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Benefits of Om Chanting

Benefits of Om Chanting

Since ages, Indians have believed in the power of chanting the holy word OM, which is usually denoted to as Hindu’s spiritual symbol. For numerous of us, it might be just a word shaped out of our rich mythical past. However you would be amazed to know that even science has decided with the healing, psychological plus spiritual Benefits of Om Chanting.

Over the time, the chanting of OM has promoted even in western philosophies and has developed an essential portion of meditation. From sages to yoga experts to monks, everybody chants this Sanskrit word for numerous benefits. The OM mantra has amazing benefits that could heal the stress buildup in the minds of persons living in this ultra-modern as well as busy life and if you read these 5 Benefits of Om Chanting, you would get inspired to try this OM remedy for yourself:

  1. Aids Decrease Stress

Medical studies have found that chanting OM with focus allows you to decrease the adrenaline heights that in turn aids in dropping the pressure levels. As chanting OM separates you from the domain and the related tensions, you tend to find peace without the disruption and you feel pious plus serene. When, you feel upset or else depressed, find an appropriate place to meditate and chant OM so as to you get a chance to peek into yourself as well as your ideologies.

  1. Improves Attention

As you detach yourself from the domain whereas chanting OM, you start diverting yourself from each matter that troubles your mind. While you endure chanting for a while, then your mind is dedicated only on that holy Sanskrit word.

  1. Sets Your Mood Correct

If you are feeling tired or else exhausted or else just unable to put your mind to work, then all you requisite to do is create a practice of chanting OM in the very first hour afterward you wake up. It is said to progress your endorphins that create you feel refreshed in addition to relaxed. Not only it revitalizes yourself, but furthermore balances the hormonal discharges, that play a main role in causing mood swing. Your mood would be set right in the beginning of the day itself and this will confirm that your interpersonal relations improve.

  1. Strengthen Spinal Cord

OM is also commonly spelled as AUM, wherever the first alphabet A makes a definite kind of vibration through chanting. As per numerous researches, it has been found that this shaking considerably influences the spinal cord. If a person frequently chants OM, then there are augmented chances that the efficacy of the spinal cord would improve.

  1. Aids In Detoxifying Your Body

Meditation aids in dropping stress, anxiety and distressing issues and chanting OM whereas meditating further aids in detoxifying the body. It aids in regularization of the blood flow and offers more oxygen to the body. The continuous deep breathing procedure along with the vibrations aids in getting free of toxins. Thereby, numerous persons believe that chanting OM restores youth internally plus externally.

Who to trust when you need vascular surgery?


Vascular surgery evolves from cardiac surgery, general surgery, as well as minimally invasive techniques. This procedure is used to cure specific diseased arteries, including atherosclerosis, to help avoid strokes or heart attacks, improve and relieve angina or hypertension, improve claudication, eliminate aneurysms, and save legs that would otherwise need to be amputated. Depending on your condition, the choices include bypassing, replacing, or repairing the artery. Vascular surgery is also effective in curing venous disease.

If you are looking for a vascular surgeon who you can trust, look no further than Dr. Benjamin Chua. He is known for his years of experience in delivering personalized management of a wide array of vascular conditions. He is highly regarded endovascular and vascular surgeon. Dr. Chua is also the Medical Director and Senior Consultant Vascular Surgeon at the Vascular & Interventional Centre. Moreover, he is the Founding Head in the Department of Vascular Surgery at the Singapore General Hospital or the SGH. The Department of Vascular Surgery became the very first independent clinical department that is created to help those undergoing vascular conditions. Dr. Benjamin Chua spearheaded a team of 9 vascular surgeons and 6 vascular technologists. With Dr. Chua, the department of vascular surgery successfully handled more than 10,000 outpatients. Each year, the department is trsusted to perform over 2,000 surgeries as well as 5,000 vascular ultrasound scans.


Through the years of experience in the industry, Dr. Chua has helped develop how to improve the use of endovascular surgical techniques. He also became one of those who advanced the clinical procedures that are related to aneurysm repair, peripheral arterial disease or angioplasty, and varicose vein surgery.

Here is a list of the services that he can help you with:

Varicose Veins Surgery – this is a minimally invasive endovenous varicose vein surgery. The procedure will only take place for about 90 minutes. You may also avail their varicose veins surgery package, which already includes procedure-related medication and consumables, take-home medicines, and anesthetist and surgeon fees. The package also includes two post-procedure consultations and post-surgery dressings.

Comprehensive Stroke Screening – as compared to screening, this procedure offers assessment as well as management of risks of cardiovascular diseases. Patients will undergo Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Stroke Screen. MRI stroke screen produces a 3-dimensional image of the blood vessels and brain tissues to shows the brain and spinal cord. Surgeons use this procedure to diagnose new or old strokes.

Peripheral Vascular Disease Screening – this procedure perceives early blockage or narrowing of the leg arteries. This is advisable to avoid any further deterioration of the patient’s condition. Some of the procedures offered in this package include ankle-brachial index or Ankle-brachial index (ABI), carotid doppler ultrasound, and duplex ultrasound.

Stroke Screening – Vascular and Interventional Centre offers a package for this procedure. The package already covers the assessment and managing of any risks to developing cerebrovascular diseases or strokes. Tests such as ankle-brachial index and carotid doppler ultrasound are also included in the said package.

Comprehensive Peripheral Vascular Disease (PAD) Screening – Included in this package is the procedure called peripheral angiogram. It uses CT scan to determine if there is presence of narrowed or blocked areas in the patient’s arteries that supply blood to the legs.  Through peripheral angiogram, the doctor can visualize the entire blood flow pattern in the lower limb arteries.

Aortic aneurysm – aortic aneurysm happens when the aorta’s wall deteriorates. If not treated correctly, the aneurysm can expand and can burst or rupture. This can lead to massive internal bleeding. To cure aortic aneurysm, the patient can undergo an open surgery or EndoVascular Aortic Repair (EVAR). The open surgery includes traditional method of repairing aneurysm. The surgeon will cut into your stomach to reach the abdominal aorta and then he will replace the enlarged area with a graft. The graft will be stitched into place by your surgeon, so it will more likely to stay in place. As for EVAR, the surgeon will make small cuts in your groin. These small cuts will help for the small piece of tubing called a graft to go up through the artery and then into the swollen section of aorta. This will be sealed to the wall of the aorta at both ends.

To schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact Vascular and Interventional Centre today.

Who Needs Varicose Veins Treatment?

Veins are responsible for returning blood back to your heart so that it can be re-circulated to other parts of your body. The veins’ valves open to allow blood flow towards your heart. However, there are instances when the valves may stop functioning properly, allowing the blood to flow back down to the veins. This is due to the fact that the valves have stretched over the past years. Blood then clots in the veins, resulting them to swell even more. Since the veins in your legs have to work against gravity to get the blood back to your heart, it becomes susceptible to swelling and clotting. This is also the reason why varicose veins are commonly found in the legs.

If you want an effective varicose veins treatment that you can do at home, check out the list below:

  • Avoid standing for long periods of time
  • Lose weight if you are overweight
  • Raise your legs while you are sitting. Keep them above the level of your heart.
  • Wear loose clothes

Another varicose veins treatment that your doctor may recommend is by wearing compression stockings. These stockings provide gentle and consistent pressure to prevent varicose veins from developing. This will also help keep blood from pooling in your legs as well as reduce any swelling from venous stasis when you are standing or sitting. You can get compression stockings at pharmacies and other medical supply stores.

In case these home remedies don’t make the condition any better, then maybe what you need is a more invasive treatment option. Surgery, laser therapy and injection therapy are some of the most recommended treatments that your surgeon may offer to cure your varicose veins.

Here are the people who may be susceptible to varicose veins:

Pregnant Women – Women, especially those who are pregnant, are more likely to develop the condition. Pre-menstruation or menopause may also be a factor as the female hormones tend to relax the vein walls.

Women who take birth control pills – birth control pills or taking hormone replacement therapy may also increase your risk of varicose veins.

Old people – valves tend to wear and tear as you age. Over time, the wear can cause the valves to let blood to flow back in to your veins where it collects instead of flowing up to the heart.

People with family history of the same condition – you have greater chances of acquiring varicose veins if any of your family members had it too.

Overweight people – this is due to the fact that veins on the legs tend to have more pressure, causing it to acquire the condition. People whose work requires standing or sitting for long periods of time are also susceptible to this condition.

Patients are still advised to strictly follow the aftercare procedures or treatments in order to fully recover from it. Keep in mind that some complications may still occur despite the success of the operation. For your confidence and peace of mind, trust only the best surgeons and physicians in the industry. Get in touch with Vascular and Interventional Centre to learn more about diabetic limb salvage. They have a team of reliable physicians who are known for delivering nothing but quality varicose vein treatment in Singapore. Visit their website for further details.

Why You Should Use a Professional Optician?

Professional Optician

Well because your eyes are a highly sensitive as well as necessary organ! Those individuals, who have regular concerns with their eyes, surely know the importance of a professional optician. Even people living with the belief that their vision is perfect must visit one and get an eye check-up done on regular basis. Hence, it is necessary that the person is a professional and good at his job. Only a professional has the desired skills and knowledge to help as well as guide you, as far as your ocular health is concerned. Choosing the right person makes you trust him and feel comfortable due to his expertise.

The role of an optician

Opticians are optical specialists who are registered and ensure the correct prescription as given by the optometrist and comfort with good fitting in the frames. Hence, they play an equally important role in safeguarding the best eye care for the customer. Corrective lenses can fix or ruin your vision, depending on the fact that your prescription was filled correctly or not. Hence, it becomes a necessity to select an optician who you can trust for his abilities and has good recommendations too.


How does an optical specialist help you?

A professional optician can assist you in picking the best-suited frames. They help in selecting what has the best visual appeal, feels the best and also functions more suitable, as per the optometrist. Besides helping in the selection of the most suited frames for your new glasses or any other required eyewear, they are also the best people to talk to, in case you may be having concerns regarding eyesight or the prescriptive options, which are available to you. They can add to your knowledge about the differences that exist between contact lenses and the conventional glasses, the pros and cons of both in general and also keeping in mind, your vision, and what you may expect when you begin with the use of your newly procured eyewear. Professional opticians have the knowledge of the types of eyesight corrections and are extremely helpful for any of your concerns.

It is highly advised that you must not leave the optician without having all your queries answered satisfactorily so that it is ensured that you use your new prescriptive lenses correctly and most effectively. Only efficient and effective use of these can help you with improving your vision.

Professionals are educated in their field and therefore, give you the best advice for use. They will never advise something to worsen your vision. This is why they must be preferred over a nonprofessional. Our vision is one of the most important senses and taking risks is highly unadvisable!

Visit More: Driving Vision Assessment

Cheapest Volume Pills At GNC


What Are Volume Pills?

Volume Pills are an aid to a man’s libido. Whilst the various products and types of volume pills you can buy have different effects depending on the specific ingredients, the main thrust of volume pills is to increase the volume of semen during a man’s ejaculation. This is done by the use of concentrated natural supplements and herbs such as Horny Goat Weed and L-Arginine most commonly. Other side effects can be prolonged sexual stamina, harder erections and a higher libido overall.

Why Do I Want Volume Pills?

We’re not going to sugar coat this. Scientifically, men are producing 40% less sperm than they did just a few decades ago. Whilst you might think this is great, because there’s less chance of an ‘accident,’ you are kidding yourself. Virility is one of the hallmarks of man, and having a large semen volume at ejaculation is something that indicates a happy and healthy man.

If that hasn’t swayed you, what can we say? Nobody wants to be the man who puts all the work in to getting a partner and getting them in the mood only to fail at the last hurdle. Weak sexual performance is one of the major reasons that couples break up, and if you’re single, poor sexual performance might end up being the reason: You aren’t going to get a call back if you can’t bring the goods – especially when girls have so much choice nowadays. By having a strong sexual power, you’ll make sure you’re their first choice when it comes to making that call.

Why Get The Volume Pills GNC Has?

There are a lot of places online selling volume pills. The fact is, you can get tons of different brands of volume pills online. So why go with the volume pills GNC has to offer? It’s a fair question. The reason you should get the volume pills GNC sells is because you know that GNC is a legitimate seller. The honest truth is that you don’t know where some of these generic volume enhancers have come from, and you don’t know what is in them. GNC is a company that has been serving people for years, and they’ve built up too much of a reputation in the supplement industry to risk that all by selling bunk volume pills.

What Are The Cheapest Volume Pills GNC Has?

GNC keeps changing its offerings, so it is best to go to their site and check. Good examples of volume pills are anything that has Horny Goat Weed or Particularly Arginine as the prominent ingredient. Also, you might want to check out their Maca Man or Mega Man products, because they will include a whole range of benefits including better sexual performance, better sexual stamina and better blood flow all over your body, including where it counts when it counts. Staminol Ultra is also a good choice, because it contains L-Arginine, is cost effective and providing you take it daily, has huge health benefits for you and your partner(s) to enjoy.

Where to Buy Volume Pills?

Volume Pills can be purchases and shipped online at here or click button link below.

Click here:


Profits of Using an iHerb Coupon Code

iHerb is a standout amongst the best e business organizations of wellbeing supplements and other solid items. Which have been guaranteed by the NSF for its great assembling offices. Since its initiation in 1996, the herb has endeavored to issue its clients a simple e business stage. Its flourishing is in light of the reordering and advancements by the fulfilled clients. iHerb has its distribution center in Kentucky and California and is known for its rapid conveyance both locally and universally. It has around 35000 items on its site which are produced by over a thousand decently perceived and esteemed brands. iHerb additionally ships its item to essentially anyplace on the planet. Notwithstanding, in the event of worldwide transportation, clients may need to pay import obligation as and when relevant. If there should be an occurrence of US dispatching, its normally free and quick relying on the measure of item you are purchasing. Being a “green” organization, iHerb uses messages for sending receipts to the individual clients. Aside from fulfilling a huge number of individuals around the globe, iHerb additionally takes up the activity to make the earth a greener and better place with the assistance of its carbon unbiased UPS conveyances and reusing offices.

Spares you cash. This is the greatest and most clear advantage. The entire purpose of utilizing coupons is to get the items you need or need at a much lower value that you would have something else. For instance, an iHerb coupon code may get you 10% off of your whole request or 20% off of one of your most loved items. You don’t need to pick a non-natural or non-regular item just to spare cash!

Utilizing a coupon code can make you less inefficient. Pause a minute and consider what number of items you have bought, never utilized or just utilized somewhat, and after that tossed out. Nourishment is a standout amongst the no doubt family unit things to be bought and just part of the way utilized before it must be tossed out. Individuals who use coupons and coupon codes are more averse to be inefficient when they buy items and goods. Why? Since they have invested additional time contemplating the buy and have then invested somewhat more energy into verifying they got an extraordinary arrangement on that thing.

Purchase more with your financial plan. In the event that you keep a nitty gritty month to month plan, you likely just have so much cash dropped for shopping for food or natural items like supplements or healthy skin. In the event that that is the situation, you need to figure out how to benefit as much as possible from that apportioned cash. You know you’re going to spend it all, yet imagine a scenario in which you could spend it all and get a greater amount of the items you need or need. That is the thing that an iHerb coupon code can help you do—extend your month to month staple plan the extent that it will go.

Issues you the capacity to attempt new items. Frequently, you will have the capacity to discover an iHerb coupon code for huge numbers of the shiny new items on the iHerb site. This makes going for another item to a lesser degree a danger, particularly in the event that you have a constrained plan. Once in a while going for something new can be troublesome, in light of the fact that on the off chance that you find you don’t care for it or can’t utilize it, that will be cash squandered. With a coupon code, you can securely go for another item, without needing to pay the maximum for it. In the event that you can’t discover a code that covers that deliver particularly, you can presumably discover one that permits you take a rate off of your request that will take care of the expense of that item completely!

iHerb needs you to utilize coupons. On the off chance that they didn’t need you to utilize coupons, they wouldn’t make coupon codes that you can use to get things at a less expensive cost. They do this to induce client dependability. In the event that you can simply discover a coupon code that empowers you to spare when you arrange from their site, you are substantially more liable to request from that site, as opposed to heading off to one of their rivals. A few customers feel like they are “duping” a store when they utilize a code, however actually, they are simply utilizing the codes made by that store to improve items at a lower cost.

Spares you time. As opposed to needing to hunt everywhere throughout the web down the best costs on the items you require, when you utilize an iHerb coupon code, you realize that you are getting the best conceivable value, right from the iHerb site. It may take an additional moment to discover the code, yet once you’ve discovered it, you can remove all the additional time you may spend correlation shopping or searching for arrangements somewhere else on the web.

Top 5 Non-Clinical Interests You Can Apply to Working in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry

If you’re looking for a career that benefits others, you may be considering the growing medical sector as a possible place to work. Don’t let a lack of interest in medicine, biology, or science in general discourage you. There are many jobs in the healthcare field that are a great fit for people with other interests. Here are just a few backgrounds that can lead to high-paying non-clinical careers in the medical sector.


Healthcare jobs that involve business are some of the highest paying jobs in the medical sector, rivaling even doctors in annual salary. If you’re not lucky enough to land a prestigious position as hospital CEO or CFO, try working as a hospital administrator. Demand for healthcare administrators is on the rise, with the number of jobs expected to grow by 23 percent by 2022. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for a healthcare administrator is $88,580 per year, or $42.59 per hour.

People who studied business as undergraduates may want to pursue an MHA or an MBA in healthcare to make themselves more desirable candidates for hospital administration jobs. You can earn an MBA in healthcare in your spare time using online programs like those offered by GW Online.

Computers and Tech

Government mandates are forcing hospitals and other medical institutions to rapidly change their data infrastructure. As a result, many medical facilities are in need of technicians and computer experts to update their health IT systems. Job opportunities in this area are projected to grow by 22 percent by 2022 and pay a median salary of $34,160 per year. Health IT jobs are among the few in healthcare that don’t always require a bachelor’s degree.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in programming and want to work for a tech company, many are working on creating new medical apps. If you have an idea for a new medical technology, hardware, or software, you can go into business for yourself or try to sell your idea to a big tech company.


Image via Flickr by A&M-Commerce

If you were into sports in high school or college, love exercise, or majored in kinesiology, you can apply that experience to a career as an athletic trainer. Athletic trainers use exercise and physical therapy techniques to help people recover from injury and illness. This job usually requires a bachelor’s degree and is projected to grow by 19 percent by 2022. The median salary is $42,690 per year.


For the empathetic job seekers, there are counseling careers in healthcare that are perfect for those with a psychology bachelors’ degree. You can even get some of these jobs with a high school diploma. Counselors that work in hospitals and other medical facilities help people deal with substance abuse, rehabilitation, and mental disorders. Projections for job growth in substance abuse and behavioral counseling show a 31 percent increase by 2022. The median salary for this job is $38,520 per year, and the job doesn’t require a degree.

With room for such a variety of interests, you’re sure to find a job in the healthcare industry that’s right for you.

The Top Wellness Centers and Yoga Retreats in Bali

The benefits of yoga are almost beyond measure! When first beginning a yoga practice it can be daunting. There seems to be a whole other language that is foreign to most newcomers. Don’t let that throw you off. Yoga and the health benefits associated with regular practice are truly a gift to give yourself for a more peaceful, balanced life. Imagine having the problems and annoyances of everyday life not be that big of a deal anymore. Picture yourself in a calm peaceful frame of mind. Will problems still happen? Of course! But one of the huge benefits of yoga is that it is not only a physical exercise, but also mental and spiritual.

The physical benefits are, flexibilty, strength, body awareness, stress reduction, better posture, breath control and better circulation, which improves the skin, wrinkles and all! Mentally the benefits of yoga are clarity, increased creativity, and ease of mind. Yoga offers spiritual benefits as well, peace, a positive outlook, self-awareness and a feeling of belonging, or where you belong in this universe are just some of the benefits of yoga.

Because yoga works on all of these levels, it is powerful in having a new outlook on your total life. Not just weight loss or exercise, but the whole you.


There are some words used in yoga that seem very “other worldly” they do not need to be scary. I will define a few with words that we all know. Most yoga practiced in the U.S. is Hatha yoga. Ha means “sun” and tha means “moon”. Together they mean “forceful” Yoga means to join two things together, or to yoke. So, Hatha Yoga means to bring together 2 powers to create balance. Asana- just means posture which is what movements in yoga are called. Pranayama- means breathing.

There are many different words that will make sense once you begin practicing yoga. Make a choice to enrich your life by putting the practice of yoga in your life today. It is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and therefore your loved ones. To be calm and have ease of mind will change the way you interact with your children, spouse and colleagues. Enjoy the bountiful health benefits of yoga.

Well, if you are a never-ever-been kind of traveler, then you might be interested in knowing what comprises the beautiful ambience of the many yogi’s retreat Bali has available. Apart from the yoga exercises, yoga retreats in Bali have many things which are a dream for every traveler:

Location wise these are unbeatable to any other luxurious five star hotels. These are usually situated in scenic locations. Generally in every yoga accommodations you will find a backdrop of mountains and front view of huge ocean. Along with breathtaking view of the sunset, there’s opportunity for scuba divers and snorkel lovers as well. Isn’t that enough to justify its location as the best?

State of the art yoga studios are the fatal attractions here!

Expert and professional yoga instructors guide the tourists regarding different forms of it. Since this is a rigorous physical workout, hence first time doers should do it under expert supervision. There are some forms of this exercise, where heart patients and those with surgical issues are not allowed to do.

Open air bathrooms with herbal anointments give a heavenly bathing experience to the tourists.

Cuisines! You will surely love the unique, tongue tickling delicacies of Bali. Apart from the tasty local cuisines, you can also give a try to different types of international cuisines as well.

One of the major attractions of Bali is the traditional cleansing ceremony. It is an integral part of Bali culture. So if you want to get a snapshot of the cultural life of Bali, make sure you attend this festival during your stay.




With many people getting wary of their health and the physical appearance of their body, many products claiming and said to solve this menace are coming up in the market today. The target of this entire big business venture is the overweight population that is estimated to be growing fast both in developed and developing nations. Most illnesses that are killing mankind are related to eating habits and being overweight to be precise. Of these products Phen375 is one of them.


This said appetite suppressant is made with “organic” chemical components some of which have been banned in some parts of the world and thus doubting its effectiveness and worrying of the long term effects it might inflict in one’s body. In the year 2011 Health departments in Canada banned the use of 1, 3, Dimethypentylamine one of the compounds in this Phen375 quoting that it was a drug and should not be administered as a dietary supplement. The ingredient was also banned in Australia and Sweden among other places. Other components used to make this drug include; Hydrochloride, Sympathomimetic Amin, Dehydroepiandrosterone, Phentermine (a psycho stimulant drug), L-carnitine and Capsaicin.

Side effects

Usage of Phen375 has been associated with many complaints of side effects raging form headaches, nausea, change of heart rate, lack of sleep (Insomnia), difficult breathing, restlessness and many others (You can learn all about phen375 side effects here). All are blamed on the compounds that make this drug and thereby deepen the doubts on Phen375. Some doctors have even advised patients against its use in some instances.

As seen in many phen375 reviews on-line, effectiveness and safety of this product have raised many eyebrows and stirred discussions. However, even though we are worried about our health and looks it is always good to be careful, enquire and research about whatever product you may want to use to avoid and protect one from using doubted products like Phen375 that could bring many changes to a person’s living pattern and health from these multiples of side effects and any other complications that they could bring with them. Organic foods and their supplements could be better compared to drugs like the doubted Phen375. Eating a healthy diet comprised of the right amounts of the required nutrients and minerals and regular body exercise will forever remain the best way to retain good health as well as good looks. Other things like getting enough rest and sleep and avoiding chemical concentrated substances like highly concentrated drinks and junk foods should not be overlooked.

Simple Changes for Better Health and Wellness


As we age, it becomes more and more apparent that we needed to take care of ourselves when we were younger.  While there are many who come to realize this early in life, some people only realize it as they get older and start to have problems with their health.  Since many of these problems were caused by lifestyle, it stands to reason then that changing this very lifestyle can have a beneficial effect on your health.

It is also fortunate that scientists and researchers have discovered that making lifestyle changes can be done at any age and they will still have benefit.  It has also been discovered recently that many of the diseases of aging, or the process of aging itself as a degenerative phase in life, is actually a disorder that can be prevented.  An article in 2010, based on research from scientists in London, was one of the first to state that aging is itself a disease.

While they focus on genetic markers to determine a person’s likelihood of suffering degenerative diseases, other scientists are finding that changing your lifestyle can actually change your genes.  An article in Time magazine in 2012 brought to light the discovery by scientists that exercise can actually change your genes.  Exercise helps to turn on more genes in the cells of muscles, according to this research.

So what are some simple changes that you can make to ensure that you have better health as you age?  There are five simple things that everyone can do to help mitigate some of the diseases of aging.


1) Nutrition:  The age old agage is true: You are what you eat.  If you eat healthy foods, i.e. lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grains, you will have better health.  Nutrigenomics is the study of how foods affect our genes.  As an example, there is a gene that is a strong marker for heart disease.  However, scientists found that eating large amounts of raw vegetables and fruits actually turned off this gene’s expression.

While some believe that your genes cannot be changed, this branch of science offers hope.  We are not only the product of our genes; the way in which we feed our bodies can actually turn off certain undesirable genes and turn on other genes that are desirable.  The studies showed that the more raw vegetables and fruits were consumed, the more the negative genes were turned off.

If you would like to adopt more healthy eating habits, then the following may help.  Eat large quantities of leafy green vegetables; vary the color of your fruits and vegetables (there are different nutrients in yellow squash than in red pepper); eat raw as often as possible; eat organic vegetables and fruits to avoid pesticide residues; avoid processed and packaged foods and foods that are heavily advertised.  Quality of packaged and processed foods tends to be lower, they contain fewer nutrients, and they rarely include raw fruits and vegetables.


2)Exercise.  As mentioned in the introduction, exercise helps turn off certain genes that are associated with the diseases of aging.  However, perhaps more importantly, moderate exercise may help you live longer.  This is because of certain parts of chromosomes called telomeres.  In the life cycle of a cell, there is a process called cell division.  When cells divide, the end caps of the chromosomes, called telomeres, shrink just a little.  This small amount of shrinking, over time, causes you to live for a shorter time, and also opens you up to hosts of degenerative diseases of aging such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and more.

However, moderate exercise on a daily basis can help to lengthen your telomeres, or at least stop them from shrinking.  The CDC recommends 75 minutes of weekly activity, and studies of telomere lenghening effects of exercise showed benefits with 15 minutes of activity per day.  This activity can be as easy as taking a vigorous walk around your neighborhood in the morning before work, or after you return home.  A short run or even cardio and weight lifting with moderate weights can help.  For most people, this is an easy way to help lengthen your telomeres.  And as stated before, lengthening telomeres can help stave off the disorder of aging.


3) Get a massage.  Massage therapy has been shown to have so many benefits that it would be difficult to list them all here.  It is a definite part of a healthy lifestyle, since it notably helps to reduce stress.  A 2010 article in the LA Times also showed that massage therapy can boost the immune system, even in just one session.  Massage reduces the amount of cortisol, a hormone released as a response to stress, in the bloodstream of people receiving massage therapy.  The same study also found that the number of lymphocytes in the blood was increased after massage.  Other studies performed over the years have shown similar results.

For those seeking to live a healthy and balanced life, massage therapy offers a simple way to increase your health.  Activities that reduce stress also help to mitigate the shrinking of telomeres in your cells.  This also reduces aging.  Massage therapy has also been shown to benefit many of the disorders of aging and an unhealthy lifestyle, such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, high blood pressure, and arthritis.  So in addition to making your body feel healthier on the outside, massage helps you to be better on the inside.

4)Reduce inflammation in your body.  Researchers from the Yale School of Medicine in 2013 discovered that many of the disorders related to aging are directly related to inflammation.  As people age, the ongoing effects of poor diet and bad environment cause inflammation to build up in the body.  This inflammation can lead to other diseases such as arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and gout.  While these researchers believe that the way to fix inflammation is through expensive gene therapy (finding ways to turn off the specific genes), traditional and herbal medicines have had less expensive and effective solutions for a long time.

Many vitamin manufacturers, such as New Chapter and Source Naturals, have inflammation fighting formulas in their supplement offerings.  Zyflamend is the New Chapter offering, and Inflama-Rest is the Source Naturals formula.  The primary ingredient in these formulas is turmeric, which has long been used as a natural anti-inflammatory.

It is also used in cooking in many cultures.  Turmeric is used by farmers that raise poultry to treat tumors in their birds.  Studies mentioned on WebMD have shown that this tumor shrinking capacity may be applicable to humans, such as in difficult to treat cases of colorectal cancers that were not responding to other treatment methods. Turmeric specifically has undergone preliminary lab testing suggesting it can help with Alzheimer’s, colitis, stomach ulcers, HIV, viral infections, among other conditions.

This is in addition to its inflammation fighting capacity.  Those who suffer with inflammation might find relief from inflammation, and thus a decrease in their aging symptoms, by taking these supplements.  Many individual case studies as well as double blind studies have shown that the ingredients in these supplements work to reduce inflammation.   And as stated before, reduce inflammation and you can live a healthier life.  A life free of pain will be much easier.


5)Take supplements.  While this advice is still questioned by many in the medical community, there is a great deal of available evidence that shows that humans need certain vitamins.  For example, Vitamin C is absolutely essential for the functioning of our bodies.  Yet, humans are one of only a few species on earth that do not manufacture their own.  Since it is such an essential vitamin, we need to get it from our diet.  And if you eat a lot of fresh fruits (oranges, strawberries, blueberries, and the like), you may well be getting enough.  However, there is evidence that we need to replenish our supply every six hours, so having a single serving of fruit a day is not going to accomplish this.

In regard to this issue of telomeres mentioned in the exercise section, there are certain supplements that have been shown to lengthen telomeres.  Telomeres are shrunk by a chemical called telomerase in the cells.  These supplements have also been shown to block telomerase.  In studies that looked at telomere length, the supplements used by people with longer telomeres were Vitamin C, E, and D.  Fish oils and resveratrol (from grape skins) also showed similar effects in studies that looked at telomere length.

Then there is the concern about lack of Vitamin D.  Most people do not go out into the sun at all because of worries about skin cancer from the sun.  Thus, they do not get any Vitamin D, since it is created from a chemical reaction by our skin to sunshine and then distributed throughout the body.  Vitamin D has been shown to be essential as a cofactor for bone growth, and studies show it may have anti-cancer effects.  So if you do not go out into the sun, you need to supplement this essential vitamin.

Zinc, selenium, B vitamins, and more were obtained by our ancestors from the foods they ate; thus our forebears were not deficient in them.  However, in the modern world, farming practices have so depleted the soils of these essential minerals that it is almost impossible to get them from our diet.  Even if we were to eat a variety of plants that would have had stores of these minerals in them in the past, we would be deficient due to the fact that it is no longer in the soil in the first place.  Thus, it will not be in the plants either.

A good quality whole food based multivitamin can take care of this problem, and then there are supplements that can be taken for specific conditions.  One of the most essential B vitamins is B12.  This is the mineral that is often touted as being one vegetarians are deficient in and should always be supplemented.  However, since B12 is destroyed by heating, and very few meat eaters consume uncooked meat, everyone would likely be deficient in this mineral.  So be sure that your multivitamin contains this important nutrient.

Folate is another B vitamin that has been shown in studies conducted by the March of Dimes to be absolutely essential for pregnant women.  Lack of this vitamin causes birth defects in the growing fetus.  However, there has also been evidence that it is necessary for all humans, and should be a part of their multivitamin regimen.

Then there are the studies on lutein, zeaxanthin, and other minerals conducted by the National Institutes of Health.  Whereas the NIH very rarely concludes that any vitamin or supplement is necessary or can reverse a health condition, that was not the case in the AREDS study.  This study concluded that for age related macular degeneration, a condition that affects a great many people in the elderly population, taking a supplement with lutein, zeaxanthin, and omega fatty acids can help to prevent and, most importantly, reverse, this condition.  ARMD is a debilitating condition because it leads to blindness.  Blindness leads then to a condition of helplessness and an inability to perform simple tasks and take care of oneself.  You can easily find a supplement that matches the profile of those used in the study, or you can get a few different supplements that together contain all of the ingredients at a lower cost.

So, as far as nutrient supplementation, many study authors, nutritionists, and health advocates have concluded that it is necessary.  And if you take a sufficient amount of these supplements and don’t take too much, it is unlikely that you will cause harm to your body since they are essential.

I hope this article has helped you to understand that good health and overall wellness is not out of reach or impossible.  While it does require something (you can’t sit on your couch and press a button to get good health automatically), it is not beyond the capabilities of the ordinary person.

As shown above, even getting out and moving more will help set you on your way toward better health.  If you do this first, the rest follows more naturally.  Exercise and movement makes you feel better for a variety of reasons, including releasing endorphins (the chemicals that make you feel good).  So when you are thus feeling good, the other pieces of the puzzle of healthy living will be less of a challenge.  Remember, even one thing will help you on your way to better health, so start today.

Copyright 2015 H MIller.  H Miller is a massage therapist with over a decade of experience, and has also been researching ways to feel better and have better health with diet, exercise, and better nutrition.  Reading articles about nutraceuticals and vitamins in her spare time has been a hobby for over 20 years.  For more info about her massage practice, you can check out her website at