Why You Should Visit Portland, Oregon?


Portland sits nicely on the Western Coast, no more than a six-hour drive from mighty Canada, and just three hours from Seattle. It is a city that not many people see it as a potential travel destination because it is not Los Angeles, New York City or Washington D.C. (although some uneducated tourists may travel to the state of Washington to see the White House). The main things you need to know about Portland is that it has breathtaking scenery, it is famous for its food and beer, and it has very interesting history. Another pull factor for this great city is the way it has implemented very extensive green urban planning.

Below we have compiled a list of things that should give you enough reasons to visit Portland. Let’s start with the beer. The bar culture in Portland is almost like the pub culture they have across the Atlantic, in the United Kingdom. There is a vast amount of small, independent breweries, which produce funky, interesting, yet extremely tasty lagers and ales. There is the Breakside Brewery that is an industrial style little microbrewery, which has gotten a lot of attention since its opening in 2010 because of its inventive, versatile, and experimental beers.

The second thing we would like to emphasize is the fact that it is a beautifully green city, which actually ranks its cyclists higher than its motorists. There are well-built cycle lanes almost everywhere, and of course, very important is the landscape, which is quite flat, making cycling easy for all ages, shapes and sizes to pedal around town. For those of you who would like to take day-trips and travel into the country side, you can always rent a car in Portland.


The third thing that really makes it worth going to this great city in the state of Oregon and its proximity to the nature. This is visible not only in the city’s greenery, but also in the abundance of local farmers’ markets that surround the city. Here you can get anything from fresh mushrooms, to delicious berries and home baked treats. A specific characteristic that you cannot buy for American dollars (or any other currency for that matter) is the feeling of community that you get when you visit these farmers’ markets. You feel instantly welcome and at home. It similar to that feeling you would get when coming home to your grandmother’s farm. You get a warm fuzzy feeling in the very pit of your stomach when you smell the cookery that is brewing in the oven or on the stove.

To summarize, and perhaps add a couple things that may persuade you, if further persuasion is needed, Portland is an amazing, welcoming, green city with amazing beer. It is also cheaper than many other cities, with public transportation being free, beers are usually under a fiver, and during Happy Hour you can find places to eat (including delicious food carts) for under $5. If you haven’t already visited this beautiful city, then, we would suggest booking plane tickets to one of the greenest cities in the country, rent a car in Portland, and just enjoy the fine, simple things that this undervalued city has to offer.