How to Backup iCloud and iTunes for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Data

iPhone, iPad, or iPod

s very important to make the backup data for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. As the modern gadgets, those gadgets are able to save many documents such as music, photo or even video. Those gadgets are provided by a high storage capacity for the users. In this case, all the documents need to be saved to prevent the data losing. You can use iCloud or iTunes to save all your important files. Actually, the backup process is very simple and easy but many people still do not know how to keep their files in iCloud or iTunes. This article will give you the simplest way to use those backup storages as your guiding tutorial.

How to Process the Backup Data in iCloud and iTunes

By using iCloud, you can manage the backup of your iOS devices. In addition, you can also automatically backup your file. The first step that you have to do is going to tap setting in your gadget. Find the iCloud option and click the backup option. In the special case, you may not find the backup option for iOS7. To solve this problem, try to find storage and backup option in iCloud part. Tap tand turn on the iCloud Backup. If you have clicked the iCloud Backup, all your data and files will be back up automatically. On the other hand, you can return to this screen to see when the last back up happened.

You can also restore the old data by using iCloud. In this case, it will bring back your deleted files, data and documents. Just try to turn on your device and you should see a Hello screen. For the next step, you need to follow the steps in the iOS Setup Assistant. If you do the right step, you will get to the Set Up screen in this time. Select Restore from iCloud Backup as the last step of restoring the data. Do not forget to backup the restoring data. In this case, you can go to the iOS Setup Assistant again to remove all content from your device and make it works in data backup. In addition, the iOS Setup Assistant is the only way to restore a backup files.

So, how about if you are looking for iTunes back up? The step is quite simple as well as the iCloud backup process. In this case you can use these steps to back up the documents on your iOS device to iTunes on your computer. If you want to make the backup files, make sure that your computer has been upgraded with the latest version of iTunes. Do not forget to connect your device to your computer. You can manage the backup process by selecting the file option. And then, go to devices option to choose the backup service for your devices. In addition, you can also back up your files by syncing your device with your computer.

Same like the iCloud, iTunes is also able to restore your data and files. You can use the restore service if you have a new iOS device or you need to restore all your documents after a factory reset. In this case, just connect your devices to your computer and find the restore from Back up option. Besides those backup managers, you can also put your devices files and data in other backup managers. In this case, your files and data will be perfectly protected by using Genie Timeline as your backup computer software.