Top 5 Party Destinations To Visit In India This Summer

India is a country where humidity soars high and the heat is scorching during the entire summer season. The only respite is during the nights when the temperature chips down and you can go out to the mall or hang with friends at a pub or bar. This article discusses the top 5 party destinations you can visit this summer.

Summers and winters are the two seasons people reserve to take a nice long break. Winters are cold and people normally choose for a cozy destination to spend their vacation however the scorching summers makes one restless and the only way to channel out that built in energy and frustration even is by partying your socks off sipping on some cool beer or watch as the spirits melts your ice cubes. Of all the places in India, the list of the cities mentioned below are picked to be the best places to spend a nice summer’s vacation partying your socks off.


The city of dreams and all things alluring and extravagant in India, Mumbai is the ultimate capital of nightlife in India, summer or winter. The summer seasons in Mumbai sees the a long list of planned of events from both well renowned national and international DJs and artists performing in the bass thumping clubs of the city. You may even rub shoulders with some of the A-list bollywood film stars in the dance floor.


The most happening beach destination in India, parties in Goa get so wild people from other parts of the world visit this state just for the rave parties during its peak seasons! You can take one of the Mumbai to Goa flights and continue your party trial here, and you need not worry about having spent too much in Mumbai as the cost of living (and partying) is significantly lower here.


Shillong is all about beautiful sceneries and landscapes. Not! Ofcourse it is breathtakingly beautiful like the rest of the northeastern states but this city also parties like there is no tomorrow. What makes this place a standout amongst the other cities in India is that, the place experiences a cool climate all throughout the year and the summers are extremely pleasant as well which makes it a perfect stop. You can party in the biggest clubs or just form a group and visit one of the open places, blast up the car stereos and party till dawn.


Delhi is undeniable when it comes to nightlife in India. Summer or winter, the city delivers. During peak summers most of the pubs and clubs slash their rates by half or offers happy hours on liquors and especially beer. Chilled beers are available in towers to beat the summer heat. You can also enjoy a quieter night out and visit one of the popular pubs for a quieter escape from the EDM music and enjoy to some rock and roll classics as you sip on your drinks and share your thoughts with your friends all night long.


The party capital down south, Bangalore does not disappoint when it comes to going out having a good time. While the party scene in winters are slightly cold in this city due to its proximity to beach destinations like Goa and Pondicherry, during summers, Bangalore is happening as hell, hot as fire!