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Some facts to know about Udaipur


The state of Rajasthan is really mesmerizing and is called the land of the great Maharajas who had once ruled the land. There are several cities that make up this state, all of them which were once ruled by mighty Rajputs who took immense pride in their bravery, boldness and valour. One such city that is considered to be a great place, where tourists can find beautiful architecture, rich culture, strong and well-built forts and temples, is Udaipur.

About Udaipur

This city is considered to be among the jewel cities located in Rajasthan. It had been once the Mewar rulers’ capital. It was King Maharana Udai Singh, who had built this beautiful city on being advised by a wise sage. During his rule, magnificent palaces and forts had been built to make this city to appear immaculate and grand. Under Mewar’s Princely state, Udaipur had continued to be the capital, until it was taken over in 1818 by the British. Udaipur’s Maharaja after Independence had gifted this city to the Indian government for creating a strong Indian federation. With Udaipur cab booking, it is possible to visit some of the best places in the region.

More about the city

This city is known for its rich and beautiful cultural heritage. Udaipur had been a romantic place under the Rajput rule. The citizens of this place might appear rugged to the tourists. However, upon befriending them, it can be discovered that they are quite caring and gentle in nature and quite cooperative treating every tourist with great hospitality and patience. The other interesting aspect that simply cannot be missed out when in the city of Udaipur is its fabulous, mouth-watering cuisine. The spread is known to range from continental dishes to exotic vegetarian dishes that are somewhat different from the others that are prepared in the country. All the restaurants located here tend to have some kind of heritage theme, so as to make the dining a memorable and fabulous experience.

Climate of Udaipur

The climatic conditions of this place are termed to be moderate all over the year. The weather of this place is said to reach maximum of about 38 degrees during summer and in winters to about 11 degrees. Hence, the best time for tourists of all ages to visit this place is between the months of October and March. It is in Dabok, which is around 22km away is located the Maharana Pratap Airport. Udaipur’s railway station is properly connected with the different important cities in the country. Also, there are wonderful road network that is established all over the region, thus making driving a pleasant and fun filled experience.

Hiring the best cab companies

One can hire cabs in Udaipur and visit the different places without any trouble or hassle. The drivers of tourist cabs are well versed with the region and hence, can help their passengers to get to know the locale properly and thoroughly. They ensure that their passengers are safe and comfortable throughout the trip.