ECU Tuning Files by PrecisionCodeWorks


Bespoke or custom remapping starts with the details file that is in your car’s ECU right now. The specialist downloading the very first ECU maps from the car and then adjusts parts of it to improve exhaust. The files for many different procedures are updated with costly application applications. The specialist must understand the best way to recalibrate each establishing — in other terms; he has to know what he is doing.

In addition to the charts that control energy burning, the ECU also contains details relevant to your engine automobiles such as immobilizer details, application updates, and bug repairs from the producer, and so on. For this reason, only the files that need to be customized are moved during the remapping — other important details about the car is left unchanged. Then the map is showed off back again to the ECU, overwriting the current details file. A copy of the very first ECU tuning files is kept by the support agency, just in situation. Bespoke Remapping is always designed to your particular automobile, which guarantees the best possible outcomes.

Remapping with a library details file is quite different. The specialist does not use the very first ECU tuning files from your car. Instead, a customized ECU map is selected from a library of perhaps 10,000 general files. The Library details file is copied back again to the car’s ECU, overwriting everything — such as any vehicle-specific details that might have been on the very first details file.

Now, this assortment of library files has a sketchy past. It comprises of ECU tuning files that someone collected from unidentified resources, copied to a CD, and marketed for a few pounds over the Internet. Many, if not most, of the ECU tuning files were thieved from professional readers. As a result, you do not know anything about the quality of the files or how they might affect your engine.


Remapping the ECU with a library details file is an error that can have serious repercussions. The Library details file probably will not contain the immobilizer application that keeps your engine automobile protected. It will not have latest application updates or essential bug repairs. Also, let us not forget that something agency-using library files probably reduce sides in other ways, with inexpensive resources and little specialist training.

What happens when you substitute a car unique ECU map with a library file? Certainly, the engine might outcome more energy after the remap, but there is no assurance that the development will be what you would expect. Your engine system may instantly make bugs and are not able to function, as it should. The ECU could lock up and become not reachable so you cannot even fix the destruction. Without the normal security measures, your car could be thieved more easily. In addition, for the most severe situation, you might need to spend some huge cash changing the ECU or fixing the engine.

There is right with shopping around to make a price comparison, but do not make price the determining factor. This is a high-tech industry and technology is expensive. If you discover something agency with very affordable costs, ask yourself why. In all possibility, they are using library files and inexpensive resources for remapping.

You should also assure yourself of their after-sales support. Is there a free test after the remapping? Do they keep a copy of the very first map just in situation you ever want to change back? Does the artisanship come with a warranty? Does the organization assurance developments in BHP, twisting, and energy economy? Ensure that you are happy with the services to these questions

Remapping the ECU is an efficient way to increase exhaust, but if it is not done properly, you really do put your car at risk. There is no question that unique or custom remapping is a better option than remapping with library files. You will get the greatest outcomes, and essential, you will protect your costly automobile from harm.