How Brick Cleaning & Painting is done by a Toronto painter?

There are a few painters in Toronto that offer brick cleaning and painting services. If the exterior of your house is made of brick that now looks shabby because of aging and weather changes, you can hire any of the talented painters for cleaning and painting the brick walls. If you have terracotta models attached on the walls, that can also be cleaned with the latest tools and technology that most renovators are using these days.

Cleaning the bricks is one of the most complex renovations that demands care and patience. Only a few companies like Renaissance Painters have achieved the goodwill for attaining the best cleaning and restoring the old red walls.

Let’s take a quick tour of the cleaning process and coloring of the brick walls that the painting companies undergo—
Water wash with soft bristled brushes—

The cleaners from the Toronto painting company apply water to clean the walls. But with this process only the adherent dirt that loosely sits on the base get removed. High-pressure water wash is only used considering the capacity of the wall.

To remove the adherent solids of soiling, soapy water is used along with soft bristled brushes to protect the texture of the bricks. Too much hard brushes can leave an inappropriate graffiti on the bricks that can never be covered with paint.

Chemical cleaning—
Before the painters in Toronto put their Midas touch on the brick wall, the cleaning is needed. Apart from the water and soap cleaning, experts prefer chemical cleaning. To remove the heavily soiled brick walls, chemicals like hydrofluoric acid are used.

For the lighter soiling- acidic agent alone can show the magic by removing the dirt. Before applying the chemicals, the walls are pre-wetted so that the acids or the other harsh chemicals can stay active to a certain extent and will not destroy the texture of the brick wall.

Painting the Brick Walls by Toronto painting company —
After cleaning the walls, the Toronto painter starts colouring the walls. But before that, they use putty to cover the cracks or holes formed out of aging. Next, they prepare the base of the bricks by a dry brush so that excess dried up dirt can be removed. Otherwise, that can blot on the paint at places.

Now they apply the color on the bricks with a paintbrush or a paint sprayer. Instead of the paintbrush, the paint sprayer is preferred for its quick services. The painters in Toronto keep a paint roller during the process to roll the pain across the area proportionately.

Usually, terracotta colour is used while painting the bricks. If you want to give borders in the veins of the brick lines, you can use white or off-white tint to make it more prominent.

Minimum 2-3 coats of paint are given by the painters so that it can look good and the longevity of the walls can be retained. When it comes to exterior walls or the fireplace, applying more coats of colours is justifiable.

This is how the bricks are cleaned and painted by the skilled painters from reputed companies.