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7 Tips to Stay Healthy Before Your Chennai Wedding


The festive season in India is in full swing and the wedding season is just around the corner. With pleasant weather and a wide choice of vegetables, this season is the much preferred time to carry our lavish celebration like weddings. However, the sudden decrease in temperature may bring along a slew of ailments, which can ruin one’s enthusiasm surrounding a wedding. This holds especially true for the bride and the groom. After all, who wants to look pale and sick on their wedding photography?

In a hot and humid city like Chennai, the decrease in temperature becomes even more drastic with the onset of the rainy season, which starts almost the same time as the wedding season. Common ailments like flu, digestive disorders, and fungal infections become prevalent. Hence, Chennai brides and grooms need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and adopt a few precautions to ward off any health issue. We are sure, you wouldn’t like to perform all those rituals with a sick body. So, read on:

Keep it simple: Couples, especially brides, often stress themselves too much with wedding preparation, resulting in poor sleep and ill health. Don’t do this. You need not arrange for that individually wrapped wedding favors or those mindless photo-booths.  Rather concentrate on only those few things, which matter to you the most. You will save yourself a great deal of anxiety, some precious time and a good amount of cash too. Relax. It’s your wedding, not a chore.

Sleep well: When you relax, you get good sleep. So, maintain a regular sleep routine with at least eight hours of ZZZs. It will reinforce your immune system and make you look and feel good from within. Great wedding photo-shoot  anyone?

Eat healthy: We know, we have been saying this since time immemorial, but we can’t help it! You are what you eat. Hence, curb the urge of gorging on KFC chicken wings and grill a turkey at home. Your gut will be safe. Apart from proteins, aim for whole grains, nuts, lentils, dairy and a lot of colorful veggies.

Swap beverages with water: Most of the beverages you consume, account for empty calories. Restrict alcohol consumption for some time and also limit your caffeine intake. Decaffeinated green tea with a dash of lemon and honey can elevate your immunity by several notches. Drink two to three liters of water to keep yourself hydrated and flush toxins away.

Exercise and meditate: Nothing can boost your germ-fighting capacity more than a good exercise. A mixture of cardio, strength training, and meditation is essential for great health and fitness. If gymming is not your thing, opt for something you would enjoy like Zumba, kickboxing or Tai-chi. The final word is to move your body as much as possible.

Maintain a proper hygiene: A study has established that washing hands five times a day with soap and water can cut the risk of illnesses by 45%. Avoid touching your eyes, face and nose every now and then. Never ever touch a pimple. During rains, add a few drops of antibacterial lotion to your bathing water. Keep your nails short and clean them along with your fingers regularly to keep fungal infection at bay.

Take supplements: Even after maintaining a healthy diet, most people lack vital nutrients for proper functioning of the body. Consult a doctor and start taking biotin, multivitamins, zinc and iron supplements. You may also consider taking pro-biotic drinks for a healthy digestive system.

Now that we have shared some really helpful tips with you, we hope that you will consider following all those religiously. We guarantee that you will be in the pink of your health and will be able to do full justice to the efforts of your favorite Chennai wedding photographers.

Tips on checking if a wedding photographer is a professional


Wedding photography is an energizing field with numerous photographic specialists hoping to profit as an afterthought giving shoddy wedding photography. Subsequent to paying hundreds for simply the dress alone, it doesn’t mind the congregation, the blooms, the gathering and the greater part of the nourishment and drink. It’s extremely enticing to book a shabby wedding picture taker; all things considered, the photography is likely the exact opposite thing you need to consider.

Top of the line wedding picture takers or photographers as at get reserved months ahead of time so don’t abandon it to the last moment to book. However saying that, there could be a couple dates not booked, so give them a ring and check whether your date is free. Clearly everybody wishes for the dress to be delightful, the blooms dazzling, the nourishment to be tasty and the gathering to engage. The wedding picture taker, be that as it may, should be one of the top things on your rundown of vital things.

Nothing is more critical than your wedding photography. Why’s that? All things considered, simply consider it – what happens when you’re wedding is over? The blooms are dead, the dress gets solidify dried (or whatever it is the cleaners do) and put in a container, the cake is eaten, and a year after your wedding you won’t much recall what you ate. All you’ll have left from this day are your recollections – and your photographs are the entryway to those recollections.

Appropriate proficient picture takers have taken wedding photos for various ladies and that ought to reflect in their work. Then again in the event that you just observe one photo from every wedding I would presume that the photographic artist just gets one great picture from the entire day. You have to realize that they are predictable and have taken photos at a wide range of weddings with no less than three distinct pictures from every wedding in their exhibition or book.

A picture taker or photographer that a discussion all the time about how awesome they are is somebody you ought to be careful about. In the event that an expert is not set up to hear you out then they are not exceptionally proficient, I mean how would they know what you are searching for? You will spend the most critical day of your existence with a more abnormal, ensure you like them. On the off chance that the picture taker’s identity conflicts with yours, you could be in for a troubled day – or if nothing else a cumbersome one.

Get some information about the picture taken with your companions and colleagues; see what notoriety they have accomplished. On the off chance that it’s great then they can be trusted, if not then don’t believe them, consider it a certainty rating. On the off chance that they have just done 20 weddings in two years, then maybe you shouldn’t book them.

Essential Aspects to Consider While Hiring Wedding Photographers


Over the previous few years, it has been a trend for persons to appoint photographers to capture their occasion, be it birthday parties, wedding, baby shower or else a yearly get together. Certain, most persons have a camera however that does not essentially make them a great proficient in this field. It takes years of practice to get to a reputable level of expertise wherever one could showcase their images with pride.

Don’t compare event photography through other genres

Listen, you may think that all types of photography genres are the similar since all that is significant is the camera however this idea is false. The camera is a vibrant component of this occupation but no more than the skills in addition to handling competences of photographer. Event photography is diverse from all other genre in the sense that it is about apprehending the true spirit of any time without intruding on other’s confidentiality. But beforehand you appoint professionals for the work, you need to take a few features into thought. These features are:-

Budget: First and leading, you requisite to fix a budget which you are going to assign for hiring experts. It’s actual easy to get tempted in addition to splurge deeply on signing somebody without thinking that you may not be up to the job of affording them. Beforehand committing to one, make certain to acquire quotations from numerous professionals in addition to choice the one which fits your budget.

Portfolio: It is not sensible to hire somebody without knowing around the previous work of the professionals. Ask for their portfolios to confirm that their excellence of work is up to your values. Make certain that they submit certain of their samples so as to you could verify their elegance of work.


Communication: Afterward you shortlist a few specialists for the job, make certain to check their web site. See if suitable contact info is given or else whether they have a genuine address or not. Professionals who are not calm to find are the ones whom you must refrain from signing.

Equipment: Unnecessary to say, you do not want to appoint somebody who just has actual basic camera apparatus. You would want somebody who has access to state of the art apparatus since the quality of pictures would be enormously dependent on the technology used in the apparatus.

Reviews: Naturally you would have to refrain from appointment somebody who has a bad review from customers. Good specialists in this field would always have positive evaluations from customers and that is what you must look for whereas hiring these specialists.

Your wedding photographers would be working carefully with you so it is significant they understand what you requisite and want. You do not want them to be in your face however you do want them capturing the special, individual and attractive moments you miss.

That could come with experience. An expert, experienced bridal photographer is finest placed to give you the consequences you want.

View their work, meet them in addition to decide if you like them. If you want to understand how you work together try to do a deal on a pre-wedding photo-shoot. The evidence is in the pudding so to speak.