Choosing Your Capital Stoneworks Countertops – Marble or Granite

If you are getting confused about what material to choose for your kitchen counters, then consider the reviews on each Capital Stoneworks Countertops and select the best one that perfectly suits to your house. Granite Ottawa and Marble are the mostly used countertops and they come at an affordable price. And if you are going to spend little amount money on materials to furnish your home, these are the right choice. Here are the characteristic of Granite and Marble countertops.

Characteristics of Granite:
This rock is generally made up of feldspar and quartz which give granite to amazing color appearance. These materials come in many different colors. It is no surprise that you can find Ottawa granite countertops in any color. White, Black, Red, Grey, Green and the list goes on and on. This selection of colors is added benefit for the granite and makes it as popular. And even though it is a hard material which have high quality and durability.

Granite’s strength is another feature for selecting this countertop to the house. On a scale of measuring the hardness of a substance, it ranges on the scale of 1 to 10. Thus they are considered as the hardest material. So, many people are choosing Granite Ottawa countertops for their house. These are highly durable than other countertops and also gives attractive and trendy look to your home. Further, they come in many designs, colors and styles. You can select best one to your house.

Noble Qualities of Marble
The marble is very soft in nature and shines through its soft texture. These are delicate and vary in color. Coming to the Maintenance, the marble is little needier than the granite. On a scale of measuring the hardness of a substance, it ranges in around 5 and is much softer than the granite. The mineral calcite in marble gives the glossy look. The calcite is a crystalline formation of tiny size which gives distinct luster to a countertop.

The shiny surface a marble countertop sometime may cause etching. Some people refer it to as stains or dull spots. This etching is happened when the calcite is being eaten by acidic liquids which can be found in home supplements like soda, citrus juice, and vinegar and so on. When these acids meet the calcite, they eat it away and the marble loses its luster.

The maintenance should be very careful for both granite and marble stones so that they cannot lose their color, shininess and other features. If they are not maintained well, then their attractiveness may go away and look dull. You have to select which stone is better for your house and consider all the key feature of both the stones and prefer the good one. Both the countertops are comes in different colors, designs and styles and also comes in affordable price.

So, choose the best countertops that meet all your requirements and perfectly suit for your home. Consider all the advantages as well as drawbacks of both the countertops – Ottawa granite countertops and marble countertops – and choose wisely. If you maintain well, these countertops will give attractive look to your house.