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Shortcomings of Galaxy S8 – resolved by Galaxy S9

The stylish and sophisticated design of new products will impress even the most demanding user. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + is the epitome of style and elegance. Rounded sides of toughened glass screen merge with the metal frame (rear GG5 also made of glass), creating a sensation of a monolithic structure, good lodge in the arm. Smartphones are available in three colors: black diamond, mystical amethyst, and yellow topaz.

Curved screen without the side frames is ideal for surfing the Internet, watching video, or media files, games. Devices harmoniously combine innovative technology and high level of comfort and ease of management. Samsung Galaxy S9 is completely ready to compete with many phone models. S9 will have a stunning AMOLED waterproof display Corning Gorilla Glass 5. The amazing glossy body colours of S9 will magnetize the customer towards its beauty. The various colours of Galaxy S9 body have been leaked out. Initially, primary colours like black, white, silver; gold and rose gold will market the device. After some time, we may counter with new variants of secondary colours for the mobile body will be marketed in outstanding lovely colours. The cute lovable colours might be bubble gum pink colour, a mid-range green colour and bright mattered.

Firstly, Galaxy S8 is found to be very slippery – the author dropped the machine out of the hands in the first minutes of use. So, even if you believe in the firmness of the grip, you should use case – in fact, break the “glass” device very easily. Although the Galaxy S9 will also exhibit a smooth body surface, Samsung has managed to overcome the low friction of the body so that one can easily hold it without having a fear of slipping out the phone from hands.

Second, to reach for the fingerprint scanner on the back in Galaxy S8 was uncomfortable. Perhaps it is only a matter of habit, but I want to believe that Samsung will eventually find a way to place the sensor under the display. In the meantime, the manufacturer offers an alternative not forget to use a scanner and an iris. The upcoming flagship of Galaxy S series will able to sort out all the shortcomings found in Galaxy S8/S8+. Galaxy S9 will relocate the fingerprint sensor so that the user could be able to touch the sensor easily and to overcome the interference of scanner while using the camera.

On the left side of the display in Galaxy S8 are a volume rocker and a button call your voice assistant Bixby. In Russia, it does not work (even in English), but the Google Play already appeared an application that allows you to remap the key to any other action. The power button is still located on the right side of the device. In the upcoming champion Galaxy S9, there won’t be present any special physical button for the AI Bixby alongside the screen. Galaxy S9 is even coming out next year with a higher version, Bixby – 2.0. We must say Samsung has made the new Galaxy S9 alluring.