Dog Playtime and Exercise

In addition to providing proper food, water and vaccination, you need to spend some quality play time with your dog. Your dog will stay healthy if he is playful. A play time with your dog provides him an excellent source for mental and physical stimulation. It also improves his social skills. Playing with your dog helps him learn to interact properly with both, other dogs and people. In addition to being simple fun, a quality play time with your dog can prove to be a great training tool.

So, it does not matter if your dog is a small breed or a huge one, play with him and enjoy some bonding time. Regular exercise will become a part of a good regime for both you and your pet, and it should also include proper dog nutrition for your pooch. Do not worry if your dog does not reciprocate at first. Observe his mood. Initiate playing when you feel he has a lot of energy to spend, and be persistent. You can also try different types of toys.

A play time is a good thing for your dog’s stimulation, interaction and exercise. But, if it is not conducted in a proper manner, things can get very messy. It is important to maintain your dominance, so that your dog does not become ill-mannered and obeys your commands when required to. Don’t encourage your dog’s destructive behavior, such as putting his teeth on your skin, during play time. Similarly, teach him to share during playing. Play fetch, make him ‘drop’ and ’give’ the toy to you. This helps him from becoming possessive.

Dogs and Exercise

Just as a quality play time is necessary for your dog’s mental and physical health, exercise sessions are also important. You can turn your dog’s play time into an exercise session or simply dedicate a separate portion of your time each day for your dog’s exercise needs. Whatever option you choose, make sure your dog goes through daily exercise sessions for improved health and wellbeing.

Physical Health

Exercise helps with your dog’s overall physical health. Lack of required exercise can lead to several health problems for your dog, with obesity being the most common health problem. Adequate exercise is very essential and it increases your dog’s lifespan. If you are not sure about what exercise routine your dog should follow, you should consult your vet.

Mental Health

Exercise is a great way to provide your dog with mental stimulation. Outdoor exercise enables him to work with the changing scenery, smells and sounds. This also helps him develop socialization skills. Lack of exercise leads to lack of mental stimulation. This in turn, leads to boredom that may cause your dog to develop behavioral problems such as showing aggression or fear with another dog or person when in close proximity.

Your Dog’s Behavior

As mentioned earlier, lack of exercise cause behavioral problems. Their behavioral problems increase if dogs do not get enough exercise. So, if your dog is misbehaving, it is possible he is not getting enough exercise. Help your dog spend his pent-up energy through exercise, which can otherwise cause problems such as hyperactivity, aggression, biting, excess barking, irritability and destructiveness.


Proper punctual exercise sessions lead to a smarter dog. Enough mental stimulation and physical exercise improves your dog’s focusing ability. A dog that has not gotten enough exercise is easily distracted or bored during a training session. If your dog does not get a proper outlet for excess energy, he becomes agitated and easily irritable. Providing your dog with adequate amount of exercise makes it easier to develop various skills and helps with the overall dog training.