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Some facts to know about Udaipur


The state of Rajasthan is really mesmerizing and is called the land of the great Maharajas who had once ruled the land. There are several cities that make up this state, all of them which were once ruled by mighty Rajputs who took immense pride in their bravery, boldness and valour. One such city that is considered to be a great place, where tourists can find beautiful architecture, rich culture, strong and well-built forts and temples, is Udaipur.

About Udaipur

This city is considered to be among the jewel cities located in Rajasthan. It had been once the Mewar rulers’ capital. It was King Maharana Udai Singh, who had built this beautiful city on being advised by a wise sage. During his rule, magnificent palaces and forts had been built to make this city to appear immaculate and grand. Under Mewar’s Princely state, Udaipur had continued to be the capital, until it was taken over in 1818 by the British. Udaipur’s Maharaja after Independence had gifted this city to the Indian government for creating a strong Indian federation. With Udaipur cab booking, it is possible to visit some of the best places in the region.

More about the city

This city is known for its rich and beautiful cultural heritage. Udaipur had been a romantic place under the Rajput rule. The citizens of this place might appear rugged to the tourists. However, upon befriending them, it can be discovered that they are quite caring and gentle in nature and quite cooperative treating every tourist with great hospitality and patience. The other interesting aspect that simply cannot be missed out when in the city of Udaipur is its fabulous, mouth-watering cuisine. The spread is known to range from continental dishes to exotic vegetarian dishes that are somewhat different from the others that are prepared in the country. All the restaurants located here tend to have some kind of heritage theme, so as to make the dining a memorable and fabulous experience.

Climate of Udaipur

The climatic conditions of this place are termed to be moderate all over the year. The weather of this place is said to reach maximum of about 38 degrees during summer and in winters to about 11 degrees. Hence, the best time for tourists of all ages to visit this place is between the months of October and March. It is in Dabok, which is around 22km away is located the Maharana Pratap Airport. Udaipur’s railway station is properly connected with the different important cities in the country. Also, there are wonderful road network that is established all over the region, thus making driving a pleasant and fun filled experience.

Hiring the best cab companies

One can hire cabs in Udaipur and visit the different places without any trouble or hassle. The drivers of tourist cabs are well versed with the region and hence, can help their passengers to get to know the locale properly and thoroughly. They ensure that their passengers are safe and comfortable throughout the trip.

Why You Should Visit Portland, Oregon?


Portland sits nicely on the Western Coast, no more than a six-hour drive from mighty Canada, and just three hours from Seattle. It is a city that not many people see it as a potential travel destination because it is not Los Angeles, New York City or Washington D.C. (although some uneducated tourists may travel to the state of Washington to see the White House). The main things you need to know about Portland is that it has breathtaking scenery, it is famous for its food and beer, and it has very interesting history. Another pull factor for this great city is the way it has implemented very extensive green urban planning.

Below we have compiled a list of things that should give you enough reasons to visit Portland. Let’s start with the beer. The bar culture in Portland is almost like the pub culture they have across the Atlantic, in the United Kingdom. There is a vast amount of small, independent breweries, which produce funky, interesting, yet extremely tasty lagers and ales. There is the Breakside Brewery that is an industrial style little microbrewery, which has gotten a lot of attention since its opening in 2010 because of its inventive, versatile, and experimental beers.

The second thing we would like to emphasize is the fact that it is a beautifully green city, which actually ranks its cyclists higher than its motorists. There are well-built cycle lanes almost everywhere, and of course, very important is the landscape, which is quite flat, making cycling easy for all ages, shapes and sizes to pedal around town. For those of you who would like to take day-trips and travel into the country side, you can always rent a car in Portland.


The third thing that really makes it worth going to this great city in the state of Oregon and its proximity to the nature. This is visible not only in the city’s greenery, but also in the abundance of local farmers’ markets that surround the city. Here you can get anything from fresh mushrooms, to delicious berries and home baked treats. A specific characteristic that you cannot buy for American dollars (or any other currency for that matter) is the feeling of community that you get when you visit these farmers’ markets. You feel instantly welcome and at home. It similar to that feeling you would get when coming home to your grandmother’s farm. You get a warm fuzzy feeling in the very pit of your stomach when you smell the cookery that is brewing in the oven or on the stove.

To summarize, and perhaps add a couple things that may persuade you, if further persuasion is needed, Portland is an amazing, welcoming, green city with amazing beer. It is also cheaper than many other cities, with public transportation being free, beers are usually under a fiver, and during Happy Hour you can find places to eat (including delicious food carts) for under $5. If you haven’t already visited this beautiful city, then, we would suggest booking plane tickets to one of the greenest cities in the country, rent a car in Portland, and just enjoy the fine, simple things that this undervalued city has to offer.

Romancing Delhi’s Skyline: Finest Rooftop Restaurants

The capital of India, Delhi is known for its scorching summer and freezing winter, both of which induce cravings for a delectable dinner or lunch, inside the comfortable premises of restaurants or our air conditioned homes. Well, this is Delhi and it’s love for food! But don’t you think we have had enough of the monotonous fine dining set-ups of Delhi? It’s time to experiment both with your food as well as your surroundings. How about hitting the rooftops?

We all know that if you are a true Delhiite, then even if you are in some other city, for instance, Surat, your mind will constantly think of food, even when excitedly you are looking for the Surat to Delhi flights. So let’s celebrate your homecoming, and present you with a list of the finest rooftop restaurants in the city.

  1. Q’Ba, Connaught Place

An interesting bit of art in Connaught Place, Q’Ba is a splendid amalgamation of culinary and tasteful aptitudes. The excellence of the interiors is gorgeously complemented by the view from the porch. Known for its open air seating, Q’ba gives you an amazing view of the Connaught Place in all its transcendence. Get your table booked at the earliest to secure a cosy spot here and delve into the fine extravaganzas that Q’Ba offers.

kylin Sky Bar

  1. Amour, Hauz Khas Village

Tasteful stylistic layout, incredible views and food to die for– that’s Amour for you! It is the perfect spot for having an extraordinary time in the open air when you badly need to take a break from winter’s hibernation. Amour guarantees the greater part of the above, while offering you a palatable hospitality. Indeed, if your partner has been grumbling of your winter lethargy, then take her/him for a pretty date at Amour.

  1. Sevilla, The Claridges

Sevilla at The Claridges, Delhi has dependably been a standout amongst the most prevalent romantic eateries in Delhi for high-spending individuals. Whether it’s your first date or your anniversary, Sevilla’s romantic vibe will never disappoint you. What makes this spot immaculate is its splendid open air seating with authentic Spanish food. The spot offers an amazing romantic atmosphere with dim lighting, incredible music and unprecedented food. They also have an amazing range of champagnes.


  1. Kylin Sky Bar, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj

If you are going for a shopping spree at the Ambience Mall in Vasant Kunj, then do include a lunch or dinner break at the Kylin Skybar to your shopping experience. The rooftop setting and the dazzling theme of the restaurant simply a joy to not just look, but also to eat at. Beautiful music, astonishing feeling and Asian food, do you have to know more?

  1. Cherie One Qutub, Mehrauli

Cherie One Qutub in Mehrauli is another flawless spot for a date with someone special. It is a standout amongst the most amazing romantic restaurants with an open air seating. It offers the best environment for couples with its cozy vibe. The restaurant serves European, Italian and Continental food and costs Rs 3,000 for two individuals. Additionally, Cherie One serves high quality, fresh and handmade ice-cream, which is the star of its menu.
Now that we know about the finest rooftop restaurants in Delhi, why would one confine themselves in closed, boxed spaces, right? Head out, catch up with your favourite friends or that someone special at these amazing rooftop spots in Delhi that definitely can amp up the entire dining experience.

Climbing – Where to Start with Climbing Gears


Most people consider climbing the as a high game, significance it requires many threats. Nevertheless, the game attracts many lovers. In addition, the developments in technological innovation used to make sure the security of the climber motivates more to interact with in the game. Sporting climbing the devices has to move strict quality manages and assessments. There are continuous developments to make sure that the devices keep its weight against stress and deterioration.

Climbing lovers may have all the newest devices, but common devices continue to be the same. A rock climber must always have the following gears: string, utilize headgear and climbing the footwear. The string must have an efficient set of carabiners, wired hexentrics camalots, quickdraws, small corks, and corks. To perform a quicker, fresh rappel for those more complex climbers, you must have the right ATC books and extremely 8’s. Safety gloves are also important components when rappelling to avoid your hands from losing against the string. You can purchase all these gears from

There are different kinds of uses for outside or inside use, as is the case of a walls climbing the action. There are also kinds for regardless of how. To secure yourself from dropping waste and rocks triggered by natural break down or by the action of other climbers, you must also have a headgear that suits effectively. Choose one that does not fall over your vision. Under the headgear, you can put on a skullcap, a allow air through lining that is used to prevent cold or allows out heat – based upon on the elements or varying climate conditions where you go up. A knowledgeable rock climber will also help you to use sensible shoes. They must be perfectly limited, and the bottoms must be capable of creating a lot of rubbing with an area.


For those who are studying this and have never climber before then please understand that climbing the is naturally risky and there are hazards of damage and possible loss of life, having said that it is the most fulfilling and excitement loaded sport/pass-time/hobby I’ve ever done.



However, what I desired to do in this content is to try supply a feel for the game. There are many factors to it and they all need exercise and an ideal foundation, from climbing the phone demands interacting to each other and other climbers and alerts you can provide each other by yanking on the string (this needs to be resolved prior to climbing the what each indication will mean).


Another thing I must state is the charges engaged and the commitment as climbing the can are expensive if you buy all the devices but it will most definitely the perfect intensive, whether you’re doing a multi=pitch or single message go up you need to take into account climate, fitness, traveling, etc.

Rock climbing is best began with someone who information and can educate you the methods and information you when you need motivation. The innovator will know how to place the security for him/her self and for you the ‘second’ climber, they will cause the way and you should adhere to taking any training they may offer.

Particular attention should be described about the kinds of keeps you may need to use, as a concept you should always have three factors of contact i.e. 2 hands 1 feet or 2 legs 1 hand to sustain good stability and a sure hold. In addition, most of the work should be done with your legs around 75-80% and your hands/arms will mainly be used for stability, hold and some taking up.


Rock climbing the devices and devices again is essential to having a secure and pleasant go up, a narrow your search of climbing the footwear, utilize, headgear, string, climbing the components such as chocks, belay system, karabiners and slings should be used for making up a fundamental ‘kit’ of climbing the devices.

Vietnam Tour Packages


One of the most charming nations in the area of Southeast Asia, Vietnam has progressively placed itself up on the domain’s tourism map as a captivating place to visit, with an exclusive wealth of its individual to offer visitors from other states in the form of interesting cuisine, friendly persons, attractive landscape, in addition to rich values. Visitors from round the world, alternatively, have now taken sign of the breathtaking prettiness that merely Vietnam’s natural landscapes could offer. In fact, the first five month of 2014 only has seen an advent of virtually 11 million travelers bound for the Mekong Delta unaided, with closely 1 million accounting for worldwide visitors. Certainly, Vietnam trip has caught up and is progressively showing the domain what this nation’s hidden jewelries are.

Vietnam tour packages

As a back grounder for future invitees, and to have an over-all idea around what to anticipate once within the country, the following info about Vietnam would be useful:

Vietnam lies completely inside the tropic, however the interesting fact is that the state is branded by a weather that differs from region to region, with an overall annual regular temperature ranging from 22 degree to 27 degree Celsius. Cold, humid winters as well as warm, wet summers usually outline the climatic state of the north however the south is categorized by a monsoon period inside the months of May to November, as well as is warm through the year.

Language in addition to Cultural Groups
Vietnamese is obviously the country’s certified language, however each of the country’s cultural minority collection boasts of its individual dialect used in everyday life. The state’s somewhat small part of 330,000 square kilometer is home-based to 54 diverse ethnic group. The Kinh persons, at 86% account for the mainstream of the state’s population. The residual 14% account for all the other ethnic crowds. The Kinh persons are typically based on the plains, mainly in the Red river Delta in addition to the Mekong Delta, whereas the other ethnic collections are based on the mountainous region. However each group has its specific cultural traditions that vary from each other, they are all unified by a common objective and wish for peace, and usually speaking, these cultural groups that include the Vietnamese persons as an entire are warm, gentle, in addition to visitor friendly.

Religions plus Festivals
The land of Vietnam plays mass to a myriad of spirituality in addition to religious principles that variety from Confucianism toward Buddhism, as much as Taoism plus Animism. Christianity furthermore co-exists with these diverse religions, furthermore playing an significant role in the spiritual life of numerous Vietnamese.

Vietnamese cookery is a collection of vibrant food that is actually worth a visitor’s time plus effort. The local fare comprises beef pho, cold shellfish noodle, chicken pho, shrimp cakes, in addition to spring rolls. The local beer, besides recognized as draught beer, is furthermore worth trying.

Hot Spots
Vietnam is certainly wealthy in terms of endpoints that would truthfully astonish the senses with natural splendor. The Mekong Delta, for example, draws crowds of visitors from about the world. Other places of attention comprise Ha Long Bay, Cat Ba Island, Ninh Binh, Ho Chi Minh, in addition to Hanoi. Beach resorts lengthways the coastlines; in addition to customary eco-tours in expanses for example mountainous ranges are also accessible. Other points of interests are ancient cities, towns, plus communities.

Friends, Members of the family and Satisfaction with London Pedicabs

london pedicabs

What makes us fascinated in worldwide travel? For some it might be the attract of a unique nation, a suggestions from someone or the need to run away the rainfall in summer time (as is often the case in the UK). For me, it was disillusionment with my level and the need to get out of London, so I seemed journeying and in particular to helping out as a form of escapism. I had the idea that I could go somewhere and provide some of my information, some of your persistence, and hopefully send to someone along the way. I had the perspective that I could the world, at the same time in a very small way.

Altruistic? In aspect, but I also wished to get out of my scenario and this seemed like a way of sensation better about it, as well as making 11-month orphans in the England grin. This journey was my first single experience, and to say that I was anxious is an understatement! Coming into Manchester International airport though, started out my sight to another world. The air was light and clean and there were attractive natural possession and bananas farms everywhere. I was surprised at the elegance but also faced by the fact that the truth of life here was not as I realized it. The Philippine quality of life in this area is very low and I lastly noticed that I was about to receive an extremely different way of life.

Throughout amount of your persistence in the England enjoying your trip with london pedicabs, I was indicated at, seemed and giggled at (especially when I tried to go for a run across the block, but I have since discovered that People from the London hardly ever move long ranges, let alone run). However, the longer I was there, the more I knowledgeable my independence. The directing, gazing and having a laugh occurred because individuals were not use to me, and initially I was not used to them either and although this was very difficult at one point, it soon became easier to manage. Eventually, I discovered to really like the odors, appears to be, and the busyness of a town that was not London. I liked travelling on Pedicabs in London and began to get a genuine taste for the nation and even more important, individuals.

Never in my life have I obtained such kindness and such uncommon reactions when I rode on Pedicabs in London! As a Westerner, my co-workers at the orphanage saw me as an entrance to the southern for their kids or children, and many thought that I might be able to find them a spouse returning home! At the orphanage, I was poked, packed and packed and I soon noticed that this was their appearance of approval and interest.

My days were spent working in the orphanage and offering care providers with help and assistance. Outside of the orphanage, my life was stuffed with discovering the nearby isles with other volunteers but it was also rich by the really like and assistance of my house stay family. I was truly accepted in as one of them, and was shown their prolonged and extended-extended family throughout my five several weeks in the nation.

I remember at the end of your persistence there when I was stressing about going at the place to find London, the mature sibling of family members said to me, “You have to turn back. Your daily life is not here. This isn’t your truth.” As difficult as it was to listen to, he was right. I had the most breathtaking time journeying and helping out, making new worldwide buddies and connection with the most wonderful and providing family but my life was still back in London and remembering my journey especially with Pedicabs in London and I still had not identified who the ‘good’ me was.

Top 5 Party Destinations To Visit In India This Summer

India is a country where humidity soars high and the heat is scorching during the entire summer season. The only respite is during the nights when the temperature chips down and you can go out to the mall or hang with friends at a pub or bar. This article discusses the top 5 party destinations you can visit this summer.

Summers and winters are the two seasons people reserve to take a nice long break. Winters are cold and people normally choose for a cozy destination to spend their vacation however the scorching summers makes one restless and the only way to channel out that built in energy and frustration even is by partying your socks off sipping on some cool beer or watch as the spirits melts your ice cubes. Of all the places in India, the list of the cities mentioned below are picked to be the best places to spend a nice summer’s vacation partying your socks off.


The city of dreams and all things alluring and extravagant in India, Mumbai is the ultimate capital of nightlife in India, summer or winter. The summer seasons in Mumbai sees the a long list of planned of events from both well renowned national and international DJs and artists performing in the bass thumping clubs of the city. You may even rub shoulders with some of the A-list bollywood film stars in the dance floor.


The most happening beach destination in India, parties in Goa get so wild people from other parts of the world visit this state just for the rave parties during its peak seasons! You can take one of the Mumbai to Goa flights and continue your party trial here, and you need not worry about having spent too much in Mumbai as the cost of living (and partying) is significantly lower here.


Shillong is all about beautiful sceneries and landscapes. Not! Ofcourse it is breathtakingly beautiful like the rest of the northeastern states but this city also parties like there is no tomorrow. What makes this place a standout amongst the other cities in India is that, the place experiences a cool climate all throughout the year and the summers are extremely pleasant as well which makes it a perfect stop. You can party in the biggest clubs or just form a group and visit one of the open places, blast up the car stereos and party till dawn.


Delhi is undeniable when it comes to nightlife in India. Summer or winter, the city delivers. During peak summers most of the pubs and clubs slash their rates by half or offers happy hours on liquors and especially beer. Chilled beers are available in towers to beat the summer heat. You can also enjoy a quieter night out and visit one of the popular pubs for a quieter escape from the EDM music and enjoy to some rock and roll classics as you sip on your drinks and share your thoughts with your friends all night long.


The party capital down south, Bangalore does not disappoint when it comes to going out having a good time. While the party scene in winters are slightly cold in this city due to its proximity to beach destinations like Goa and Pondicherry, during summers, Bangalore is happening as hell, hot as fire!

Staying in a Price range Hotel Nearby Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur

hotel near pwtc

Kuala Lumpur is a contemporary city, which includes the newest structure, transport techniques, large flyovers and crossing points yet the town has managed a little bit of its past. Compared with many increasing Oriental places where conventional communities have progressively been removed, Kuala Lumpur still preserves its ancient cultural communities such as Brickfields, which is generally known as Little Indian and Chinatown.

Little Indian is perhaps more Indian than Indian itself ,it is a glass scaled super focused edition of Indian where when you become Masjid Road your hearing are flooded by noisy Bollywood songs, your vision will food upon the variety of colours and onto your nasal area will be tantalized by the moving fragrance of luscious Indian food.

The Indian group in Malaysia is the tiniest of the three countries that represent individuals from the. Indians first visited Malaya for dealing and been feeling relaxed in the Straits of Malacca around Penang, Singapore and Malacca. Following Britsh colonization of Indian, Southern Indian Tamils were sent to Malaysia to perform on properties and for development perform. This region is also known for its several curbside restaurants, so do not forget to example some delightful Indian delicacies. Conventional Indian treats like samosas and vadi are provided with a variety of traditional drinks. While a proper sit down, lunchtime can participate in at the several inexpensive bars that are marked around the place.

Today their heritage life on, not only in the blood vessels of Indian Malaysians but also in Little India’s charming little stores. Located in one of Kuala Lumpur’s earliest places, Jalan Masjid was considered as a purchasing region even a millennium ago. The name of the place comes from the mosque that was designed to provide the Indian Islamic inhabitants. A number of curbside booths can be seen promoting items such as Saris, bracelets and conventional Indian jewellery made of silver.

If you stay in an inexpensive hotel nearby Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur, you will certainly save many cash, which you can use for purchasing and enjoyment. There are so many hotel options in Malaysia’s investment, but your top concern should be staying in one that is located near commercial establishments. This means that it should be close to purchasing centers and the town’s destinations. One of the benefits though is that many of them are in primary places and they are well maintained.

When we say budget or inexpensive hotel nearby Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur from where we come from, this might mean staying in unclean places with dreadful employees and noisy others who live close by. This is not the case for hotel nearby Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur because forex is positive for us, thereby providing us more value for our cash. Generally, we can stay at reasonable resorts even at a low priced price.

When looking for an excellent budget hotel nearby Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur, you can have some excellent ones around Kuala Lumpur’s Monorail System as well as in Bukit Bintang, which is a sanctuary for customers. Here you can discover great purchases for almost everything shopaholics can think of. Furthermore, there are also cost-effective resorts here that you only need to pay RM 100 per night, and these are just a diamond’s discard from well-known purchasing centers such as Sungei Wang Plaza, Bukit Bintang Plaza, and Low Yat Plaza. In addition, if you have options for the more costly things, no problem; these budget resorts are near the upmarket Starhill and the Pavillion. As an extra, you can also check out the close by Petronas Double Systems, which is a world-famous milestone.

If you are going to Kuala Lumpur for its destinations, you would of course want to see the Hindu and China temples which are found along Petaling Road. The places we have described have no issue with transport because these are within the access of the Monorail or Light Train Transportation. Alternatively, you can also come a cab, which is amazingly a lot less costly than in most places on the world.

How to Fully Enjoy Your Next Yacht Rental Experience

If you are after a one-of-a-kind weekend getaway experience, then relishing the beautiful Singaporean coastline from a private yacht might be the solution for you. Yacht rental is a first-class and exhilarating way to explore all that Singapore has to offer. In this voyage, you can take time to experience the thrilling and unique ambiance that chartering a yacht offers. But how can you fully enjoy your next yacht rental experience in Singapore? Take some time to read the list below before you head on to your next adventure. This way you are geared with the best tips on making the most of your chartering experience. Here are the simple tips to make renting a yacht a one-of-a-kind getaway.

Tip #1: Finding the best yacht rental company in Singapore

With yacht charters being one of the most popular ways to tour Singapore, the city has a lot of yacht rental companies that offer outstanding services. Be it just for a week or a day, they will give you the best rental packages so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Since you have a wide array of options, be sure to pick the right company by doing a lot of research. With a simple online search on how yacht rental works in Singapore, you can narrow down your list of the companies to choose. Websites can even suggest blogs where you can grab more information about their yacht chartering experience. You will get much advice from travelers who recently visited Singapore.

Tip #2: Have a planned itinerary

Even if you have already hired the best company to help with your next trip, you should still have a say on how your cruise will turn out. Some companies will suggest an itinerary to help you in deciding. Check if this suggestion covers all the destinations that you want to visit or the activities that you want to do. Whether you want a relaxed elegant sailing or an action-packed adventure, make sure that at the end of your trip you will be able to achieve your yacht chartering goals.

Tip #3:  Communicate with the staff

From the crew to the Captain, try to relay your concerns or ideas to the right people.  They have the best knowledge on how you can fully enjoy your yacht rental experience so it is advisable to let them know your thoughts about chartering. You can even ask for suggestions if this is your first time at renting a yacht. In case you have an event onboard, ask for their assistance on the things that you need during the celebration.

Tip #4: Share It with The Best People

Whether you are renting a yacht for an event with your friends or loved ones, invite the right people onboard for your utmost enjoyment. Share this wonderful adventure with the best people in your life and you will surely consider this as one of your memorable adventures.

To help make yacht rental an easy decision for you, turn to Marina at Keppel Bay. Check out their website for a fleet of gorgeous yachts that will make you want to start sailing the waters of Singapore immediately!

Exploring the Valley of the Kings

Located on the west bank of the Nile and opposite Luxor (Thebes in Ancient Egypt), the Valley of the Kings is a famous site in Egypt. It was the main burial site for important members of the royal and noble family of the Egyptian New Kingdom from approximately 1539 BC to 1075 BC. The valley is divided into two branches: the East Valley where most of the royal tombs are located, and the West Valley. In 1979, this site became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

At least 63 tombs have been discovered at the Valley of the Kings. The earliest tomb is believed to be that of Thutmose I, the third pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egypt, while the latest is believed to be the tomb of Ramesses X or XI, a pharaoh of the 20th dynasty. These tombs vary in size and complexity. One of the tombs, KV5 – a tomb for the sons of Ramesses II, contains over 120 chambers.

Almost all tombs discovered are decorated with scenes from Egyptian mythology. Ancient Egyptians believed that after death, humans would continue life and pharaohs would become one with the gods. Mummification was used to preserve the body from decay so that the deceased’s soul could reanimate it in the afterlife. The royal tombs were well stocked with things, including clothes, jewelry, and furniture, that a pharaoh might need in the next world. Other objects found in these tombs included food and drink, sacred objects, and even pets.

Though their entrances were well hidden, most of the tombs discovered at the Valley of the Kings were likely robbed at the end of the 20th dynasty. However, they still provide archaeologists with valuable information about the beliefs and funerary rituals of the Egyptian New Kingdom period. In 1922, archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the tomb of the young pharaoh Tutankhamun (King Tut) in the Valley of the Kings. Due to its location, this tomb was spared from the tomb depredations of that time. It took Carter’s team eight years to remove the treasures from the tomb, and these treasures are now on display at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Most of the tombs are not open to the public. The access to the open tombs, including the tomb of King Tut, is rotated to limit the number of open tombs at one time. Also, visitors are expected to proceed quietly in a single file through the tombs to prevent the decorations from being damaged by the crowds.

Travel 2 Egypt offers many tour packages in Egypt which includes the Egyptian museum and the Valley of Kings, actually you will love this areas