Facebook as a Marketing Tool for Business

In the world of social media, Facebook is considered to be the most powerful one where people of all kinds connect and share online. Indeed, it has been the reigning champ of all favorite platforms for friends, and even for businessmen who market their brands through interaction with customers both existing and prospective and through cheap advertising ways like posts sharing, et al.

Using Facebook as a marketing tool for business is truly an effective one if you want to make use of its powerful potential. Whether your entity is big or small, it is a great space to keep customers informed, to develop brand awareness, and more importantly, to expand your prospective target audience. To help you take the optimal advantage of Facebook, below are ways you have to look into:

  1. Before anything else, identify first if your target customers are present on Facebook and if they are likely to want to find your business there. All kinds of consumer-facing businesses like cafes, shops, plumbing businesses, clothing lines, e-commerce websites and the likes usually have a lot of customers who are connected online and more often than not, these customers will want to keep in touch on Facebook. Regardless, Facebook marketing welcomes all kinds of enterprises to join its merrily diverse world.
  1. Create your Facebook account. As soon as you confirmed that this effort is not going to be useless, then register for a free account right away. Getting started on Facebook is fast and easy unlike creating a personal page or website for your business. Nonetheless, if sooner or later you decide to have a business website, Facebook marketing is still a good strategy to drive traffic to your landing page. Just make sure you declare your website address there for the customers to know that you have one.
  1. Learn from Facebook about how business pages works. Facebook has already had prepared a page to tutor businessmen in terms of business page administration. You can even find useful case studies featuring businesses of all kinds there.
  1. Let your customers know that you are on Facebook. Using other social networks and other platforms like Twitter may be necessary to post links to your Facebook page or you can advertise it on your website and all your marketing peripherals. You can even include your Facebook link below your email signature.
  1. Make the most of your profile. Do it through putting appropriate images as a cover photo and profile photo or in the form of albums, links to your website, providing a brief description of your company and a description of your product or service.
  1. Utilize keywords in your posts. These keywords should be the ones your customers will probably use in relation to your product so your page appears more frequently in search engine results. One of the awesome advantages of having a Facebook page for your business is that your customers will be able to find you more easily even while using their mobile gadgets.
  1. Create and share contents that your Facebook audience will likely enjoy on Facebook. This can be in the form of images or videos to attract a lot of likes, shares, and comments. Contents will do but facts show that Facebook users usually notice and interact with posts with images more than those without pictures or videos. Note, though, that the content you post should show the human side of your business and it has to be related to your brand values. Moreover, make sure it will not damage your reputation in the long run.
  1. Interact with your followers. Facebook users commonly love to talk to real people about news and views. Make them feel like your brand truly listens. Do respond to queries and comments as much as possible. You may also encourage discussion and feedback from time to time as these can convert into powerful endorsements for your business. Moreover, you can also run contests or provide exclusive deals to give out rewards to your followers. Surely, this will entice them to be engaged more in your brand.
  2. Lastly, have a means to measure if your Facebook strategy is working. You can use page insights to give you an overview of who your customers are and how they are connecting with your business. Or, you can use the Adverts Manager dashboard to see if your ads are performing in line with your objectives.

While doing these, make sure you truly understand your Facebook audience and you engage with them enough rather than ignoring feedbacks or being too formal. As much as possible, make your business page an appealing one.