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How to organize a destination Anniversary party

destination Anniversary party

Anniversaries are special occasions in the life of any couple. The special date marks the journey which the couple has led with love and affection with lots of memories. This definitely calls for a celebration. Every couple’s idea of celebration is different. While few couples like to spend their anniversary alone, the others like to share their happiness with loved ones and friends. There are various destinations where a beautiful arrangement can be made to spend quality time. In many areas, such arrangements are also readily available, and hence one just needs to enjoy some golden moments with friends and families.

These days the concept of destination wedding and birthdays is very common. If you wish to set a new trend, destination anniversary celebration is a great idea. What better than ringing in your anniversary amidst the surreal beauty of distant splendid location! It is quite obvious that the destination anniversary celebration will be an intimate gathering with a just handful of close people. Neemrana is one of the best places for celebration owing to its picturesque beauty and natural surroundings. Now, one can send a cake to Neemrana on the same day of booking with online cake shop. Hence to enjoy the anniversary here is easier than ever before.

If you are looking for a destination celebration on your anniversary, here are few tips for you:

  • Choose a destination

The destination celebration obviously calls for a location where you can organize the party. If you are planning a small trip, choose a nearby location to avoid inconvenience. Make sure to choose a place with amazing natural surroundings for a tranquil and memorable experience.

  • Arrange for the accommodation

Since the arrangements are taken care of by you, the accommodation facilities are to be arranged by the host. Depending on the location and your budget you can choose a hotel or guest house. Ensure all the food arrangements are made in advance so that the guests are treated well.

  • Arrange for the tickets

It is obvious that the trip is organized by you and you will be taking the guests along with you. It is quintessential to book the tickets in advance.

You can choose airways, railways or roadways depending on the distance and your budget.

  • Drop reminders

Do not forget to drop reminders to your guests before the day of leaving so that they can do the packing accordingly. Also, confirm the climate condition of the new place and ask the guests to pack as per the climate.

  • Decide the Menu

If you have booked a hotel for the celebration, talk with the catering staff and get the menu of your choice along with cakes, beverages, and drinks if you prefer. You can also order a cake in Neemrana from online shops which deliver on the same day across any location.

  • Entertainment quotient

Arrange for the entertainment options such as music and dance for a happening party. You can also plan a karaoke session after the party.

SNEAK PEEK- Christmas Beauty Tips and More Debut in Winter 2016 Magazine Issue- The Dr. Keshia Gaines Magazine

Dr. Keshia Gaines Magazine

Just in time for Christmas, the Winter 2016 issue debuted with a dazzling cover and lots of fun inside. Besides Dr. Gaines’s Famous Word Search Puzzle, Christmas poems, and cooking tips, a bonus DIY cosmetics guide is included.

In this magazine issue, Dr. Keshia Gaines revealed her 2016 Beauty Team, which includes her personal make-up artist, eyebrow & nails specialist, and two hairstylists. Here is just a tiny sneak peek at the make-up tips inside this issue.

“FOUNDATION & PRMERS- Prep your skin with primer. Choose one based on your skin type. If you have dry skin, use a hydrating primer. Oily skin types should try a mattifying formula. Don’t skip using a primer, it will keep your make-up in place all day! The right foundation can take years off your face and make “flawless” part of your daily repertoire. It should blend invisibly and look like skin.”

“QUICK LIP TIP- Use sugar and olive oil from the kitchen to exfoliate and have irresistible lips.”

For more DIY make-up tips, buy a copy of The Dr. Keshia Gaines Magazine from Check out the latest DIY secrets and handy tips on Facebook @DrGainesMagazine.

The Diverse Types of Allure Bracelets You Could Buy

There is certainly a growing style to charm bracelet. This once widespread form of souvenir has taken on a novel lease of life because of designer brand taking hold of the idea and re-advertising it as a shiny style statement.

There are numerous different elegances of charm bracelets out there, however the chief kind on offer seems to be a silvery snake chain. This bracelet permits for a big number of charms to glide onto it. The unique formula of these bracelets inclined to be prepared of silver or else gold links as well as charms might be trimmed on to every link. The novel flair of bracelet, however, proffers a more safe form of clasp charm to the anklet.

In place of clipping the charm on to the chain link, you glide charms on to the bracelet through the hole they have in the mid of them. In adding, brands for example Pandora usage threaded jewelries. These threads are on the within of the hole that runs over the center of the attraction. This means that you fasten the charm on to the bracelet which could help keep it safe.

Bracelet Clasp

Not merely are the jewelries more firmly attached to the bracelets currently, however the bracelets themselves have numerous diverse types of clasp. Lobster fasteners are perhaps the most communal. These are fairly normal for bracelets as well as feature a activate opening which is extremely easy to use. Though, owing to the ease of the fastener opening, numerous charm producers also sell security chains for their bracelet. These offer added security to retain the bracelet clasped must the lobster clip spring open. Other firms employ their individual special clasps for example the Pandora fastening clasp.

Bracelet Types

Charm bracelets are furthermore becoming obtainable in an extensive diversity of different resources. Whereas the unbranded diversities are typically accessible in sterling silver, larger brands for example Troll beads as well as Links of London furthermore trade charm bracelets prepared of 18ct gold, tinted leather plus even string. Silvery bracelets can frequently be bought with an extremely polished or else matte polish and there are yet oxidized silver bracelet accessible. These bracelets have an nearly black arrival because of the oxidation procedure.

Selecting Your Size

The concluding point to be said around charm bracelets is to confirm you get the correct size. Recall that your bracelet has to be capable to fit an amount of charms on it as well as so you do not want it to be too tight alongside your wrist beforehand you start. To find out what magnitude charm bracelet to purchase you must measure your wrist by a measuring tape or else bit of string. Once you have this dimension add among 2 and 3cm to the span. As you start addition charm to your bracelet they would help create the bracelet sense tighter. Though, you must remember that snake chain bracelets could expand up to 1cm underneath the weight of the charm. Bracelets prepared from natural resources such as leather plus string will expanse even more over time.


Tips On How To Get White Teeth

There is no cause to be confused regarding the most excellent ways to whiten your teeth for a stunning smile, when you have info to get you started on a routine to continue your teeth their whitest. Whiter teeth are somewhat that could be very significant to your confidence. Learn HOW TO GET WHITE TEETH with the practical guidelines in this article.

Try utilize salt for brushing your teeth. Salt is a easy home remedy that could take stains off of your teeth. After you brush with salt you must be certain that you brush your teeth! Brushing with salt is rough, so don’t overdo it.

It’s constantly good practice to visit the dentist previous to you start attempting a new tooth whitening procedure. You might find out that a easy teeth cleaning is all you required to restore your white smile. Get any suggestion possible while there and examine some of the products they support, for example the counter whiteners. Your dentist can inspect your mouth and teeth to decide if this is a good course of act. If your mouth shows symbols of health issues, for example cavities or else gum problems, postpone whitening your teeth until appropriate care has been provided.

If you experience any annoyance with teeth whitening strips in which you leave on for 2 hours, you must try the ones that you leave on for a half hour in place of these. Although it would take two weeks of applying these strip twice a day for a half hour, gums are less probable to be sensitive.

It is significant to use an efficient toothbrush. Talk to your dentist, in order that they can tell you the tooth brush to use.

You could use the peel from a banana to aid whiten your teeth. Many populace rely on this technique to whiten their teeth. The inside part of a banana peel has mild abrasive action to eliminate debris from your teeth. After you have finished with the peel, use your toothbrush typically. You must notice that your teeth are whiter immediately.

Get whiter teeth by brushing with strawberry juice. The acid from the juice soften your tooth enamel, therefore enabling you to clean away much of the staining from your teeth. This technique is a fairly cheap way to attain the smile of your dreams.

Try rubbing walnut tree bark on your teeth to aid remove stains and other type of discolorations. Regular utilize of this bark would get rid of any stains you might have, including the yellow color cause by smoking or some drinks.

Your makeup might make your smile appear brighter. Blue-based colors or else glossy products might look best. Blue-tinted reds or else berry colored lipsticks would make your teeth look whiter. Matte lipstick would make your teeth appear dingy.

If you use these simple tips, you remove the confusion. You could whiten your teeth and have a smile you are proud of. Implement this info right away to augment your confidence and start flashing your white teeth proudly.For more details visit:

5 Ousted Trends Making a Comeback

Fashion repeats itself at a faster pace than ever before. While previously it took some 30 to 40 years for trends to make a comeback, they now seem to circulate in less than 20 years. Sometimes it does not seem long enough to let us get us over the trauma of something unflattering and tasteless that still haunts us through old photos; however, on the plus side, when our favourite trends suddenly come back in fashion ‒ especially if we have tendency to hold on to clothes that we loved the first time round ‒ it is like meeting an old friend after a long time.

Talent management and modeling agencies are watching five trends that are making a comeback. Whether they should be buried six feet under or be celebrated is a personal opinion, but if you haven’t tried the 2015 version of these 90s and 00s favourites, then it is time to rummage through your closet and see whether the original still lurks somewhere.


It is time to play cowboys and Indians, channel a 1920s flapper or perhaps imagine that you are on stage with your 1980s hair metal band. Fringes are everywhere, from leather jackets to skirts to handbags to shoes. There is something eternally appealing about a fringe ‒ perhaps it is the way in which it sways and swishes as you move, making it eye catching and seductive. This is a surprisingly wearable trend as long as you don’t go overboard. Never wear fringe on fringe, but a simple white shirt, jeans and a cross body bag with a fringe looks great.

Boot cut jeans

Can we finally wave goodbye to skinny jeans, please? For something so unflattering for anybody not blessed with long, skinny-but-shapely legs, skinny jeans have held their ground for a very long time; however, now the early 00s’ staple boot cut jeans are here again and they are so flattering that it is a mystery how they ever went out of style. The slightly flared jeans will instantly slim your thighs and give you endless legs. Boot cuts make hourglass figures look even curvier, give much-needed curves to apple shapes and balance out the bottom-heavy pears. What’s not to like? Boot cut jeans, we welcome you back with open arms. Please never go away again.


If you haven’t heard yet, Crocs are back with a vengeance. Prince George was recently photographed wearing the foam clogs, as seen on the Talent Management blog, and they sold out almost overnight. Maybe not stylish and elegant, but without a doubt they are comfortable and practical.


As seen in the Come on Eileen video in 1982 and worn by every movie farmer ever, for some reason overalls make a regular comeback. If boot cut jeans are universally flattering, overalls are pretty much the opposite, adding pounds to your body. Wear your overalls belted and team them with heels to look comfortable and cute in a slightly hobo way. Approach this trend with caution if you are older than five.

Bum bags

Alongside Crocs these are practical but not hugely attractive. Seen on every self-respecting fashion blogger, model, pop star or fashionista this summer, bum bags are handy for music festivals, keeping your hands free and your valuables close.

top 5 inflatable bouncy slide that can be used at home and park

Oxford Fabric Animal Inflatable Bouncy Slide

Oxford Fabric Animal Inflatable Bouncy Slide from Tobbox features designs and colors that bring the children curiosity and energy into action. It is available in different colors and animal shapes. It is spacious therefore allowing up to 8 children to lay inside without feeling congested. The manufacturer has used PVC tarpaulin and clear PVC, which are durable to make this bouncy. After purchasing it, you get a 3 year warranty, which is a guarantee of the quality of the product. Furthermore, you will also be allowed technical support whenever you need it. It is lightweight thus easy to set up and carry anywhere you feel like.


Tropical Bounce with Double Slide Combo

The Tropical Bounce with Double Slide Combo from Blast Zone is the best combo jumper that can be used both in the home and at the park. Children can jump and then climb the cliffs, which leads on the slide or into the lagoon. It is made of high quality materials that are environmentally friendly as well as children safe. It comes with sprayers that rain down from above, both of the dual slides, therefore creating the rapids


Deluxe Castle Combo

What could be better than a bouncy slide  with a water slide to cool off during the summer? Deluxe Castle Combo from BeeTee inflatables is the best tools to add hours of fun for both kids and adults. This combo slide features special non-slippery materials for safe bouncy with or without water. The special non-slippery vinyl makes it safe for children and even adults to bouncy without fear of injuries. It is easy to install as well as deflate. You do not need assistances to install or store it; its lightweight makes it very simple either for park or home use. Its safe features also include mesh netting that ensures kids are kept inside the jumping area thus avoiding accidents.


3 in 1 Bounce Climb Slide

3 in 1 Bounce Climb Slide from Qile Inflatable has colors and a design that attracts and engages children throughout their laying time. This inflatable comes with a one-year warranty, which is a testimony Qile inflatable trust in their products. It is made of strong materials that are both safe for the users as well as the environment. The bouncy slide  is made of high quality PVC tarpaulin and clear PVC materials, which are fire retardant as well as durable.


Crayon 4 in 1 Combo Slide

The Crayon 4 in 1 Combo Slide from Combo Inflatable is ideal for entertaining children whenever they are around. This bouncy slide is capable of accommodating 3 to 12 children at a time a clear indication that it can both be used at home and in the park. It features beautiful tall Crayon motifs and mesh nettings not to mention slides that any children would love to have in a bouncy. It comes in different shapes, colors and sizes. This bouncy slide is made of durable high quality PVC tarpaulin and clear PVC materials, which are environmentally friendly therefore safe for children.

Why People Purchase Bikini With Chain and Jewelry


The bikini is the symbol of swimming, whenever, anyone wants to swim in the swimming pool or in the sea, and they prefer to wear the bikini. It becomes very comfortable and easy to swim with these two pieces. If you wear the complete cloth and swimming, then you feel very heavy your body, but if you wear the bikini and start swimming, you will not feel very heavy body due to the small volume of the cloths. That is the reason why, people prefer to wear bikinis so that they can easily swim and have fun with friends.

There are different kinds and colors of bikini available in the market, but people prefer to purchase from the online websites. There are many websites available where you can find different fabric, quality, and bikini with outstanding quality. You must consider the quality while buying the bikini because when you do swimming in the pool, the main parts should be hidden with the bikini and if you purchase any low quality bikini then, when you will swim understand water and it would become wet, all your body will appear. Thus, if you want to escape from this situation, then you should only consider the quality bikini that remains available online with reasonable price with quality fabric.


Now people have taken the bikini in fashion and have added some jewelry as well normal bikini. If you search bikini chain jewelry online then you will find man bikini with several jewelry that looks amazing when any slim women wear and swim in the water. These jewelries have been added in the bikini for attraction. Those women who want men attraction while swimming, they wear these sorts of chains and jewelry, bikini so that they become prominent in front of the all people. The best thing about these chains and jewelry is that, it looks like lights in the water as women wearing crystal stones.

In many of the quality bikini you can find crystal and original stones that give the unique look of the bikini and when sunlight reflect on these stones, the amazing look come out. Now people prefer to purchase such kind of quality bikini and it remains available online on the website. There are many website available online that offers cheap price on different occasion. If you want to purchase quality product at cheap price, then you should wait for any event. For example, on cyber money, black friend, Christmas and on such kinds of event, these online websites reduces the prices for each of the product so that people could do shopping in versatile way without any high pricing fear. Thus, you can purchase body chain for swimsuit bikini at reasonable price.


While buying any of the products from online website, first read out the reviews of each bikini style, if you found more review that is positive then prefer to purchase. Even the same style that looks good on any other girls will not look good on you because of the body structure. Every girl keeps different body structure. Thus, while buying, you must consider that you purchase any chain bikini according to your body structure and style.

Maruti Eriga vs Chevrolet Enjoy

Maruti_Ertiga _Chevrolet Enjoy

Chevrolet has lately launched the Multipurpose vehicle, Enjoy, in eight variants- four petrol and four diesel. It is being offered at a price pint that undercuts its major rival, Maruti Ertiga quite comprehensively. Lets us see whether this newcomer has what it takes to give a fight to Maruti Ertiga and eat into its sales or will Ertiga easily manage to ward off the competition.


Maruti Ertiga is the better looker than Chevrolet Enjoy that has a boxy design.  From the front, Ertiga looks very car like while Enjoy has van-like looks. The lower body and sleeker styling of Maruti Ertiga lends it a better side profile than Chevrolet Enjoy that is boxier and taller. The rears of both the cars are not really good but Ertiga is slightly more curvy than Enjoy.


The tables get turned when the interiors of both the cars are compared. Chevrolet Enjoy is far more spacious from inside than Maruti Ertiga. It offers ample legroom, headroom and shoulder room in all the three rows. Its individual bucket seats with armrests are far more comfortable than that the Ertiga which has a cramped last row. The boot space offered on enjoy is larger at 190litres compared to just 135 litres offered on Ertiga.

Maruti Eriga vs Chevrolet Enjoy


When it comes to engine, the two cars stand neck to neck. Chevrolet Enjoy gives an edge among the petrol choice while Ertiga scores extracts more power from the diesel engine. Enjoy petrol is powered by a 1.4-litre 4 cylinder engine that belts out 102bhp of power at 6000rpm and 131Nm of torque at 4400rpm. It comes with a 5-speed manual transmission driving the rear wheels. Maruti Ertiga also gets a 1.4-litre petrol mill that offers 94bhp of power and 130Nm of torque. It comes with 5-speed manual transmission driving the front wheels.

The diesel engines of both the cars are derived from Fiat’s Multijet engine. Chevrolet Enjoy carries a 1.3-litre, 4 cylinder engine delivering 77bhp of power at 4000rpm and 188Nm of torque at 1750rpm along with a five-speed manual transmission driving the rear wheels. On the other hand, Maruti Ertiga is powered by a 1.3-litre diesel engine that builds up to 89bhp of power at 4000rpm and 200Nm of torque at 1750rpm.

The engine specifications are more or less the same but Ertiga scores slightly over Enjoy as it compact and weighs lesser than Enjoy. The ARAI certified mileage offered by Enjoy is 18.2kmpl while that offered by Ertiga is 18.2kmpl.


Ertiga scores in several departments like looks, ride and handling and overall performance. Enjoy offers a more spacious cabin. The base variant of Chevrolet Enjoy is almost Rs. 50,000 cheaper than the base variant of Maruti Ertiga. The top end variant of Enjoy is also cheaper than Rs. 70,000 when compared to the top end variant of Ertiga.  Given that Enjoy also offers a slight edge in terms of features, it comes across as a better value proposition than Maruti Ertiga.

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