Tricks to Keeping Your Household Cool

Thermostat Setting

Using your air conditioner is the finest way to stay cool, however who wants to pay for all those energy bills? The response is no one. It is significant to be clever while trying to cool your household during warm summers, thus Dr. Energy Saver is here to aid with certain tricks that are assured to lower your once-a-month energy bills. These tricks would help you decrease your spending this summer however still keeping cool.

Make the most of Fan Use

Air conditioners are capable to make cold air by cycling warm air from your room as well as converting it in to cold air that is then blown in to your room. Often times, they are simply capable to blow this cold air in to a limited area.

Fans alone do not make a room colder. What they do is really generate a breeze sensation that makes you feel cold without the room getting any icier. They are excessive for circulating the air that is by now in a room.

If you use a fan to blow round the cold air shaped by the air conditioner, your room would get colder much faster. When the room extents the temperature that you have fixed the thermostat for, the air conditioner would be capable to shut off until the temperature droplets again. As the air conditioner will be running fewer, you would be paying less for your energy bills. Good fans create it likely for you to increase your thermostat setting in addition to save on air-conditioning prices.

Minimize Heat Production

Try to retain your air conditioner away from your TV, lamps, in addition to other heat producing applications. This will reason the room’s temperature to upsurge, creating it take longer for the air conditioner to spread the set temperature. It is significant to recall that an appliance that is plugged in still creates heat, irrespective if you are using it or else not.

If you do not need your lights on, turn them off. Somewhat as simple as that could make your air conditioner extent its temperature in no time, saving you your tough earned cash. Not merely that, but by really unplugging new appliances, you are saving cash and energy you would or else be spending!

Reduce Humidity

Humidity creates your room feel warmer, even if it actually isn’t. This would cause you to turn down the thermostat setting, making your air conditioner run longer than required.

Some of your daily activities could contribute to moisture in your house. Try to decrease midday showering, cooking, attires washing, in addition to clothes drying. If you could plan to do these doings either in the dawn or else late at night, your energy bill could be much better.

There are alternatives to cooking in your conformist oven, which produces a ton of heat. Try using a a stove top, microwave, or a toaster oven. Also study drying your attires outside throughout the summer would take more time, but will decrease the heat generation distinctive of your clothes dryer.


With energy rates increasing, it is significant to be clever in keeping your household cool in the summer. Recall to make the most of your air conditioner by using fans, keep heat creating electronics away from your air conditioning unit, as well as try to limit the moisture in your house.