Titanium & Tungsten rings

Two of the most common materials to make wedding rings for men out of is Titanium and Tungsten. Both of these products are what we call contemporary materials to make wedding rings out of – meaning that they’ve been used for mainstream jewellery only over the last 20 years or so. This is quite different than Gold or Silver which has been in use for many many decades prior to this.

But what is the attraction of these two metals that makes them so useful for making mens jewelry out of? Well there are many many reasons why people are turning to these contemporary metals for inspiration, below we will list but a few of those.

– Price. Titanium and Tungsten rings are considerably cheaper than precious metal rings. The cost of Gold and Platinum has skyrocketed over the last few years. The cost of a gold ring as opposed to a Tungsten ring can be over 50 times as great. Some people have no problem paying huge amounts for their wedding ring if they find what they want, but other people wont pay a premium price for a gold ring, particularly when it will scratch so much easier than a Tungsten or Titanium one

– Quality. Because of the insanely high cost of previous metals, jewellers have had to think of novel ways to keep the price down. The easist thing to do is to reduce the amount of precious material that goes into the ring. The main way that this is done is to hollow out part of the ring, which usually happens at the back edge of the ring where it isnt seen. This keeps the cost down, and keeps the weight down, but unfortunately it also makes the product less rigid which is disappointing. Titanium never needs to be hollowed out because it is so incredibly strong. Not only is it strong, but it is incredibly light.

– Range of designs. Titanium rings have an almost limitless range of designs that can be made from it. In fact, Titanium is a jewellery manufacturers delight. Advancements in manufacturing techniques have meant that what was once impossible with Titanium is now very much possible. The only limitation with designs out of Titanium is your imagination! Titanium probably offers the most diverse set of characteristics for making wedding rings out of which then obviously make it an incredible choice for intricate designs. Tungsten is much more limiting. Due to the inate hardness of titanium, unfortunately the trade off is that you cannot subject Tungsten to the same stresses that you can Titanium. Tungsten rings as a rule will be more “blocky”.

What this means for the consumer is that you no longer need to walk into a jeweller and just choose from their tray of gold domed bands. The only limit is your imagination. If you can think of a design – then it can probably be made out of Titanium or Tungsten.

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