Everything You Need To Know About An Event


An event is something that takes place; an occurrence, a significant happening, a social gathering or activity.

In today’s scenario, events are an organized business. These are basically defined as occurrences designed to communicate particular messages to target audiences.

An event is a live multimedia package carried out with a pre-planned concept, customized to achieve the clients’ objective of reaching out and influencing the target audience by providing a complete sensory experience and an avenue for two-way interaction. Events bring brands and markets closer to the target consumer. Brand Activations are big business in today’s scenario.

The purpose of an event is to create a live interaction between the target audience and the client to achieve a desired impact. The live interaction makes communication between the clients and the audience easier. The client has an objective for the event and the process of organizing an event to communicate a message to his/ her target audience is a transaction that can have mutually benefiting effects for both parties. Events have therefore also been termed as practical / experiential marketing.

Events are integral part of human society ever since mankind became civilized. If we look around we are surrounded by various events e.g. birthday party, wedding, anniversary, shop promotion activities, mall promotions, awards function, product launch, training programs etc. Every event has its own objective to accomplish, its own target to reach. Events are very much live in its nature. There is no second chance for ‘retake’. Therefore, thorough planning comes into center stage, which is the essence of successful event execution.

Some years ago, event entertainment agencies in London could have been counted in numbers. Times have changed and we now have big management companies and also smaller companies that operate out of one room. Events are used to have fun, inform, sell, convey, express, induce trial and the underlying reason is the basic reason – to make money for the event management company and for the client as well. Events are all about the business of thrill and excitement and having fun and making money while working.

What is Event Management?

Management of an Event encompasses all activities involved in planning, staffing, organising, leading and evaluations of event. In fact, all operational task for an event such as the ground work , venue selection and stage design, arranging the infrastructural facilities required, liason with artists/ performers and networking with other activities such as advertising, public relations, ticket sales etc fall under the gamut of Event Management.

As discussed earlier that events are live in nature, event management has to perfect in all terms. An event manager must be a good planner and a team leader in order to make the event success. Event managers need to face lot of challenges as all events are driven by deadlines. Event management as a business and as a field of study is in the process of taking shape. This industry is very demanding.

Types of Events: –

Broadly speaking, events are organized for fun, work, launches, parties… the list is endless.