Perfectly Fitted Men’s Custom Dress Shirts

Dress shirt

Men love to wear shirts that have perfect fitting. Men’s custom dress shirts can make them look smarter. A dress shirt is a shirt which is buttoned from up to down and has collar & long sleeves. They have a different cut from the sport shirt. The dress shirts are made from formal dressing with which you can carry a dress & tie at the same time or if you don’t want to wear with it then also you can. The main important thing of dress shirt is that it can never be overstated as compared to the women and their zeal for shoes. Sometimes the men may become obsessive about the dress shirts too when they buy they pay more heed to details like fabric ,buttons & cuffs ,pattern , style , colour , stitching ,colours and weight.

Life expectancy

The custom dress shirts are the integral part of the men’s dressing every day. As per the search of the NPD group in 2013 the sale has increased up to $2.9 billion of men’s dress shirt i.e. 9% increase in the sales with the fall in the suits sales. The life expectancy of the shirt is roughly 35 washes or around 2 years. The most beautiful thing about these shirts is that they are totally fit as gone are the days when a customer used to pick any shirt.  Once it was considered a privilege only for Wall Street banker, stars and money bag aristocrats can enjoy but now it is affordable to all as low as up to $29.90 because of the large markets , increase in demand and the advanced technologies.

Important Factors

The major problem with the dressing of the men is  that either the shirts are too small or too long resulting in its improper fitting. So the tailor made shirts are well and there are various factors which are taken into consideration so that it becomes perfectly for each men’s unique profile :

  • The collar : the most important part is the collar as it determines the formality level of shirt and flatters the unique face of men. It must be comfortable to wear when it is buttoned.
  • The chest : when the fitted shirt is fully buttoned then it should not be too wide or too tight. The dress shirt must be loose for the free range of motion.
  • The shoulders : the shoulder measurement varies from individual to individual and the shoulder seam should not be too big or too small.