Why You Should Attract Deer To Your Land

If you are an avid deer hunter, than you probably already own your own land that you purchased to hunt on.  This land is in the middle of the wilderness and hopefully an area where deer are prevalent.

One of the best ways to increase the deer output of your land is by providing them with food year round.  Planting foods that the deer like will attract them to your lands and give you more targets to shoot at.  Not to mention that you are fattening them up in the process, increasing the quality of what you have available.

Food plots are pretty common for people that are looking to hunt deer on a small plot of land.  They plant the plot in the spring to help keep the deer healthy and fat, then use the same plots to attract the deer during hunting season.

This process allows you to get the deer to come to you and then lets you select which deer are ready and which are not.  You leave the smaller deer alone and let them eat while taking out the more desirable deer.  The smaller deer will be back next year for more free food and you can hunt them at that point.

They key to this process is to find out what do deer eat and plant that on your land.  There are several different types of plants that will attract deer, so you will need to choose which one depending on what your overall goal is.  Some will be eaten faster than others, leaving the land empty in a matter of days, while others will last for a few weeks and give you plenty of time to hunt.

If you are in a heavily wooded area, then you can also try making a small food plot just in front of your hunting stand.  This will not require as much work but takes less effort and machinery than the larger plots.  The downside is that they are also not going to last as long.

In conclusion, food plots are a great way to attract deer to your land instead of having to track and find them.  This is especially useful if you only have a small plot of land to work with and need to wait until the deer are on your land.  Without much effort, you can attract the deer while increasing the quality at the same time.