Landon School


Landon School started in 1929 in a transformed mansion in the center of Washington, D.C.’s delegation row. Approximately eight decades later on, creator Paul Landon Banfield’s long-held trust of the significance of challenging academics, everyday arts plus athletics, and sturdy values is both valued and sophisticated as we’ve go into the 21st era.

Eventually, the achievement of a complete education lies in the hand of our inspiring mix of teachers, young plus old. Fiercely dedicated to teaching in addition to Landon School – the regular experience at the college is presently 18 years – our instructors serve as role model for boys both inside the classroom as well as on the playing arenas. We create the proud difference that Landon teachers furthermore coach. Thus whether supervision extra-curricular actions, consumption lunch together, present a guiding hand otherwise lending a prepared ear as teacher-advisors beginning in Grade 6, Landon instructors truly distinguish their students.

It is exactly this bond that aids our faculty – in partnership through parents – mildly move every boy’s primary dependence on family plus teachers to a self-reliance that agrees with his height of maturity.

Landon School is private high school in Bethesda. The principal of this School is David M. Armstrong. 675 kids attend Landon School as well as are typically White, non-Hispanic; Hispanic; as well as Asian/Pacific Dweller. The student to instructor ratio at Landon School is 9:1. Walt Whitman High Institute is one of the adjacent high schools.


Landon School, a modern, non-sectarian boys’ day college, arranges talented boys for imaginative lives as skilled, accountable as well as caring males whose actions are directed over the principle of perseverance, fellowship and honor in addition to fair play.

Landon had a real hard as well as challenging brochure, however what arranged the difference were the lesser class sizes so as to instructors might pay enhanced attention to whatsoever novices are doing in class. This feature of the classroom equipped pupils leave their relaxation zone along with talk to their teachers and get to decide them.

Additional than eight periods later, the School cleaves to the promise of its creators to boys’ education as well as their long-held trust in the significance of challenging lecturers, daily arts plus athletics, and sturdy values. Whereas Landon has extended and constantly evolved, the School has continued true to the idea of its founder

Landon School is a Private High School situated in Maryland, which positions 1 among all United States institutes. Landon School’s faculty rank 1 inside the state of Maryland. Furthermore, the regular teacher score of 3.91-stars positions 1 associated to the regular educator score of 3.77-stars in the adjacent region of Bethesda.

Landon School is devoted to the principled, intelligent, physical as well as social development of boys. We construct a strong intelligence of personal honor as well as respect to guide plus enrich students’ lives. Our Code of Character offers a model for everyday ethical conduct.

The varied faculty of more than 125 brilliant and caring teacher-tutor-mentors fined teachable instants everywhere — in the schoolroom, art studios, performance hall, athletic facilities as well as the community outside our campus.