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Top 5 Home Security Methods that Fail


Most of the homeowners today always place their trust in their neighbor. As if their neighbor has nothing better to do all day then watch someone’s home. This gives people a false sense of security and trust when it may not be shared with the neighbor. Just because you may have a retired neighbor or one that is a police officer / highway patrol man does not mean you are immune from a home invasion.

There are instances in which many people deny getting a home security system due to the fact they believe their home is being watched on by the neighbors. While this may sound and appear good, the reality is your neighbor has better things to do then stare out their window all day.   However, if you do have an alarm system, below are some other ways in which they may fail you as well. Here are 5 different commonly shared ideas or items that protect the home that often are too trusted and more so then not, fail.

  • False Alarms

Alarm systems have high rates of false alarms, almost 80%. In some areas the police are not responding to such types of alarm because majority of them are false. This wastes time of the police office, taxpayers money and the monitoring station employees. Make sure you research your monitoring company such as ADT alarm reviews and ask what their false alarm statistics are.

  • Easy to Disable

Having a security system doesn’t make you impervious to thieves. This is because, thieves are already aware on how to disable such type of system. They can immediately disable the monitoring system with a few tricks of the trade. This gives thieves an opportunity to enter your house and grab as many items as they want.

  • Inactive During Power Outage

Alarm Systems operate with the use of electricity. In instances where there is a power outage you need to have your own battery as a backup. Without the presence of these batteries, it may fail to protect and secure your home. This is the time when most of the thieves and burglars take advantage.

  • Neighbor Hood Watch Fails

Neighborhood watch programs are a great way to deter people from your area. Having a regular group meeting and discussing any problem can help. However, putting a neighborhood crime watch at the front of a community doesn’t make it impenetrable. Criminals overlook these signs with ease and if you don’t have neighbors that actively participate in the program, it won’t be doing anyone any good.

  • Disturbance to Neighbors

Once your home security systems go off at night, there might be a possibility that this will be heard by your neighbors. It is very annoying especially for people who are sleeping to be disturbed at the middle of the night without any reason. This makes your neighbors feel mad at you knowing that your system disturbed their sleeping activity.


These are just some of the common things that may happen when your alarm system fails to protect your home. In this sense, you are given high percentage of assurance that you can leave your home or property free from worries and hesitation that something might happened.  Remember that no one thing gives your home or area ultimate protection.