Mumbai’s Mystical Cafes for a Rosy Monsoon Outing

cafe in Mumbai

After a sickening level of sticky, soggy atmosphere, the cooling rains look like that first drop of imperativeness supported to a dying soul. In Mumbai, the monsoon gives some reprieve from the unbearable warmth and moisture. Regardless of the way that, we overall dread the annihilation that the downpours convey with them to the city, yet the ones who know how to make each horrendous moment a splendid one, verifiably know the right spots and things to do in Mumbai. The city can be excellent in the rainy season as well, if you visit its most enchanting cafes.

Once you are done looking for the Chandigarh to Mumbai flights, the next best thing to do is to pack in some monsoon essentials such as raincoat, umbrella, high boots, and extra towels. For some, visiting Mumbai during the monsoon could be the most tumultuous and wrong decision taken, but here, we’ll give you five reasons, better call them cafes, which will favor your excursion to the city.


Situated on the eighth floor, Dome is an open lounge and terrace restaurant. The chic white style and a surreal view of the Marine Drive add to the unwinding experience. Amidst the rains, this lounge is shielded from the water, offering visitors an opportunity to taste on a cocktail drink and esteem the vistas.

Chikita Cafe

Offers a not all that terrible mix of Lebanese sustenance for the general population who may need to endeavor unmistakable flavors, whilst heading off to an incredible degree sensible on the pocket. The Shawarma offered here is basically sublime and will work superbly as a fast nibble while you wait for the film to begin at the Regal Cinemas, which is alongside this bistro.

Bistro Mondegar

A radiant spot for making tracks in an opposite direction from the perplexity and warmth, and slacken up in the city. The expressive organization is urban and in vogue with an insight of sentiment, for they have a jukebox put in the room. The terrain sustenance and snacks that it offers runs well with the ale and diverse blended beverages. Arranged in Colaba, the spot is a paradise for Italian nourishment partners with a superb offering of Pasta and other Italian treats.

Sea Lounge

For an old-world offer, head to the Sea Lounge at The Taj Mahal Palace. It has been the most adored spot for a huge timeframe and is one of the best places to visit around Mumbai in the midst of downpour. The inner parts are chic and assuaging, and offer sprawling vistas of the sea. You can esteem the rains with a night of live jazz from 8:00 pm to midnight, at the Sea Lounge.

The Sassy Spoon

A boutique bistro in Nariman Point, it is known significantly for its Mediterranean food. A wide assortment of mocktails are accessible, along with a sweeping showcase of treats. Treat yourself with mouth watering luxuries in the midst of the ideal unwinding experience, with high vaulted ceiling and a wistful vibe around. Ideal for a date.

So, instead of cribbing about the mess that rains bring with them in Mumbai, visit the above stated spots with your most cherished partners and perceive how even the disordered and loud Mumbai environment would show up so enamoring to you. Have an incredible time!