USA Fax Delivery Services

Even to this day, fax is still the most preferred method when it comes to electronic data transmission. Businesses, especially, find it the most reliable method of sending important documents, legal documents, etc. With that, many delivery services still offer fax delivery all over the country, providing businesses with safe, quick and reliable way for communication, copying, printing and many more options.

USA Fax Number

Fax delivery service is one of the dedicated services that provides their esteemed customers from all over the country. By installing dedicated telephone line with free fax number Pro-Box provided for every shipping address, businesses can save on time and money. Using a free USA fax number, you can easily manage and view your faxes online. You can manage and view your faxes using Pro-Box’s online mail app.

Easily Manage Fax Messages

With the use of this app, you can choose which fax messages you want destroyed, removed or sent directly to you by fax. At the same time, you can also manipulate your fax messages so you choose to send your faxes to yourself via email or you can it to other recipients. Pro-Box USA Fax Number provides a number of benefits that make transmission of important documents easier, faster and more reliable to any business out there.

Easy Performance of Company Activities

Making use of Pro-Box’s (  Fax Delivery Services, companies can take advantage of performing their activities efficiently and with ease. When they use Pro-Box’s Fax Delivery Services, the benefits they can have include:

  • Free US fax number with their US shipping address
  • View and print fax messages using online mail app
  • Receive their fax messages using their own fax number
  • Save, delete or forward their fax messages using online mail app

These they can all take advantage with free connection. When they rent a mailbox with Pro-Box, it includes a free USA fax number. With the fax number, every fax that is sent to their company will be directed to the fax number. By subscribing to Pro-Box’s online mail app, the fax messages in your US Fax Number will also be reflected online.

As you can see, this makes it so that you can easily manage your fax messages wherever you are. Using this service to your business, you can rest assured that your entire faxes are completely protected and stored confidentially within your desired period of time. This is a very useful service that many businesses all over the country have already tried.


Having Pro-Box US fax number along with US shipping address is one way that businesses are able to secure a virtual presence in the country. It’s not only businesses, but also online buyers, travelers, expats and immigrants have used their services. Here’s some of what Pro-Box’s clients have been saying about having USA Fax Number:

Using Pro-Box USA Fax Number allowed us to finally let go of analog phone line. With that, we’ve also eliminated our monthly phone charges and all others that are causing us extra finances. Now that we have US fax number with US shipping address and also using their online mail app, we’ve had it really easy without the extra costs for phone line, external modem and the modem maintenance. Really thanks to Pro-Box. – Ronda W.

The fact that I can manipulate which fax message I want to save, delete or forward has saved me a lot on paper and therefore in costs. Using Pro-Box fax delivery services, I only print which faxes I need to print. Additionally, I don’t lose fax messages anymore since I can just save them on the online mail app. – Jensen C.