Fridge Magnets Animals – “ZOO”

magnets for kids

Magnets for kids “ZOO” is a great game, which not only entertain but provide your kid with new knowledge and skills. There are 29 refrigerator soft Magnets for development and for study in the box. Bright and beautiful magnet figures of the animals catch fancy for any kid. They will involve your kid into a game and teach to define colors, names of the animals, provide the first idea of amount and count. “Studying by playing games” – the motto of magnetism for “ZOO”. Play together, tell them about the animals, show the animals contained in the set, define their colors, and the sounds they produce. You will not even notice how fast and easy your kid will acquire knowledge: begin to find and choose a giraffe, crocodile or elephant, point green or blue color. The kids – are like a sponge, they “absorb” everything they see and hear. Give them the necessary and useful information by means of functional toys. The authors of Magnets for Baby have taken care of our kids, conducted many tests and created reliable and high-quality toys.