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Customizable US Postage Stamp Will Make You A Global Celebrity

Inventor and entrepreneur Ennar Chilakapati has created a new opportunity for anyone to promote themselves or their products and services using an unlikely medium – the upper right hand corner of their mail.

USA Postage lets people customize postage stamps with their picture, a business logo, product announcement or to advertise upcoming events with stamps that are valid for use on official mail.


The company has received approval from the United States Postal Service (USPS) to become an Authorized Re-seller offering custom postage to individuals.

This means that small businesses and individuals can use this revolutionary new service to promote their brand all over the country and internationally.

Business users have several options to use a range of images to customize the stamp when sending mail to customers. With this medium, they are able to advise customers of new products, a sale event, or just brand the mail with their logo.


For personal use, the stamps can be customized with a wedding or baby announcement, to mark a special anniversary, to feature a special person or the family pet, or as a reminder of an important event.

The final product is a real stamp issued for the Postal Authority that can be used to send letters or packages locally and internationally, anywhere in the world. The stamps can also be given as unique gifts to family and friends for use as keep sakes.


Currently the service is only available to US residents. Customers can order stamps from the USA Postage website, and upload the desired image for customization.

The company is moving ahead with a strategic marketing campaign to promote the service across America. A crowd funding campaign was recently launched to raise $50,000 on Indiegogo to run the marketing campaign that will tell more people about the business.


Backers of USA Postage will receive special design sheets featuring their picture on real postage, along with complimentary items based on the category they choose to donate

For more information – Click hereIndiegogo campaign: http://igg.me/at/Aq3tC1aJWlk/x/9569209

Media Mails Inc Announces: Tago: The Automatic Detective… Technological invention that will conquer the world

Smart Item Tracker Uses GPS Easily Find Lost Items

January 1, 2015 (WA, Northbridge, Australia) – Australian entrepreneur Alan William has developed an innovative device that uses a sophisticated GPS system to locate lost items.

Tago is a smart item tracker with a special patented technology. The device uses the touch of a button to find valuable objects such as wallets, phones, or keys, or even a pet or bag. Working with your smartphone, it can also be used as a virtual assistant to save time and money.


“Tago was developed and manufactured after rigorous work with a talented team of creative people who found an easy, practical solution for a common problem. Imagine a situation where your children disappear in a crowd or your dog got lost. Instead of the stress of frantic searching, you will be able to neutralize the panic with the press of a button using the item tracker to lead you directly to them and save valuable time and unnecessary suffering,” Mr. William says.

Tago comes with a kit system that can be attached to important items such as a wallet, key ring, laptop, car, collar a dog or cat, cell phone, camera bag or suitcase. You can even attach the Tago to your children’s clothing to keep track of their location in a crowded space. Tago, recently launched a fundraising campaign on the crowd funding site, Indiegogo, to raise money to start development and production of the device and take the company to the next phase of business.


The Tago item tracker, also known as the “Automatic Detective “, was engineered and developed in Australia by Mr. William and a team of engineers who collaborated with hardware manufacturers to create a revolutionary product for the consumer. After five years of research and development, and thousands of dollars invested by Mr. William and his business partners, the development and testing phase is now complete and the company is ready to introduce this ground-breaking device to the market.

For more information, contact: Alan William

Address: 59 Noonbinna Crescent, Northbridge, Australia 2063

Email: alan@ivuenow.com

Number Phone: 61 400 111 117

Website: http://www.ivuenow.com

YouTube link: http://youtu.be/qPzGLHiqk_A

Indiegogo campaign: http://bit.ly/1v6Dans