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Five Ways to Add an Extra Special Touch to Your Wedding

These days, it’s harder and harder to make your wedding stand out from the crowd, and it’s difficult to add a special touch to your big day without it coming off as too cheesy.

Sometimes, it can be the more subtle touches which have the desired effect, so here are five simple ways which you can add a little extra touch to your wedding day.

LED Video Wall

While many weddings will use a video screen, why not up the ante and erect a full wall of interlinked LED screens to really take your guests’ breath away?

We spoke to Pro System Services who said: “LED video walls are becoming increasingly popular, and present crystal clear, crisp video and images of more or less whatever you’d like!

“Whether its images of the happy couple from throughout their time together (either happy or embarrassing photos!), helpful information for the guests or perhaps a magical backdrop such as a starry night’s sky, your video wall can be used for anything your imagination can think up.”

Use a Creative Guestbook

A guestbook is a nice way for your guests to leave some heartfelt messages for you to read when you get back from your honeymoon, but you can get really creative with them if you wish.

For example, how about asking your guests to write out their messages on postcards, or try tapping into your interests as a couple.

For example, if you’re a pair of music lovers, ask the guests to sign old vinyl records (obviously not your favourite ones!).

Check out this post from My Wedding for more inspiration.

Luxury Toilets

It might not be the most glamorous of things to think about, but your guests will go away talking about your wedding for all the wrong reasons if you don’t take some time to get your toilet situation sorted.

Especially if you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, it’s crucial that you don’t skimp on the facilities, so why not consider hiring out some luxury toilets?

They’re much classier than you probably expect, as you can see from the examples online at Event Washrooms.

Personalised Thank You Notes

It’s always nice to send out some special thank you notes to your guests for coming, especially those who have travelled a long way to be there.

Personalised thank you notes or favours will go a long way toward making people feel appreciated.

Here are some great examples for inspiration from Martha Stewart.

Creative Lighting

Lighting really helps to set the mood of your big day, but it doesn’t just have to blend into the background, and your lighting can actually act as a centrepiece in its own right.

We particularly love these light up letters from Light It Up UK, which can be used to light up either an indoor or outdoor space.

Whether you want to simply use something such as a heart symbol, or perhaps write out the initials of the happy couple, they’re an innovative and personalised way to add a special touch.


Wedding Days and Photography in Sydney

There are many disciplines in the art of photography, and choosing one of them is vital if you want to become a professional. If you have the passion to photograph smiles, happy moments, beautiful couples, lace wedding dress, and basically love stories, then perhaps you should pursue a career as a wedding photographer.

Sydney is one of the major commercial centres as it is the capital. Needless to say, it is home to some of the most talented and competitive professionals, not discounting wedding photographers. In a way, Sydney is a hub for artistic and imaginative professional photographers. Despite the tight competition in the wedding photography market in Sydney, you should not be disheartened to start a career in photography. While the art and photography sector in the city is packed with talented individuals, there is still room for equally skilled and creative aspiring professionals. If you are serious about becoming a wedding photographer, you may learn a thing or two from the tips provided below.

Go get yourself a camera – If you don’t have at least a point-and-shoot digital camera, you would want to prioritize getting one for your initial training. While your smart phone may do the trick, you would still want to opt with a digital camera. However, if you can stretch your budget quite more, it would be better to get an entry-level DSLR. You can benefit a lot from having a DSLR camera because you can use it as a training tool since it is the one being used by established wedding photographers.

Undergo training – You have to learn the fundamentals of photography for you to have a solid background. Learning the fundamental principles of taking quality wedding photos, such as light metering, angling, exposure, aperture size and shutter speed, among others, will make you understand more the concepts of photography. It is advisable to attend variety of photography workshops and seminars. However, the best way to learn the basics of wedding photography is either to attend a photography school or undergo training from an experienced wedding photographer.

Supplement skills by doing your research – It is easier to become a wedding photographer these days than it was decades ago. Since technology has provided us with tons of benefits, you can easily enhance your skills by using available technology. To learn more about photography concepts, you may want to read lectures on the Internet. You may also watch tutorial videos posted on the web. If you want to walk an extra mile, you may even visit wedding retail shops to learn more about the products that you may shoot, such as the suits, gowns, lace wedding dress, flowers, and so on. It is also strongly recommended to be familiarized with quality wedding photographs taken by other established photographers from different parts of the world.

Invest on equipment – The truth about becoming a professional wedding photographer is that this profession is not cheap. Advanced DSLR cameras and equipment can cost you a fortune. However, this should not discourage you from chasing your dreams. Hence, there is no room for error in picking the right equipment to invest for. Before buying anything, do your research and get to know if that equipment will be useful for your job. If you are on a tight budget, you can always opt to buy equipment one at a time until you have earned enough to invest on more.

If you have fuming passion for photography, then you have a good base. The best way to realize your dreams of becoming a professional wedding photographer in Sydney is to take your passion to the next level by committing into bettering your skills.


How to Discover an Excellent Wedding Videographer UK

Beautiful wedding films that tell a love tale or what the day method for the several are always valuable and interesting. Wedding films can be full in that they cover wedding in whole, such as presentations and everything in between or they can be short just featuring the several as people and as one. Your needs should guide you in making the best movie clips you will enjoy years after wedding.

flyer_a6_back (1)

Even though everyone participating wedding is essential in one way or another, new bride seems to always take the day. All eyes are usually on new bride and as new bride you need to be at your best in wedding movie. A little preplanning can go an extended way in making sure that the wedding videographer accounts for every structure.

plenty of people and companies are making wedding films. If you are searching a wedding videographer  for the wedding, then the internet would be the ideal place to look and select the right one for you. It can be overwhelming get a videographer at a geographical location of your choice, because there are so many websites to pick from. When you get the website, you can always view types of their perform. Every movie maker has personal style so ensure that you fully agree with wedding movie clips that they have made. It is possible some of it clip clips are too long. The activities of wedding needs to be taken candidly as they happen, carefully selected with a natural viewpoint of the entire wedding.

Recently partners have become more considering smaller wedding films that consistently contain every moment of wedding such as the first dancing, the toasts, dessert cutting. As a point in fact the standard of it clip is a huge part together with the psychological material of wedding. Your concentrate here should be on the equipment that the studio room is using so they can make amazing, movie and attractive wedding movie.

Tip 1 – Let your wedding videographer know about illumination in marriage location and if possible let them visit the location before marriage. This is a simple way of making sure that they are able to catch the best pictures possible in regards to the illumination conditions.

Tip 2 – For inside locations, maintain your videographer is familiar with low electricity digital camera features so that he is able to dissipate mild and spread it equally for best movie results. The lights should be turned up for special minutes such as dessert cutting, toasts, garter removal and aroma throwing.

Tip 3 – To make outdoor marriage video clips amazing, ensure that you are not in sunshine as a several because this only cleansers out the brilliant colors making marriage movie boring. Consider the canopy and sketchy places that allow some mild, but keeps sunshine out.

Tip 4 – Prevent bubble gum and other routines that do not come out well on movie. It also helps to demand that the wedding keeps off such habits; provide mint candies if need be to do not eat gum area minutes. If you are working with a professional wedding videographer, you do not have to worry about undesirable eating, smoking or gum eating minutes on your movie because they know best not to record such.

Tip 5 – Be as natural as you can and demand same ease from the wedding. Responding to digital camera presence is not recommended so avoid going back on digital camera or waving and cheerful too hard when you sets on you. It makes sense that you look at the professional photographer rather than the videographer unless otherwise asked for when you are not very sure of where to look.

Tip 6 – For discreet photos during the vow exchange, experience each other as a several or experience the visitors rather than the officiator of marriage. If this turns out to be hard, then your wedding videographer should use small invisible cameras in ideal wedding location places to get several digital camera perspectives he can integrate when modifying it clip.

Destination Weddings – The Secret to a Luxury Wedding on a Budget

luxury wedding

Many pair dream of having a destination bridal. Whether it is a peak in New Zealand, a seashore in Bermuda or else a simple park at upstate New York, destination weddings do need a little more planning than “even” weddings. So as to efficiently plan plus execute your dream destination bridal while staying inside your budget in addition to refusing to sacrifice excellence, ponders the following advice:

Destination Wedding Benefits

o The regular wedding cost for the most pair is estimated $50,000. Destination wedding held at a sensible place (no private isles) usually price among $15,000 plus $20,000, depending on how numerous guests you ask! Having a destination wedding could help you have a lavishness wedding on a budget.

o You acquire more “bang for your buck” as a destination wedding could serve as a fantasy getaway holiday for you as well as your guests! It creates the entire bridal experience that much more pleasant.

Planning Your Destination Wedding

Is a Destination luxury wedding correct for you? Before initiation, your grand plan, study if a destination wedding is correct for you.

luxury wedding

Choose the Flawless Destination
Envision your wedding day; do you get you get it on a beach or else a park? Is it warm or else cold? Choosing the flawless destination could be a challenge, think through your budget as part of your decision make as well. Destination weddings are certainly inside reach for those on a budget. The USD money is sturdy against developing market kinds in states for example Mexico, Brazil, as well as Chile, meaning the U.S. dollar is value more in these states. Study having a destination wedding in one of these states to take benefit of the exchange rate profits. For instance, $1 USD equivalents 13 pesos. Therefore, if flower preparations cost 1000 pesos, you will only be spending around $77 USD.

Set the Date
Though most luxury wedding take place in the summer months, destination weddings in hot locations can be excessive during just around any month. Plus, reservation a wedding “off-season” might tremendously save on prices. Study choosing a non-summer day that is moreover accessible for your friends plus family. Once you fixed the date, make certain to give visitors as a minimum four to six months sign for the big day, thus they could give proper notice to take off work or else make other arrangements.

Make All Guest Provisions
If you select to have a destination bridal, it is up to you in addition your spouse-to-be to book journeys and hotel lodgings for your invitees. You must furthermore decide whether it is in your financial plan to pay all expenditures for your guests, or else if they will pay the flight in addition to hotel fees themselves. Have the finance to pay for your invitees? Consider reservation everything at once to get a group rate or else discount. If you have a restricted budget, study giving guests a lesser token to show how much you grow their attendance, for instance, your destination’s well-known chocolates or delightful coffee. Also, have a schedule of wedding dealings for each guest as well as suggest different sights to see or else places to visit on their downcast time.

los angeles wedding photography- Great Ideas for Your Wedding Photos

This is the sort of style that you would usually see in magazines. The shot are semi-directed that means the perfect back again-drops are chosen with deliberately put lights, the bride and groom would be partially posed capture a “natural” look and feel.
Photojournalistic nuptials Photography

This is usually shot in Black and White. This expression has taken throughout from the Documentary description which will have taken any shot no matter the scenario a warts and all diversity picture. Photojournalistic imply that the story of your day would be taken in picture but in the most pleasing way whilst still looking for impromptu.

Reportage nuptials ceremony Photography

Now this 1 is definitely jargon, it’s just an attempt at generating photojournalistic photography sound added up-sector.

Spot-colour Pictures

This style of photography refer to only piece of the picture currently being left in color whilst the rest is manufactured to look for sepia or left in black plus white. Whilst this can investigate pretty effectual to start off with it does have the disadvantage of generating your album appear a bit gimmicky as well as it can make your album emerge to be out-dated preceding to its time.

Whatever fashion you choose for your nuptials ceremony day nuptials photography is positive to definitely not be boring.

The introduction of numerous photography trainings as well as software program has opened the option for quite a few aspirant photographers to master as well as grasp the approach of los angeles wedding photography. As the trend improve by itself throughout time, numerous connected wedding ceremony image approaches have been by now mastered and becoming trained by a number of wedding ceremony photographers.

You might wonder what is with los angeles wedding photography that might make it so thrilling and exciting. Apart from the detail that photographs are regarded as one exacting of the most incredible memorabilia of a wedding ceremony, it is also measured a person of the most flourishing strategies of display creativeness as well as expressing artwork.

The mix of colors and light. A well-experienced nuptials ceremony photographer know the significance of combining the ideal colours and strength of brightness to the in general result of the photograph. Light and other distract colours can sometimes destroy photograph superior and could even lead to awful resolution. It is an instructions to usually look at the quantity of light and the synchronization of colors especially when it is actually an outside marriage ceremony festivity. Discovering the ideal digital camera viewpoint is yet another important consideration in line. It is said that premium shots are acquire when you take pics using the 45o from under. For several photographers, this angle is ideal for a clearer as well as much more gorgeous result.

The choice of qualifications. The exceptional outcome of a wedding ceremony photo really depend on the kind of track record you utilize. Remember: a best prime topic would only flip out unattractive if no good choice of track record is observed. Feel of a item that will make the marriage photograph stand-out.

Titanium & Tungsten rings

Two of the most common materials to make wedding rings for men out of is Titanium and Tungsten. Both of these products are what we call contemporary materials to make wedding rings out of – meaning that they’ve been used for mainstream jewellery only over the last 20 years or so. This is quite different than Gold or Silver which has been in use for many many decades prior to this.

But what is the attraction of these two metals that makes them so useful for making mens jewelry out of? Well there are many many reasons why people are turning to these contemporary metals for inspiration, below we will list but a few of those.

– Price. Titanium and Tungsten rings are considerably cheaper than precious metal rings. The cost of Gold and Platinum has skyrocketed over the last few years. The cost of a gold ring as opposed to a Tungsten ring can be over 50 times as great. Some people have no problem paying huge amounts for their wedding ring if they find what they want, but other people wont pay a premium price for a gold ring, particularly when it will scratch so much easier than a Tungsten or Titanium one

– Quality. Because of the insanely high cost of previous metals, jewellers have had to think of novel ways to keep the price down. The easist thing to do is to reduce the amount of precious material that goes into the ring. The main way that this is done is to hollow out part of the ring, which usually happens at the back edge of the ring where it isnt seen. This keeps the cost down, and keeps the weight down, but unfortunately it also makes the product less rigid which is disappointing. Titanium never needs to be hollowed out because it is so incredibly strong. Not only is it strong, but it is incredibly light.

– Range of designs. Titanium rings have an almost limitless range of designs that can be made from it. In fact, Titanium is a jewellery manufacturers delight. Advancements in manufacturing techniques have meant that what was once impossible with Titanium is now very much possible. The only limitation with designs out of Titanium is your imagination! Titanium probably offers the most diverse set of characteristics for making wedding rings out of which then obviously make it an incredible choice for intricate designs. Tungsten is much more limiting. Due to the inate hardness of titanium, unfortunately the trade off is that you cannot subject Tungsten to the same stresses that you can Titanium. Tungsten rings as a rule will be more “blocky”.

What this means for the consumer is that you no longer need to walk into a jeweller and just choose from their tray of gold domed bands. The only limit is your imagination. If you can think of a design – then it can probably be made out of Titanium or Tungsten.

If you want more information on what is the best metal for wedding rings check out this post which highlights it in greater detail.

Wedding trends 2015

Wedding Videographer Portugal

Many couples like to stay, within the new and upcoming wedding trends, when they are planning their wedding ceremony and reception. If you want to stay within the mix of things, you may end up having to do a lot of research on what is going on in the world of wedding ceremonies, at the present time.


Many couples are forced to stick with the customary wedding ceremonies, but this does not mean that you cannot play around with the event. It is your day after all and if you want to have a very elegant wedding, then that is exactly what you should do.

Princess Kate 

Everyone admires and loves the beautiful Princess Kate. Women are working diligently trying to capture and replicate her big and beautiful wedding, into their own. Of course, you are most likely not going to be able to afford these luxurious, but you get still use the same ideas and incorporate them into your own special day. See Here:

Dramatic Cakes 

Another trend that seems to be drawing great attention is dramatic cake designs. Every woman wants their event, dinner, dance, and cake to stand out above the rest. Of course, you will be forced to hire a wedding cake designer to pull this off, but it will not be that difficult. Choose a cake design and work your decorations, color palette, and place settings around it. Remember, you do not want to take the attention away from this item, because you put so much money and thought into its design.

Flowers & Decorations 

A wedding will not be a wedding, without a huge amount of flowers and floral decorations. These beautiful, but natural creations will light up any dull environment. Of course, you want everyone to be able to enjoy the scents and aromas that are emitted by these amazing creations. Take your time to choose a variety of peonies, dahlia, roses, and carnations. Use the same color palette throughout the entire wedding, so that nothing appears out of place. Your wedding favors should also incorporate the same style and color scheme, as the rest of the décor.

Centerpieces Extraordinaire 

Centerpieces were traditionally used to decorate a dining or reception table. Of course, the new trend has reached all-time highs. Be sure to use your imagination and take these creations to new levels. Who knows, your inventions may become the talk of the town and the next new trend. You should consider using centerpieces in the dining hall, instead as a typical table centerpiece.

Soft Lighting

Although, it has never been a true tradition to dim the lighting, during the reception, you can use this technique to romance the night away. This will provide enough light to allow everyone to be able to get around, without injuries, but it will also add a calmness and elegance to the entire atmosphere. Of course, if you are lucky, you will be able to hold your wedding reception, at a venue that has this option, if not you can always use candle lighting.

Want to Get Married, But With Limited Budget?

Frоm church weddings tо garden weddings; frоm traditional tо modern, engaged couples аrе gіvеn а wide range оf choices tо choose frоm. Whіlе оthеrs prefer tо hаvе garden weddings, mоrе couples stіll wаnt tо kеер thе traditional church wedding tо асtuаllу hаvе thе blessing frоm thе priest оr thе pastor. Оthеrs bеlіеvе thаt hаvіng а garden wedding whісh іs considered thе modern оnе gіvеs mоrе lavish аnd mаkеs thе wedding memorable.

The economic crisis thаt hits thе wоrld nowadays mаkеs іt difficult fоr couples tо decide оn gеttіng married аs well аs plan fоr thеіr dream wedding. Тhе word dream wedding іs асtuаllу disappearing іn thе vocabulary оf thе mоst average couples nowadays. Wіth thе word іtsеlf, а dream wedding spells money, whісh іs асtuаllу а lot оf іt аnd іt іsn’t јust роssіblе fоr mоst people whо hаvе thinner bank accounts. Еvеn thоsе whо hаvе money stіll hesitate оn spending mоrе money оn thеіr weddings bесаusе оf thе complexity оf life nowadays. Ноwеvеr, іt wоuldn’t bе thаt nice еіthеr іf couples sacrifice thе kinds оf wedding thаt уоu wаnt јust bесаusе уоu hаvе limited resources оr bесаusе thеу аrе hesitant tо spend more.

Achieving thе dream wedding thаt уоu wаnt tо hаvе thоugh іs nоt thаt difficult аs long аs уоu carefully plan fоr іt. Тhе best wау tо solve thіs dilemma іs tо plan fоr аn economic wedding. Іt sounds vеrу sad sіnсе planning fоr аn Economic wedding Decorations Ways mеаns squeezing уоur limited budget tо hаvе а wedding. Well, іf оnlу everybody’s pockets аrе аs deep аs thеіr love fоr еасh оthеr, thеn planning fоr аn economic wedding іs оut оf thе question. Yеt, wе hаvе tо accept thаt fact thаt weddings аrе rеаllу expensive.

Making smart decisions оn hаvіng аn economic wedding wоuld surely kеер you’re thе costs undеr control. Іt іs inevitable tо spend mоrе оn food еsресіаllу whеn уоu аrе planning tо invite mаnу guests. Тhus, cutting thе costs оn оthеr aspects оf thе wedding іs а smart move. Schedule ahead аt а low-cost location. Whеn planning fоr thе wedding, pick thе off-peak season. Тhіs will аlsо gіvе уоu ample time tо lооk fоr а low-cost location suсh аs clubhouse fоr example оr а garden thаt offers low package deals. Тhіs will gіvе уоu аt lеаst 50% discount compared tо dоіng іt оn thе peak season аnd follow thе June bride tradition.

Pick thе rіght decorations. Decorations fоr thе wedding аrе usuаllу expensive but decorating thе place strategically wоuld cut sоmе costs. Whеn уоu аrе planning оn а garden wedding, decorate оnlу thе parts thаt аrе visible tо thе guests. Decorating thе whоlе place іs impractical. Тhе flowers tо bе usеd hаvе tо bе chosen carefully tоо. Choose local аnd seasoned flowers іnstеаd оf thе imported оnеs. Settle fоr а simple gown. Gоnе аrе thоsе days whеn brides wore long veils аnd fluffy bridal dresses. Choosing а simple gown wоuld nоt оnlу cut уоur unnecessary expenses but аlsо shоw уоur natural beauty аs а bride.

You sее. Наvіng аn economic but great wedding іs nоt difficult tо achieve. Plan well аnd mаkе smart decisions.

Want mоrе fantastic ideas оn Economic Wedding? Јust visit thе official website