout their home-schooling journey:

When going about on different ideologies or trips, the other mother and father really do become guides to your kids and that is valuable and is the start of a connection that expands into the kid’s lifestyles. Guidance can be a extremely essential when they go off to study or move away at home, to have these constant adult connections in their lifestyles season after season, who are interested in their lifestyles. Mentors are there if they need help, guidance, knowledge, prayer assistance or whatever it is. It’s a connection of trust. Its’ been an assistance for us and a motivation for our kids to have these other individuals. They are all very different, but they are all able to play a role in their own way. To have that a continual is special.

Now with iPhone and iPads, home schooling can be automated to a large extent using apps like QWiz.Me! As a new homeschooler, and one that wishes to continue home schooling without burning out, it is essential to become involved in a home team, as these are the basis of training and assistance in the home. Knowledgeable home schooling mother and father take a role in teaching and starting new family members into the workouts of life as a homeschooler. For example, if mother and father are not sure what to do for secondary school, another parent/s in these categories may suggest helpful ideas or explain how they did it. In Canberra, for example, there is a high-end team (Home Knowledge System Canberra and Southern Tablelands or HENCAST) and a Religious team (Christian Home Knowledge Canberra or CHEC). This is only the start of the categories available, especially with the advancement of twitter Facebook, and other websites.

Homeschooled kids also benefit by the influence of mature guides in their lifestyles. These guides can often be a generation or two mature. They can be grandma and grandpa, buddies or other home schooling mother and father whom the home schooled kids invest a while with. When asked if he had any guides, home schooling student, Ben replied:

Yes, I did, especially when it came to building. I have three or four buddies now who are 60 years old and forward. Some have even passed on now. They taught me plenty and plenty. I invested lots of your energy in individuals’ car ports, fiddling away with a bird crate and everything. The guides sat and invested their time with me. The grandma and grandpa were also very good. I invested lots of your energy in the shed doing metalwork… welding up bits of vehicles and factors like that as a child. My mother and father would be inside with the granny while I was hanging out in the garage with dad.

Homeschooling magazines and website are also other excellent and helpful resources. The Home Knowledge System Other ways Journal gives moms or dad’s an excellent chance for motivation and guidance in their home schooling trip. Each issue is delivered every quarter in the mail (or at the same time, it can be downloadable online). Members can also access all back problems printed. These journals are excellent for responding to the many concerns the home schooling mum or dad has, as well as raising other concerns close to their heart.

Facebook categories are a fantastic way to ask experienced and other home schooling parent’s concerns.

Study in Malaysia – Scholarships for Undergrad Students


Studying overseas can be an expensive experience. If you are planning to research in Malaysia, then you may want to search for financial aid alternatives. One of the variety of choices to invest in your research in Malaysia is a scholarship. Several programs finance students. In this post, I have protected three.

Knowledge is important in human existence; it is something, which helps government, personal industry and casual models. For Nigeria as a nation to create forward, we need qualitative and purposeful education. Over the years, the academic system has been in problem and the upcoming of our children is at risk. The initiatives of our beginning dads to make Malaysian Universities and Polytechnics strong seem to have gone down the strain.

In Malaysia there are four kinds of organizations providing college, namely: regional community School, worldwide Universities and universities, Private Universities and universities, and over 500 Public Greater Educational Institutions(PHEIS).The Methodical Knowledge Team of Universities functions eight Private Greater Educational Institutions(PHEIS). Systematics’ primary purpose is to provide training to school leavers for their upcoming profession in Business, Accounting, Marketing, management, Financial, clerical and Business and industry. Methodical has made excellent students in professional programs such as ABE, ACCA, LCCI, ICSA, CIMA, CIMA and CIM. A valid reason why worldwide students should study in Malaysia is that the owners of university student successfully pass or allow are permitted to perform while learning to complement their living. Students are permitted to perform part-time for only 20 hours per week. Students have options to perform in: regional organizations, worldwide organizations and embassies. Getting tasks in the worldwide organizations is determined by your prior credentials and the wage range from $1,500-$2,500 per month. Students getting tasks in a company is easy: the wages are from $800-$1,500.Accomodation is from $65/month-$150.The nation is so affordable to live in. Many Malaysians are already in Malaysia learning for different programs.

ASEAN Undergrad Scholarship

These choices available at the National School of Malaysia. You should be from one of the ASEAN nations.

Eligible Countries: Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, Malaysia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam and Malaysia. Students from Malaysia are not qualified.

Some of the other specifications are: excellent academic history and management techniques. The prize includes your academic costs charges. You also get a yearly residing allocation of S$5,800. You can get many information about scholarship Malaysia in the websites, just with little effort on Google search and there you will find all good instructions provide the scholarship Malaysia.

Science & Technical innovation Undergrad Scholarship

This prize is also available to freshmen at NUS. It is for individuals from Asia. If you are looking to research in scholarship Malaysia, then this may be for you.

Eligible Countries: Asia (excluding Malaysia)

You should have a remarkable academic history, management capabilities, besides other specifications. The champion gets a variety of prizes, such as academic costs charges, yearly residing cost of S$6,000 and settling-in prize of S$200.For finish information this opportunity check

Dr Goh Keng Swee Scholarship

The GKS system is run by the Organization of Financial institutions in Malaysia. It is available to students from 15 Asia Hawaiian nations. You should be an undergraduate students looking to research at a local UNI in Malaysia.

You should apply to research in one of the following institutions: NUS, Malaysia university of Technical innovation and Design, Malaysia Management university, Academic history, management and co-curricular involvements are also considered. This method includes tuition costs. It also includes other compulsory costs. For finish information on qualifications specifications and other information.

Scholarships for The natives are provided in a variety of nations. The economic aid choices provided by schools and the private industry. If you are looking to research in Malaysia with a scholarship, then the above-mentioned choices may be useful. These possibilities cover your academic costs charges. To be qualified, you will need to meet certain requirements. You can learn about the information each choice by go to hyperlinks provided. Make sure you know all the necessary information before you apply.

Setting the Stage for Lifelong Success

If you’re like most parents, it’s difficult not to look at your toddler’s special qualities and dream about his future. While he bangs on a collection of pots with an enviable sense of rhythm, you see him wielding a timpani mallet in a major symphony orchestra. While she marshals her friends in an elaborate backyard game, you see her heading an executive meeting at a successful tech start-up. While these are lovely flights of fancy for a parent, it’s crucial to note that your children have already initiated the first step in their own education by following their own preferences and talents.

Now it’s your job to choose the right school. Multiple studies have shown that the quality of early childhood education has a strong influence on later success in life. Here are several aspects to consider when you’re looking for the perfect school for your child.

Does One Size Fit All? Children are not created from the same mold. They learn in different ways, at different rates, and present different challenges. Small class sizes allow for more individualized attention, but the teaching philosophy is also an important aspect to consider. For example, early childhood education at a Waldorf School focuses on hands-on activities and creative play. Montessori schools develop a highly individualized learning plan that takes into account the particular qualities of each child.

Is The Classroom Inviting? Rows of seats facing a blackboard may be just what your studious, intensely-focused child needs. But most young children aren’t yet ready for long periods of time spent in concentrated academic teaching. In a visit to the classroom, does your child gravitate to the learning materials scattered through the room? Do you find her absorbed in playing with a colorful toy designed to teach her how to tie her shoes, or excited by the bins of colorful, oversized beads? A child who is excited by the prospect of going to school is a child who will be open and eager to learn.

Will My Child’s Particular Interests Be Encouraged?  The pressure for a child to succeed academically has become so intense that it’s easy to forget that qualities other than knowledge acquisition and rote memorization are vital for lifelong success. Those qualities include a respect for imagination and creativity, self-sufficiency and self-education, the ability to work well with others and graciously accept failure as a learning experience in itself. It’s vital to choose a school that offers an early childhood education that focuses on developing a joy of learning, academic confidence, and solid interpersonal skills.  For more information, check out this comparison of the top preschool educational philosophies.

Why We Should Write Your Academic Papers

The shift from high school writing to gather writing for most students is fairly challenging college students are anticipated to write complete academic papers that suit their level of education. The writing strategy used in writing high school papers diverse from the writing strategy of college papers. Students experiencing difficulty writing articles and papers should search for academic writing service. Academic writing services present quality college writings to student in colleges and universities.

Arguments construction 

The first step in writing articles and papers is construct a legitimate argument. Students must make acquainted themselves with the theme they are about to write. Where essential, students must understand the terminologies used in the conclusion of the paper. Academic papers that are long as well as require detailed info mean that the students have to read as well as understand concepts connected to the topic. Student should ensure they understand the subject and the significant aspects connected to it. likewise, students should establish the segment of the topic that they do not recognize. Such segments would provide the platform for additional reading with the intent of acquire additional knowledge.

Summary of content

Some papers might require the writer to sum up the content. Student must be aware that a summary is not a word for word recitation of the content of the paper. Students should read and recognize and article before highlighting the major ideas that are then incorporated in the summary section. It is from the review that students can conduct an assessment. Academic papers that need evaluation need a student to clearly articulate in addition to support their response.

importance of a topic

Academic papers should have topics so as to direct students in the writing procedure. The process of topic assortment is vital as it determine the focus and content of the whole paper. In some instance, instructors give students with a assortment of topics to consider. This saves students the job of determining a appropriate topic for their papers.

Academic writing service

Students who wish college papers that have been written by expert scholars could seek writing services form us. We write excellence academic writings for all our customers. We guarantee unique papers as all papers are written from scrape. We also make sure that we use in-text citations and give references where necessary.

Professional writers

Our writing corporation is supported by expert writers who are well-informed on the task papers writing. We make sure that students obtain quality papers that have been correctly analyzed and discussed. Our writers are extremely trained and are well-known with the different writing styles. We write university papers using style such as APA, MLA and Harvard. The papers are written as per the student’s liking.

Editing services

Our writers also make sure that students receive academic papers that are prepared for submission. Our writers write as well as edit all papers before submitting them to customers. Students are certain of papers without any grammatical error. We also confirm that all the coursework are free off plagiarism. We provide student with papers that have 0% plagiarism.

The Montessori Way: Educating the “Whole Child”

Education is a touchy subject. Everyone has an opinion on what should be taught and how it should be taught and they generally take a firm stance on it. While the right and wrong can be debated for days, consider an alternative to primary schooling altogether.

Consider a system that is run on a philosophy of freedom and self-development with a practical approach.Emphasized in this teaching style is setting the foundation for life experience with an aim to fully develop the whole child. It sounds wonderful, right? Why hasn’t anyone created such a curriculum? Well, guess what? It exists!


The teaching model is used at Montessori schools and was developed by educator Dr. Maria Montessori (1870 – 1952) after many years of observing children. She found that from birth to six years old, children’s minds are at peak absorbency and they learn and assimilate effortlessly from the world around them. Therefore, they should be in an environment that harnesses and facilitates their intellectual growth.

Inside of a Montessori classroom you will find non-tangible effects such as productivity, joy, respect, freedom, responsibility and social, as well as intellectual, development. From a more tangible standpoint, everything inside of a classroom serves a purpose; from the educational tools, to the furniture, to the supplies. This purpose is to stimulate enthusiasm and curiosity for learning, ultimately preparing them to become independent students, aware of their own needs, interests and capabilities.

There are many benefits to the Montessori approach that span over the course of the child’s life. Some of the first tools Montessori students develop are order, concentration, coordination and independence. These crucial skills allow the student to self-regulate, self-educate and really be self-aware, particularly when it comes to education. Frankly, when it comes to education, Montessori students thrive. From having the freedom to choose what they want to learn, which drives a child’s natural curiosity from an early age, to becoming active seekers of knowledge. These children become life-long learners.

In fact, there are a number of Montessori graduates who have attributed their success in life to their strong  early educational foundation. You may have heard of some of them… Larry Page and Sergey Brin, perhaps? More commonly known as the founders of Google. Other graduates include NBA MVP Stephen Curry, rap mogul and entrepreneur Sean Combs (P. Diddy), actress Dakota
Fanning, chef Julia Child, video game pioneer Will Wright (think The Sims), Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Anne Frank, among many others.

While the case can be made that success can come from many a forms of education, it is glaringly evident that the “whole child” way results in creative, outside the box thinkers. Consider your own child’s potential and if they also can benefit from a Montessori education.

The Current State of Foster Parenting

As you work toward your online social work degree, it’s important to understand the state of the foster care system in the United states. In the infographic below, learn the problems and potential solutions associated with foster care adoption:

University of New England Online

MBA vs. MSA: Which Master’s Degree is Right For You?



A Master of Business Administration, or MBA, is the most popular advanced degree in the United States. Business degrees currently account for more than a quarter of all master’s degrees [1], but current statistics group MBAs with more specialized business master’s degrees including the Master of Science in Analytics, or MSA. While MBAs still make up the majority of advanced business degrees, some experts suggest the growing popularity of courses like the MSA has helped business qualifications overtake the master’s in education [1].

Today, specialized business master’s degrees like the MSA are as easily accessible as the more traditional MBA. Students can choose to study such programs at bricks-and-mortar institutions or remotely via online courses offered by leading education providers like Villanova University. Such availability increases the options of students across the United States, but it can also make it difficult for them to choose.

An MBA gives students a broad base of knowledge about the business field that builds on the knowledge gained during a bachelor’s degree. An MSA offers a more specialized education in analytics, a growing field that concerns the analysis of business data [2]. Both courses have their strengths and weaknesses, but is an MBA or an MSA the right choice for you?



Subtitle: Master of Business Administration (MBA)

  • Build on your professional experience [3]
    • Most require work experience before enrolment [3]. Do you have this, or can you get it?
  • Develop a broad range of business skills including abilities in accounting, finance, and statistics, then applying them in the real world [3]
    • Do you know what you want to do, or are you open to a range of possibilities?
  • Build leadership skills like communication, collaboration, and negotiation [3]
    • Are you interested in becoming a manager or executive?
  • Choose electives to customize a third of your degree [2]
    • Do you enjoy the freedom to pursue your passions?
  • Deal with many case studies [3]
    • Do you learn better when education relates to real world?
  • Graduate in as little as two years [2]
    • Can you afford the time and money to study for two years or more?
  • Increase your earning potential

Average Earnings of Business Graduates in the United States

Years of Work Experience| Average Salary

< 1 year = $30,030 (BB) [4]; $50,324 (MBA) [5]
1-4 years = $42,764 (BB) [4]; $58,095 (MBA) [5]
5-9 years = $51,560 (BB) [4]; $75,364 (MBA) [5]
10-19 years = $67,160 (BB) [4]; $98,224 (MBA) [5]
20+ years = $78,612 (BB) [4]; $116,800 (MBA) [5]

  • Earn qualifications recognized and respected around the world [3]
    • Would you consider working abroad?

Subtitle: Master of Science in Analytics (MSA)

  • Build on your academic background [3]
    • Can enroll in most MSA programs without work experience [3], so you can earn your degree sooner
  • Focus solely on analytics [3]
    • Are you certain you want to specialize in this field?
  • Gain skills in a specialty that’s in demand across a range of industries [2]

By 2018, 140,000-190,000 individuals with advanced analytical skills and 1,500,000 managers and analysts for analyzing and acting upon big data findings will be required to fulfill a worldwide deficit [2]

With a compound annual growth rate of 10.3%, the global business analytics industry is expected to be worth close to $67 billion by 2019 [6]

North America is expected to be the world’s largest business analytics market [6]

  • Take classes that are very theoretical in nature [3]
    • Will you struggle with the abstract nature of the coursework?
  • Graduate in as little as 20 months [2]
    • Can take less time than MBA, great for people with limited time or funds.
  • Increase your earning potential

Average Earnings of Business Graduates in the United States

Years of Work Experience| Average Salary*
< 1 year = $30,030 (BB) [4]; $53,658 (MS) [7]
1-4 years = $42,764 (BB) [4]; $59,006 (MS) [7]
5-9 years = $51,560 (BB) [4]; $70,999 (MS) [7]
10-19 years = $67,160 (BB) [4]; $85,347 (MS) [7]
20+ years = $78,612 (BB) [4]; $94,578 (MS) [7]

* Note that as the MSA is a relatively new degree, little data exists on this specialty. Figures reflect the average salaries for all Master of Science degrees.

The MBA and MSA are both high-quality degrees that will help increase your earning potential and job opportunities in the business sector. Which one will you choose?

Facts About Robbery In The US

Robbery is a very common crime. This involves the criminal obtaining the personal valuables of his victim through force and fear. The criminal has the clear intent of stealing and does not intend to return the said valuables to his victim. Although robberies can happen almost anywhere, robbery rates are higher in metropolitan areas due to the higher density of people present. They also happen very quickly and can finish in a minute.

Since robberies involve the use of brute force and deadly weapons, anyone can easily execute such a criminal act. These can be total strangers or even familiar individuals such as friends or relatives. However, data has shown the amount of teenagers and young adults involved in robbery cases has been increasing in the recent years. Furthermore, majority of the robberies have been committed by males and at least half were committed by African-Americans.

Knowing the components of a robbery, it isn’t surprising the criminal act is very common even in countries such as the United States. In fact, it has been reported that there is one robbery per minute in the United States.

Different Types Of Robberies

There are different types of robberies. Armed robbery mainly involves the direct assault of the robber with the use of deadly weapons. Such robbers can target establishments like banks and convenience stores. On the other hand, they can also opt to target individuals in public areas. This specific type of robbery is known as mugging or highway robbery.

Although this crime can happen anytime throughout the day, these are more likely to happen during the late hours of the night. Specifically, the peak hours of robbery begin at 8:00 pm and subside at 3:00 am. It has also been noted that the incidences of mugging rise during the winter season as there would be longer hours of darkness. The key factor is that robbers commit crimes during times wherein less people are active.

Robberies can happen in public areas such as subways, ATMs and parking lots. Ideally, the robbers would want to ensure that their victims are in areas wherein they cannot call for help once the robbery is initiated. They would want to ensure that the victim is trapped and has no other way to escape. To begin the robbery process, the robbers would instil fear to his victim by declaring the hold-up.

Through intimidation, the robber would pressure the victim to surrender his valuables. He can even threaten the victim with a gun or other deadly weapons. However, other robbers may just use seemingly-deadly weapons that are not actually dangerous. They would merely rely on the psychological fear that has already been established in his victim. On other occasions, robbers may beat up the victim to forcefully take his valuables. This can involve punching and kicking the victim.

Although most hold-ups involve only one robber, there can be times when two or more individuals declare it to instil greater fear in the victim. Usually, the second accomplice would be the lookout to survey the area and warn the primary mugger about any threats to their activity. Another form of robbery would be carjacking, which involves the forceful attainment of a victim’s automobile. Specifically, the driver would be lured by the robbers and would be forced out of the car. To do this, firearms or other deadly weapons can be used by the criminals. However, other robbers can even opt to kidnap the victim in order to obtain more valuables from him.

While some robbers get away with their actions, many technological devices such as security cameras have aided in determining the identity of these criminals and capturing them. When caught and proven guilty of robbery crime, an individual can be sentenced to imprisonment. This can range from as brief as a year in prison to 15 years in prison.

Criminal Records Accessed On The Internet

Furthermore, criminal records of individuals who have been previously involved with robberies can be now accessed on the internet. Such access can be seen in and can be very beneficial to become aware of potentially dangerous individuals. Thus, despite the continuing occurrences of robberies, vigilance is the key to combat such robberies in this day and age. Through understanding more about robberies and being informed about individuals who have been linked to robberies, one may be able to effectively protect himself from experiencing such a robbery crime. Recalling that one robbery occurs in the United States every minute, this is definitely a practice that should be considered.